Monday, April 27, 2015

What the Case of Omar Khadr Tells Us About Stephen Harper

Years ago I predicted that Canadians who didn't care about the way Stephen Harper was raping the human rights of the child soldier Omar Khadr would live to regret it.

For if he was able to get away with it once, and enjoy the taste of blood in his mouth, it was only a matter of time before the monster would try to rape THEIR rights

And sure enough here we are living in his ghastly Harperland, where the  bully is trying to use fear to win an election, while stealthily turning us into a police state.

And the way he has treated Omar Khadr tells us all we need to know about the monstrous nature of his Con regime.

It tells us that Harper and his political thugs have no respect for the rule of law, no decency, and no compassion.

For what he is doing is nothing more than a grotesque attempt to pleasure his  bloodthirsty base...

As well as inflame bigotry, and whip up fears of terrorism, for crass political purposes,

It tells us that him and his grubby Cons lie all the time, because their reasons for denying that young Canadian his freedom are, as his decent lawyer Dennis Edney points out, nothing but fiction. 

Omar Khadr's lawyer says the Conservative government is pursuing a case against his client that they know is "fiction."

"It's fascinating what they say -- Blaney says, Harper says -- because the truth of the matter is they're lying and they know they're lying," said Edney.

“Canada should never have allowed Omar Khadr to be locked away in Guantanamo. Every other western country requested and were granted return of their returnees. The second part of that fiction that they create is that they know that there's no evidence to tie Omar Khadr to having thrown a hand grenade."

It tells us that Steve Blaney isn't just a hapless stooge of his depraved master, like him he is also a dangerous demagogue...

Who would dare question the loyalty of those who would stand up for the human rights of all Canadians. And oppose his foul terror bill.

It tells us that the equally sinister Roxanne James has no respect for the truth...

Has no respect for human rights, and never has.

Any person is permitted to marry. It doesn’t matter whether they are black or white, handicapped or an Olympic athlete, heterosexual or homosexual. The same laws and boundaries apply to all – a single law respected and honoured by all Canadians. The issue is with regards to who the marriage partner may be and not the individual themselves, thus not a Charter issue.

And has always been a grubby bigot.

And of course, it tells us that her deranged cult leader Stephen Harper will do ANYTHING to win the next election.

Even continue to persecute a young Canadian who has suffered enough. 

Whatever his misdeeds, Omar Khadr should have been freed years ago. But from the moment the young Canadian child soldier for Al Qaeda was captured by American troops in Afghanistan in 2002 at age 15, he has been denied justice, tortured, tried in a shabby military court and forsaken by his government.

Whatever debt Khadr owes has long since been paid. He should be released to rebuild his life.

Or continue to torture him for his own perverted reasons. 

It’s absurd Ottawa persists in denying that Mr. Khadr’s “conviction” was the result of a legal process that went against legal norms, including suppressed evidence and a coerced confession. There is no reason to believe that granting him the bail he is due, and allowing him to reside with one of his lawyers while waiting for his appeal to be heard, poses a threat to anyone. 

Mr. Khadr, Justice Ross noted, “has a 12 1/2-year track record as a model prisoner,” which is both a sad and a heartening statement, given what he’s been through.

And yes, the case of Omar Khadr has been a shameful travesty of justice that should have been a warning long ago.

That what Stephen Harper would do to a Canadian child soldier he would one day do to us all.

But at least the case has served to reveal him yet again to be a cruel bully, a foul bigot, a man with no moral compass, who is out of control...

And trying to turn us into a police state.

And the message this shameful case sends to all Canadians couldn't be clearer:

The monster is capable of ANYTHING.

And nobody in this country will be safe, until the day he is defeated...

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