Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Man Who Didn't Fall To Earth

Adam Scotti

I think it's fair to say that Justin Trudeau has had a challenging month. 

The pipeline decision, the NAFTA negotiations with the maniac Trump, the crazed old racist screaming at him at that corn roast in Quebec.

The creepy Andrew  Scheer stoking the flames of racism.

That's the kind of stuff that can really ruin your summer.

And now to make matters worse, our shabby Con media has just launched an all out assault on him.

It's like they all got the same message from their corporate masters: bring down the wounded Trudeau, help Scheer become Prime Minister. So he can kill CBC News, as he has promised.

And we can use its blood, or its advertising dollars, to keep ourselves alive. 

Or you will all be FIRED !!#@!!

So you have David Akin rambling on hysterically, claiming that Trudeau is done like dinner. And the fact that the Cons are in danger of being cleaved in half by Maxime Bernier, is so Twentieth Century.

Just over a week ago, Canadian political gossip was focused on a potential split of Canada’s dominant right-of-centre party. The angry departure of Quebec MP Maxime Bernier from the Conservative Party of Canada made things a bit anxious for the party faithful that had convened in Halifax for a policy convention.

That now seems a century ago.

Can you believe that? What was Aikin thinking?

Or for that matter what was John Ibbitson thinking? When he gleefully listed all the challenges Trudeau faces.  

While ignoring the rise of Bernier, or the fact that the economy is booming.

Then there was the Globe editorial board showing its true blue colours again. Urging Canadians not to listen to those who claim the Cons are becoming a racist party.

Despite all the evidence showing that's exactly what they are becoming...

And both Scheer and his media stooges should be ashamed of themselves.

Then there's Andrew Coyne who claimed that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are falling to earth.

The pride of the Trudeau Liberals is well known, and of a particularly noxious kind: that special blend of moral arrogance and conceit in their own cleverness — the belief, reinforced in a thousand mutual tweets, not only that they know best but that they are the best, sure of advancing, destined to win. 

This week they seemed, if not to have actually begun to plummet earthward, then certainly to have tested the gods’ patience to the limit.

But since he couldn't summon up anything but his appalling Con bias to back up that claim, and seemed to contradict himself, only managed to make himself sound desperate...

And of course there was Andrew Scheer, claiming that he is becoming more and more popular, and that more and more Canadians want Trudeau gone.

And that people keep stopping him in the street and BEGGING him to become Prime Minister !!

But sadly for Scheer and his Con stooges, the latest Nanos poll suggests they are all wrong. 

For it suggests that the Trudeau Liberals aren't falling to earth, they're soaring. 

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 39.9 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 32.4 per cent, the NDP at 15.8 percent, the BQ at 3.4 per cent and the Greens at 6.7 per cent.

Suggests that even before Maxime Bernier starts gnawing away at support for the Cons, and if the NDP numbers remain as low as they are, the Liberals are on track to win an even bigger majority than they got last time.

And that Trudeau is more popular than all the other leaders put together.

Nanos tracking has Trudeau as the preferred choice as PM at 42.2 per cent of Canadians followed by Scheer (24.3%), Singh (6.8%) and May (6.4%). Nineteen per cent of Canadians were unsure whom they preferred. 

And of course, that poll also suggests that our shabby bought media is out of touch with reality, and is little more than a Con propaganda service.

However this is not to say that Trudeau didn't fall to earth recently. He did.

When while kneeling to talk to a man in a wheelchair he was accidentally upended by his young son Hadrien....

But he didn't seem to mind too much... 

Adam Scotti

And I'm sure all was forgiven.

Yes, I think it's fair to say that in the summer of 2018 Justin Trudeau never looked more human and more Canadian.

While our Con media never looked more out of it or more pathetically corrupt...


  1. Oh look Trudeau ignored the handshake of a man in a wheelchair, maybe even a veteran!

    Sorry I was having a conservative moment.

    1. Jackie Blue5:49 PM

      LOL. Or, oh look, Xavier is sending a subliminal political message favoring Colin Kaepernick and saying "puck you" to old-stock Americans and Donald Trump with his Nike shirt! Deport him to the Alouettes in the new NAFTA deal and nationalize the NFL!

      I had a conservative movement this morning after breakfast too.

    2. Hi ffibs...yes, I bet the Con Death Machine would love to smear the trudeau family like that, as they have done on so many other occasions. How far we have fallen. Or how far down they have dragged us. So watch out for those conservative moments they are really bad for you... ;)

    3. Hi're right, that little punk is not only wearing a Nike shirt, he's trying to make his dad kneel !!!! He's clearly trying to send a message to Trump, and undermine the NAFTA negotiations. On the positive side, I never have a Conservative movement, unless I eat too many beans... ;)


    1. hi rumleyfips...I saw that, and even read it, even though I try to avoid pipeline stories as much as I can. But the Cons can't avoid their responsibility for all that has happened, since all Harper and his minions ever did was talk about our glorious oily future, and did absolutely nothing to wean us off that tarry stuff, and prepare us for a greener future. We lost ten precious years, and it's going to be a long time before we can recover from that ghastly legacy...

