Friday, October 24, 2014

The Day Stephen Harper Was Forced to Hide in a Closet

It was a remarkable scene in the House of Commons. Stephen Harper hugging Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau. 

And I must admit I was impressed, because I've never seen Harper look so human.

But then there's nothing like having to cower in a broom closet, while the Con caucus prepares to defend you with spears.

Stephen Harper spent about 15 minutes hidden in a Parliament Hill closet after a gunman stormed Centre Block where he and the rest of the Conservative caucus were guarded by MPs who’d fashioned sharp spears from flagpoles, sources say.

To make a Great Warrior Leader more humble...

Many MPs thought the Prime Minister had managed to get out of the room and didn’t know he was sequestered in what amounted to a cubbyhole. “Someone knew there was a closet there so they stuck him in there,” the source said.

Because it's one thing to be seen as chicken hawk and quite another to be seen as a chicken eh?

And sadly it wasn't long before the not so nice Harper was back with a vengeance.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged more surveillance and detention powers for security forces in Canada on Thursday after a gunman killed a soldier and rampaged through parliament before being shot dead. 

"The objective of these attacks was to instill fear and panic in our country," Harper said. "Canadians will not be intimidated. We will be vigilant, but we will not run scared. We will be prudent but we will not panic." 

Still trying to use fear to give police more powers to invade our privacy. Still trying to make it sound like the dead gunman was part of some gigantic terrorist conspiracy. 

Even though there's no evidence of a conspiracy, and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was more of a drug addict and a mental patient that your classic terrorist.

Some acquaintances believe he may have suffered from mental illness. “I think he must have been mentally ill,” friend Dave Bathurst told the Globe, saying Zehaf-Bibeau frequently spoke of devils and demons. John Bathurst, a former employer, told the Citizen the man “seemed unstable” and “was not all there.”

And if we had more drug rehabilitation facilities, better mental health resources, more anti-radicalisation programs, and stricter gun laws, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo might still be alive...

Instead of dying in the shadow of the National War Memorial despite the heroic efforts of so many strangers to try to save him. 

Moments after two shots were fired at Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, five people ran towards the danger instead of away from it.

“I said look at what you were doing — you were guarding the dead. You were standing at the cenotaph. I said we’re all so proud of you, your parents are so proud of you, I said your family loves you, everybody here that’s working on you loves you.”

This young boy would still have a father..

Who was raising him alone.

And this national tragedy might have been averted...

Because sometimes it's the little things in life, like the toxic mixture of crack and religion, that can came back to haunt you. And simple harm reduction can be more effective than a Great War on Terror.

But then we know what Stephen Harper thinks about drug rehabilitation programs and gun control. We know he he's a religious fanatic himself. We know he believes that every social problem can be solved by throwing even more Canadians in jail. 

We know that he is still trying to use fear to scare people into voting him. And turn this country into a police state.

We know that when he says "Canadians will not be intimidated" his words ring hollow. Because nobody has intimidated more Canadians than he has.

And we know that although his time in the closet has clearly shaken him up...

So much so that he is now hugging his political opponents, instead of trying to strangle them.

The old Harper will be back soon enough, probably just in time for Halloween.

That one can never be truly human. Or truly Canadian.

Like the ones who rushed to console Nathan Cirillo as he lay dying.

And we will never be truly safe.

Until the day he is defeated....

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  1. When I first saw the "hugging" photo, my first reaction was "hug your enemies and keep them close". Then I ask myself why am I even thinking this?
    Personally, I do Not wish to live in a police state and a cabin in the woods has always been a dream of mine......sounds better by the day. However, a few years ago, I remember the Falkland Islands were supposed to be the safest place to live on this planet, But, some of us know what happened with this "dream"!

    So, I ask myself, what choices do we have in this ever-changing world and I revert back to the Serenity Prayer whenever I have a dilemma facing me. What do you "fear" Simon?

    1. hi Kathleen....the only thing I fear is living in a grubby little police state, surrounded by people too dumb and too greedy to care about democracy, and are only too willing to settle for mediocrity. As for the Falkland Islands I have been down to Patagonia and seen the Falklands from the air and I wouldn't recommend them as a place to live. They are way too bleak, and some of the stories I've heard about some of the people who live there would make your hair stand on end. No, I suggest we send the Cons there, and keep Canada for ourselves....

