Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gay Dominion and our Uncle Fred

I hate blogs with the word Dominion in them. They remind me of tea and crumpets, and thanks to Free Dominion, of racists, and homophobes, and other nasty crawling things.

So imagine my shock when I came across a new Canadian Con one called Gay Dominion.

Gosh is that a pink triangle in their logo or a martini glass?

Now look.... I have to admit my first reaction was to wonder whether we could HUSH it up. Shove it back in the closet. So straight people wouldn't find out that some gays support the Conservatives. Like the 27% of gay Americans who apparently voted for John McCain and the Christianist homophobe Sarah Palin.

You know the gay IDIOTS.

The ones who want the gay rabble to be like them. i.e. buttoned down, boring and BOURGEOIS. The ones who embarrass us all the time by supporting Conservative parties full of raging racists,sexists,and homophobes.

But then I realized that Gay Dominion was only the work of Uncle Fred of Gay and Right.

And he's been embarrassing us for YEARS. Whew!!!

If he's not denying global warming, he's going after the Mooslims, or blasting lefty gays for being politically correct, or joining the homophobes in the wingnut crusade against the Human Rights Commission. Or putting down the gay rabble for being too strident or flamboyant.

That's why me and my friends call him Uncle Fred. As in EVERY family has one. You know the crazy but harmless old uncle you have to watch like a hawk at a community gathering. In case he unzips himself...and starts pissing in the punch bowl. Or stirring the macaroni salad with his PENIS.

But look I don't want to be too hard on Fred. After all he IS gay, so he is part of the gay community he hates whether he likes it or not. Because the homophobes don't care whether you are left-wing or right-wing. And we accept ANYONE.


So I want to wish him and Gay Dominion all the best. I hope it serves as a flaming forum where crabby old Conservative queens can discuss their favourite subjects. Like Global Cooling ....political correctness....the monarchy....Stephen Harper's irresistible manly to mix a good martini... and of course, why can't those young faggots be as respectable and BORING as we are?

So on behalf of the gay lefty rabble I just want to say.

Now that I've seen these gays Cons in action.

I think they' TERRIFIC !!!!

You know if those ridiculous gay Cons could tap dance like that.

In high heels.

I might even FORGIVE them...


Anonymous said...

I agree, I’ve never understood the right wing fascination with word Dominion in this country, I guess to them it means independence or power, while to me it means being lorded over by a Queen.

Rick from Queer Thoughts and I were checking out that site the other day and found that if you don’t get the url right, it could be interesting, is something entirely different from what I suppose dude is trying to do.

Another one of those well laid out right wing plans.

Beijing York said...

Christians are pretty fixated with the word "Dominion" as well. It seems that it's a term in the hierarchy of angels:

They seem to be responsible for authority over "displaced people".

syncrodox said...


I think that makes you hard of understanding.


What?... and the gays are fixated with diversity

Could you utter anything more asinine?

Please explain to me how political inclination is connected to sexual it even matters.


Anonymous said...

Funny. I read the post, then I look to the right, and see that the blogger is a fighter of hate. Then I read the post again...*boggles at the bloggers complete lack of self awareness*

This word, "hate", I don't think it means what you think it means.

Anonymous said...

"I agree, I’ve never understood the right wing fascination with word Dominion in this country..."

Holy fuck, please tell me that you peopl aren't really this stupid.

Steve said...

I think gays/queers, should be able to think for themselves, and should question the queer/left orthodoxy without censure. A person should be free to question the global warming scams, should be free to be against abortion, should question socialist policies etc . I may not agree with everything a conservative gay may think, or what a lefty gay may think, but I should be free to think how I wish. I think more gays should stand up against leftist
dogma, give me a free thinking queer rather than a narrow minded leftist queer any day.

Simon said...

Hi Bruce...yeah exactly like tea and crumpets. When are we ever going to get rid of that wretched German Royal family and become a real country.
As for that other gay dominion that's just TOO hilarious. I'm still blushing...and trembling.
"It's so painful that bloodlines appear on the asses of slaves..."
OMG.SCARY. No wonder those slavish Gay Cons love the name. Oh how I would LOVE to link to it.
But I don't DARE... :)

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...well that figures. This notion of "dominion" over all creatures is just crap. And of course when interpreted by the crazy Christianists who want to dominate us all it's theocratic fascism.
They're the ones who need to be "displaced."
To some desert island far far away... :)

Simon said...

hi syncrodox...all I would say is that in a perfect world political affiliation would have nothing to do with sexual orientation.
But we're not living in a perfect. If one party supports gay rights and the other doesn't it seems to me logical that gay people should go with the one that does.
And the day that gay rights aren't an issue well then go with the one you want...

Simon said...

Hi Eric....actually as I have made clear I DON'T hate gay Cons. I don't like them, I find their criticisms of the gay movement disgusting.
But I could NEVER hate a gay person. And yes I am a fighter against hate. Are YOU?

Simon said...

Hi believe it or not I'm actually a student of Canadian history. And what Bruce was wondering was why it seems to be such so popular with the right-wing. Because for me as a Quebecer the word Dominion means the English Queen, or a SUPERMARKET We were a British colony for too long it's time to move on and give ourselves a REAL country...

Simon said...

Hi ARE free to think how you wish. We're not trying to shove our agenda down anyone's throat. We're not trying to reach into your brain and STEAL your thoughts. Trust me. Really. Gay Cons are also free to think what they think. Just like I'm free to criticize them. Not for being Cons necessarily, but for attacking the gay movement that fights for their rights. Because the Cons sure don't.
I'm a live and let live guy. But this is an argument between two branches of the gay mob. They show us no respect we don't show them any either.They fire at us...we fire back. Capiche?

Beijing York said...

Speaking of "dominion", you might find this link interesting Simon:

Anonymous said...

I kinda like Fred's idea, although I would not call myself a conservative, more a social libertarian. I'm a gay male:
1. - against religion
2. - against many types of encroachments on personal liberties such as how/where we have sex, the substances we ingest
3. - against legislated public smoking bans (see 2) above)
4.- agnostic on global warming and other environmentalnist scared cows
5.- in support of Israel in its battle against Palestinian terror and for its right to exist
Used to be firmly left, but snapped out of it.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...on four out of the five points you mention I'm with you. I'm not an agnostic on global warming because I believe that we can't take any chances with something that could cause so much damage.
Better safe than sorry eh?
As for Fred...although I like to have a little fun with him, but as a gay guy I have to cut him a little slack. So I wish him luck with Gay Dominion. But I won't be waiting for my invitation to join... :)