  3. The rich have their tv in the bedrooms of the poor -LC

    1. Hi Steve...Whose LC? Or did you find that one in a fortune cookie?

    2. Leonard Cohen I forget the song

  4. Anonymous12:03 PM

    As much as you are right in all of this, Simon, I can't help but be disappointed in Trudeau. I had no illusions that he was a centrist through and through, but there is so much that he can do that doesn't involve putting TransMountain on the taxpayer's back. Building pipelines is not the way to meet environmental goals, especially after getting so much opposition from obnoxious provincial Premiers for the most milquetoast of carbon controls.

    1. Jackie Blue6:24 PM

      One way or another it seems Trudeau's not going to satisfy anyone on this issue. Even though polls seem to indicate that the aggregate of Canadians slightly favor the painful but imperfect King Solomon approach. But one need only look at the thundering reaction of West Virginia "coal country" voters for what can happen when liberal candidates try to transition to renewables for the environment's sake (and retrain workers in the new green industries), while the media mouthpieces and right-wing propaganda machine turn it into "tree huggers and Injuns are taking your jobs." Plus, it's not like he can just take everyone's car off the road or make them turn off the a/c. Nor can he pressure Trump not to intentionally burn up the atmosphere and soak the bigly incredible oceans in muck just to own the libs. Canada is not a "basic dictatorship." Unless you want it to be, political calculus means he's got to apply a nicotine patch instead of forcing the whole country to quit cold turkey.

      The important thing is to look at the bigger picture and not just one isolated file. Primarily, no one has done more to fight bigotry at home, or stand up to the orange maniac who's fomenting it in the U.S. and worldwide. As for what can be done realistically about reducing emissions levels, I don't know if we've reached the tipping point yet, but we might be at the point of no return or close to it anyway, which would mean the focus on climate change now has to shift to adaptation rather than reversal.

      None of which, of course, would happen under Scheer, who everyone knows is just a puppet with Harper's greasy paws up his ass and who apparently thinks oil is the cleanest form of energy there is. Which isn't surprising, coming from a man whose entire career has been running on an infinitely renewable supply of bullshit for all of his adult life. Big Manure™ Endorses Andrew Scheer!

    2. Hi anon @12:03 PM...I'm no friend of the oil industry, but we must understand that thanks to the actions of the Cons we have been turned into a petro state, and that complicates any efforts to prepare us for a greener future. And we must also understand that the only way to get to that greener future is by putting a price on carbon to encourage our economy to transition to a sustainable energy one. If a pipeline that won't last for many years can overcome the resistance to a carbon tax, and keep Alberta from threatening to secede, then I believe its worth it. It's counterintuitive but it does make sense. The pipeline has become something people can cling to, but the reality of climate change is much more complex than that...

    3. e.a.f.3:44 PM

      building that pipeline isn't going to meet any environmental standards if you're thinking about the tar being processed and being used. However, the building of the pipeline as part of the federal government's assets, how knows it might be built to standard and maintained.

      That pipeline will be built. Alberta wants it, First Nations in B.C. want it, until you get to the coast. The pipeline itself isn't the issues, its the tar going out onto ship through our waters. Now if that problem is solved, all could be good.

      Notley has an election coming up and Trudeau would rather she be re elected than see Jason Kenny in the job. We already have Ford in Ontario........To win that election Notley has to have the pipeline.

      "moral arrogance..." OMG, what does he think he is spouting off? good old boy lines, from down on the farm?

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I love that picture of Justin in the Up ballon house, with Scheer standing there holding one balloon. I love your creations, they make a point without being crude or violent. Scheer was so sure he’d managed to smear Trudeau into submission, he really must be crying like a baby 😂😂😂😂

    1. Jackie Blue6:32 PM

      The kids are so cute and grow up so fast. Hadrien already seems to be the "entertainer" of the trio. Another Canadian funny person already in the making? Whether or not he ends up a cast member on 22 Minutes or Saturday Night Live (if Lorne Michaels and his TV staple airing live from New York are still around by then), it's obvious he can already run rings around Blandy Scheer. Just like dad. 😊

    2. hi anon @3:49...Thank you. I started doing my little photo shops during the darkest years of the Con regime, to try to cheer up progressives, and myself. I don't know if they work anymore. In a grim world they can look a little childish, and make it look like I'm not serious. But if I had to be THAT serious I'd probably give up blogging...

  6. Anonymous7:40 PM

    If I remember correctly just a couple of months ago the Conservatives were tied with the Liberals, so this is a huge drop. Scheer’s negative messaging has clearly failed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is soon a movement to replace him.

    1. Fuck the bullshit river flowing from the MSM and even the CBC. We still have enough critical thinking to dam the turd army. Based upon my two 26 year old kids the CONS will be eating Sloyent Green in the future. The rest of us will be living in the best place with more land area than New Zealand.

    2. e.a.f.3:47 PM

      Scheer doesn't understand his racist comments impact a lot of people in this country. He may not have looked around in the malls and country fairs, but I have news for him. A lot of those faces are people of colour and our own First Nations. They won't be amused by his comments and they won't be voting Con. In some ridings the NDP will siphon some votes but in others loose them, so it will balance out depending upon how old the voters are and where their parents came from.

  7. Going to be a Great Day.......the sun is shining!

    1. Hi Kathleen... great, I love the sunny days, except when I have to do a lot of walking around outside and it feels like 43 degrees like it did yesterday. I honestly don't know how I survived...