    2. Man's Greed will destroy us all..........I've been saying this to my friends for years. I find "people" are so materialistic and like to flaunt it in front of less fortunate people. There are no borders from the air........we are all ONE!

      Gutstein"s book, HARPERISM, is very enlightening!

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Stephen Harper isn't a religious fanatic, he's a Satanist.

    1. hi anon...Lord Harp did once declare that he didn't care about earthly judgement only the judgement of his God. I assumed he was talking about the heavenly deity, but after what he has done to Canada I wouldn't be surprised if it was the other one... ;)

  3. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Some people run toward danger to help their fellows and some people run away and cower. He's not the president of Canada. He is the Prime Minister. His hide is not that valuable. Someone can replace him anytime.

    1. hi anon....don't tell the Harperstein he's not the President or he'll get very annoyed. I've seen his motorcade and it's bigger than Obama's. But yes, some people run towards danger, while others run for cover. If he keeps up this fascist pantomime I'm going to have to remind him about that one a lot.... ;)

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I fear this draconian measure will shut down this fine forum:

    1. hi anon....he may try to shut us down, but he won't succeed. I do hope he tries though, because I have really good lawyers, and I would love a million bucks....

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Brave Sir Stephen ran away.
    Bravely ran away, away.
    When danger rears it's ugly head
    He bravely turned his tail and fled.
    Yes Brave Sir Stephen turned about
    And gallantly he chickened out.

    Bravely taking to his feet
    He beat a very brave retreat.
    Oh bravest of the brave, Sir Stephen.

    1. hi anon....thanks for the link. I may have to work on a video of my own, showing Lord Harp bouncing along heading for the broom closet, to be defended by his Con knights armed with home made spears. He better not keep pretending he's a Great Strong Leader, or I fear I may die of laughter... :)

  6. I do not believe the hug was genuine, under the new law that's terrorism.

    1. hi Steve....I don't believe the hugger was being genuine either. It was more like the kiss Judas is alleged to have given Jesus . But the look on Justin's face was absolutely priceless...

  7. Anonymous9:51 AM

    The headline under the hugging photo should say - TOM! JUSTIN! - check your wallets!!!

    1. hi anon...I thought he was just feeling for the soft spot on their backs, or acting out a scene from the Kiss of the Spider Woman. But yes, if I was ever hugged by Lord Harp *shudder* I would first tie a string to my wallet to make sure it didn't disappear....

  8. This is one of your best articles yet, Simon, you hit the very things we as a nation need to be talking about, right his minute.
    "And if we had more drug rehabilitation facilities, better mental health resources, more anti-radicalisation programs, and stricter gun laws, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo might still be alive..."


    "We know that when he says "Canadians will not be intimidated" his words ring hollow. Because nobody has intimidated more Canadians than he has".

    Both are spot-on accurate.

    That hugging scene was just gross, we know it was a photo op and nothing more. It's hypocritical and hollow following the piles of attack ads Harper's machine has fired at both Mulcair and Trudeau. A man that will stop at nothing to smear his enemies, that wants more freedom to do so, that compiles lists of enemies, does not "hug it out" with his foes.

    That vile display of using emotions to manipulate the public was beyond the pale.

    1. hi Noah....thanks I'm glad you liked the post. I was so exhausted when I wrote it, I would have settled for it just making sense. ;) But yes, I feel very strongly about harm reduction. I think it's safe to say it's one of the things that influences my approach to anything. And to see Harper trying to portray two mentally ill people as a threat to Canada is simply appalling. Imagine how he might react if we were attacked by real terrorists.
      We'd be under martial law so quickly we wouldn't know what hit us. One more reason to remove him from power as soon as is humanly possible....

    2. Better to hug your enemies and keep them close!

  9. Images are interesting Simon. I picture Harper hiding in a closet, then I remember the image of Pierre Trudeau at Montreal's St. Jean's Baptiste day parade in 1968 , refusing to take shelter as seperatist protesters hurl rocks and bottles.We should remember this image of Harper cowering in a closet as he will most assuredly attempt to legislate control of our freedom of speech because of this violent act caused by a mentally ill Canadian which he would like us to think is tied to a larger terrorist organization.

