Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Why Jason Kenney Must Resign Immediately

The other day I wrote a post accusing Jason Kenney of lying. Again. Claiming that the reason we are going to bomb Syria is because the Americans need us and our so-called smart-bombs.

And of getting the country's top general Tom Lawson to cover for him. 

Well today Lawson ate his words and make Kenney look like an idiot. 

Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson has done an abrupt about-face and is admitting that advanced precision-guided munitions were indeed used in Syria by Canada’s allies, despite claims to the contrary made by Defence Minister Jason Kenney.

“Since the publication of the letter below, in which I stated that the United States was the only nation that used advanced precision-guided munitions in Syria, new information has come to light,” Lawson explained in a statement. “A coalition ally has in fact used advanced precision-guided munitions in Syria on at least one occasion.

And just as I suspected the general was pressured into coming to Kenney's defence.

Department of National Defence sources say Lawson was pressured by Kenney’s office to issue his original statement supporting the minister.

So what does Kenney do? Shuffle forward to admit he was wrong, and blame the military. 

After days of controversy over his incorrect statements that Canada is the only member other than the United States in the anti-Islamic State military coalition using precision-guided munitions, Defence Minister Jason Kenney this afternoon issued a mea culpa.

Kenney rose in the House of Commons on a point of order around 4:30 PM to table a correction issued earlier in the day by the chief of defence staff, Gen. Tom Lawson. “I regret this inaccurate information,” Kenney said, venturing that he “wasn’t given accurate information” in his briefings from the military.

Which leaves us to decide whether the country's top general is incompetent.

Fighter jets from Saudi Arabia and the UAE are equipped with the same or similar U.S smart bombs that Canada has acquired. The Saudis bought their bombs in 2008 as part of a $20 billion arms deal with the U.S. In addition to its stocks of U.S. smart bombs, the UAE also spent $500 million in 2013 to buy South African-made precision-guided munitions for its fighter jets. In addition, it signed a deal to manufacture the smart bombs in the UAE.

Or whether Jason Kenney is a liar.

And since Kenney has an abominable record of twisting the truth. 

You know what I think.

And since he is also probably lying about the costs of the mission. 

Extending Canada’s anti-ISIS mission for another year will cost at least $406 million, Defence Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday afternoon.

That amount is above and beyond the $122 million Kenney said was spent on the first six months of the mission, which started in October.

Or low balling it.

The incremental costs for the 2011 Libya mission were pegged at a little less than $100 million. The total cost for the mission, meanwhile, which included everything from salaries to equipment maintenance and jet fuel, reached a staggering $347 million.

Already, the federal parliamentary budget officer has pegged the cost of the first six months in Iraq as much as $44 million more than the government estimated.

And since Kenney is bringing the military into disrepute at a time when we are at war, you know what I think he must do.

Admit that he is incompetent and a compulsive liar.

And resign immediately...

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Anonymous said...

'Canada's Chubbiest Army Cadet'™ will never resign. He'll have to be fired.

Marmalade said...

There goes OUR $36 billion plus for Our Health Accord.........up in SMOKE!

Hugh said...


Anonymous said...

It's always someone else's fault with Kenney. It's time he crawled out of the sandbox and quit blaming the other kids. I guess the NATO embarrassment was the military's fault as well? It's quite obvious that Kenney is totally incompetent and he wont step down unless Boss Hog fires him. However, the benefit of him staying on is that he'll continue his gaffe-a-thon and more and more people and media will see him for what he is.

David said...

Boss Hog. Good one.

Stephen Harper's Nicknames

1. Helmet Hair
2. Caligula Eyes
3. Herr Harper
4. Thievin' Stephen
5. The Automaton
6. Great Divider
7. Dear Leader aka Dear Litre
8. Robo Steve
9. Stone Cold Steve
10. The Neo Con
11.The Fascist
12. Cowboy Steve (All Hat, No Cattle)
13. The Deflektor

With apologies to Arcade Fire:

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25. Deceivin' Stephen
26. Boss Hog

Anonymous said...

All the cons seem to think the lies were OK because .....he apologized for them. Can you lie if you are a great apologizer? I've always though that if some student was studying kinds of lies they could get all the material they want from Stephen Harper's party. Lies of omission. Lies of inference. Out of context lies. How many kinds of lies are there? They know them all.

Anonymous said...

27. HarperFuhrer

Anonymous said...

Oh David you forgot that he owns and operates "The Harperium" um how does a mail room boy from Edmonton Alberta that moves on to a student at the University of Calgary Alberta and get into political schemes amass over five million yes $5,000,000.00? Hell I worked all my life and the government took most of my earnings that is how he is a political thief...

In the old days we would string men like that that cheated...

Mogs Moglio

Yet he Harper gets away with his lying and fraudulent ways by hiding in closets darkness secrecy and phoney religious churches...