Friday, April 10, 2015

Stephen Harper and Mike Duffy: The Love Story

I always knew that Stephen Harper would never be able to escape the large shadow of Mike Duffy.

I knew that he broke the rules to make him his favourite fundraiser. His inflated cash machine who could milk gazillions of dollars out of his sucker base.

But who knew it was such a torrid love story? 

As the lawyer for Mike Duffy turned his focus to the Senate rules governing partisan activities, he entered into evidence a photograph of his client and Stephen Harper with a signed note by the prime minister praising the now suspended senator. 

The photo, dated June 11, 2009, was signed "To Duff. A great journalist and a great senator. Thanks for being one of my best, hardest working appointments ever." The message was signed "Stephen Harper."

Because that is torrid, or florid. And Harper must have been breathing heavily or panting when he wrote it.

For so close were the two, they even shared the same make-up artist. 

And what's also now clear is that Duffy's lawyer is trying to join the two men at the hip. And while that may or may not save Duffy it will almost certainly damage Harper.

Not just by reminding Canadians of Great Leader's appalling judgement. Which was only reinforced yesterday by a court room visit from another of his outstanding appointments. 

But also as Bruce Anderson points out, by making the trial less about Duffy and more about Harper.

The trial of Mike Duffy has begun. But the conversation it has spawned is less about the trial and more about the political implications for the Conservatives. Conservatives argue the whole affair is stale news and Canadians have more important things on their mind. “It’s the economy,” etc.

Maybe. But they know that the difference between an election win and a loss is a shift of five or six voters out of 100. They know that all the e-mail traffic and testimony about what people said and did, when they didn’t think they would be observed, is titillating, in part because it is so rarely on display. And they know that the other parties’ advertising teams will be standing by to harvest the best bits.

Because whether he likes it or not, his reputation is on the line.

Mr. Harper has said different things at different moments about the Duffy affair: when he learned about it, and what he did when informed. Some of his statements were undoubtedly truthful. But not all of them can be equally truthful. His reputation for personal integrity hangs in the balance. This trial might shore it up or break it down.

Who knows what Mike Duffy or Nigel Wright might say when they are called to testify?

All those once secret documents and e-mails must be giving him and his Cons nightmares.

When I stopped by the CBC bureau in Ottawa on the opening day of the trial, I gazed at a giant five-inch stack of papers, one of seven that were tabled that day. I couldn’t help but think how anxiety-inducing the production of such documents must be for Conservative officials.

And if after only four days Stephen Harper is already being damaged, imagine what he's going to look like in FORTY days or longer?

Yup. They were bound at the hip. 

They did deserve each other.

And with a little bit of luck, they'll both go down together...

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Anonymous said...

I love how meticulous Ol' Duff's lawyer has been so far and I believe he's slowly leading up to the point where Harper will be called to testify. Of course the coward will refuse which will make him look guiltier than ever of being the conductor of this orchestra of scandals.
From where I'm sitting, I now agree with Harper on this part of his handwritten love note to Duffy Bear, "Best Appointment Ever"!

e.a.f. said...

harper won't testify because duff's lawyer won't need him. The paper work speaks volumes and it is best to not give harper an opportunity to refute any of it. the singed card, speaks volumes, you don't need harper on the stand saying he wrote 10 of them for 10 different people.
That of course does not preclude the crown from making the assertion, but it will have less strength.

perhaps after stevie wrote the greeting, he realized Duffy might be getting too popular with the base and it was time for Duffy to leave, and he simply arranged the exit. With Duffy as a senator he could have been appointed to Cabinet. In Cabinet, Duffy would have been a problem for stevie and the little shits in short pants. with Duffy leaving the senate in disgrace, there goes the competition.

Win, loose, or draw, we the political junkies of Canada are going to be entertained endlessly. Simon perhaps you could do a t.v. series on this sort of like the Canadian version of Scandal. It would be fun.

Steve said...

If the fix is not in Duffy walks.

David said...

Simon said...

hi JD...yes Bayne is doing a great job. Not only making sure that Duffy sticks to Harper like a horse fly, but also making clearly planning to string the trial along so neither the media or Canadians lose interest. As I've said before, if I ever get into trouble I'm hiring him, even if I have to rob a bank to pay him... ;)

Simon said...

hi far as I know the bond between Harper and Duffy was not broken until the shit hit the fan. And what I also know is that Duffy was hoping that Harper would find some way to bring him into his cabinet. Or eventually make him an ambassador. Can you imagine that? Duffy representing us abroad. I can't imagine a worst or more embarrassing nightmare...

Simon said...

Steve...remember we don't really care what happens to Duffy. as long as the trial hurts Harper just a few months before the election will be quite enough. Don't be greedy eh? ;)

Unknown said...

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