    1. hi Pamela....I would personally like to thank whoever decided to place Lord Harp in that tiny closet. And you can be sure that I will never stop reminding people of where Stephen Harper was the day that mentally ill man assaulted Parliament. I spent a lot of time at McGill working in two buildings close to Trudeau's amazing art deco home. And I remember seeing him on at least two occasions trudging up the very steep hill to his home without a single bodyguard. While as I mentioned above Lord Harper travels in a motorcade that is bigger than Obama's...

  10. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I wonder if? The US, Canada and Mexico, will form the NAU? This is supposedly is to secure, all of our borders. I don't think this was a terrorist attack, I think this attacker was a nut bar. I have no doubt, Harper will use this incident to his full advantage. Harper's dictatorship, will become even worse. Harper sold Canada to Communist China, a sneak deal done behind our backs. He gives foreigners Canadians jobs.

    I am very sorry for the young soldier Nathan's death. I am sorry for Nathan's heartbroken family.

    1. hi anon....yes the death of Nathan Cirillo is a real tragedy. By all accounts he was a great guy and a really good Canadian. But he has imbued the National War Memorial with even greater meaning. And we shall remember him long after we have forgotten his killer....

  11. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Shouldn't you be praising Harper's online spying? I mean, without online spying, how will you know who's a CON, and who isn't? Thanks to Harper's online spying, when that day comes and he's defeated, you'll be able to round-up all the CONS and put them in prison, where Simon would surely agree that they belong.

    1. hi anon....Shouldn't you as a conservative care a bit more about preserving our civil rights? Or would you live in a society where the police and the internet service providers can strip away your privacy rights without fear of even being sued? Don't you know the old saying? First they came for my neighbours, and then they came for my guns... ;)

    2. Anonymous7:11 AM

      Oh I do. I guess I have different priorities.

      What you fail to realize is that it is your hyper-partisanship and ideological which has effectively provided a base for the Conservatives, and kept them flush with cash. Seeing it from this side, I have a more diverse understanding. If you could be reasoned with, if the left truly cared about diversity, instead of just mindlessly repeating it as a talking point and took to heart the legitimate grievances we have, I'd be very happy to consider supporting someone else.

      But, every time we bring it up, the left ignores us. So much for diversity.

  12. well said Simon, I agree wholeheartedly. If we had more tax dollars for mental health, and less to wars in general.

    1. Yes, definitely! More dollars for mental health! If Harper wants unfettered access to Canadian media to make attacks ads, then what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I'd like to hear some of this interview in an attack against the Cons:


      (Oct. 24, 2014 podcast) [ Listen before it is replaced by the Oct. 25 podcast.]

      Slide time bar to begin at 07:18

      The Con government is all blow and no show. Returning vets are not getting the help they desperately need.

      PTSD linked to soldier's 3 suicide attempts, family says, 'I do not want my son to become a statistic, but that's what's happening'

      CBC News Posted: Oct 24, 2014 9:05 PM AT
      Last Updated: Oct 24, 2014 9:05 PM AT

      "When the election is called, you’re going to see some large fallout, believe me,” veteran Ron Clarke told the Herald. "As soon as the writ is dropped, we are in action."


      "It's hard to believe he's gone and I'm never going to see him again." CPL. Cirillo's girlfriend Lili in #Ottawa.

    3. hi deb....yes we certainly do need to do so much more to help the mentally ill. The situation in this country is truly desperate. There are not enough facilities to properly treat psychiatric patients, stigma is still a huge problem. And although only a tiny fraction of those afflicted are violent and dangerous, when they do latch on to some evil cause, they can do great harm. You know I recently read a story about how many ISIS members are nothing but drug addicted criminals, and take so many speed pills they are practically out of their minds. Which helps explains how they can commit the kind of atrocities that have shocked the world....

  13. WOW you ARE really good at this. Thank you

    I'm drinking Rob Roys tonight.

  14. hi WILLY...thanks a lot. I don't drink whisky myself, but our family home is right next to the so-called Whisky District, so all I can say is Scotland Forever !!!!! ;)

  15. Oh Simon, what a sad and self righteous sense of self importance you suffer from. Future psycho shooter?

    1. hi David....I have no idea what I did to deserve that ugly comment. But you should know that I have no sense of self importance, and am considered by all who know me to be a very humble person. And if you don't know that I abhor violence, you must be senile or drink too much. Also, I may have many human flaws, but at least I don't write stuff like this:

      Kissing her urgently I can almost smell the decay on her sweet breath. It’s the sour stink of aging youth and fading beauty mingling with the rot of abandoned relationships, family and friends. Lost jobs, dead cats and aborted babies. Natalie descends sighing softly and patiently resigned to our little understanding kneeling before me holding my half-limp dick between her thumb and index finger like it’s an old cigar butt plucked out of a dirty ashtray she’s about to smoke.

      Because if I did I would probably shoot MYSELF. Now fuck off and analyze yourself you pompous old wanker...

  16. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Simon, I can't understand why they have returned the guards to the War Memorial without arming them. They are just sitting ducks with that fake gun of theirs. I doubt that Harper would be willing to guard the War Memorial without being armed. I doubt he would even have the nerve to guard the War Memorial! Also, I don't think that Pierre Elliott Trudeau would have hidden in a closet. I felt so safe when he was our Prime Minister.

  17. I am no Harper lover but what a terrible article. The proper procedure for an emergency like this is to get the Prime Minister into as protected a space as possible. His being put into a closet was the correct procedure. The next step would be to have CSIS agents extract the Prime Minister and leave the rest to fend for themselves until other help arrives. This is the order that is followed by the service agents attending. Again, I am no fan of Harper's but to be fair the activities on capital hill that day were horrifying and terrible. It is really tasteless that media folks are trying to exploit the fact that the Prime Minister was kept safe. Harper regularly gives us enough foibles to publish negatively toward him and his government without the tasteless exploitation of what happened that day. It makes me ashamed to be counted as a Canadian along side people who have no sensitivity for the terror experienced by those in parliament that day and the soldier that was killed.

    1. Anonymous5:00 PM

      I would bet that if it were Justin Trudeau who had hidden in that closet, we would be hearing a very different story from the likes of you.

      In any case, there was apparently no security detail around Harper as it was a Wed. morning Cons caucus meeting and his security people were not allowed in there. This was confirmed in this report too:

      So either Harper must have decided to hide in there or been told by one of his Cons MPs to hide in there. Either way, he doesn't look too brave, does he?

      He could have remained with his Cons MPs/Senators and kept them calm while waiting for his own RCMP detail to whisk him away and leave those poor Cons caucus to look after themselves. Mulcair reportedly stayed with his own caucus without hiding in a closet on the other side of the hallway.

      As Simon aptly put in above, prior to this we had all thought that Steve was merely a chickenhawk. Now we know that he is more likely a chicken, eh?

    2. Anonymous10:13 PM

      "...the activities on capital hill that day were horrifying and terrible."

      There is no 'capital hill' in Canada you idiot. So you're typing this tea party drivel from a computer in an evangelical church basement in Texas, Kansas or Mississippi?. For 500 points, Bob, I would guess Texas.

      Please just stick to commenting on the politics in your own country asshole.

  18. Anonymous3:36 PM

    This event is a proven case-closed false flag event. Nobody died, empty casket, soldier "gone dark". It was "Operation Determined Dragon". Get your heads out of your asses Canadians, and get that Harper dude out of parliament. Too bad they were shooting blanks in the parliament, too bad there is absolutely no images/proof of "lonewolf" has been shot to pieces. No autopsies, no bullet holes, no construction happening on Parliament. Police were on-site at 9:24am, "shooting event" happened at 9:52. Fake CPR: no chest movement (also: you don't breath and compress at the same time), hey, and where did his partner go? No blood. I don't know if Mr Harper hid somewhere or not, but I do know he has lied to YOU and your families and your whole country.

  19. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Thank you for approving my last comment.