Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Nepalese Tragedy and the Shameless Con Clowns

About a month ago I told you how Jason Kenney was bragging about the arrival of a new and massive C-17 aircraft.

As only he could.

And claiming it would allow the Con regime to "project Canada around the world."

But now it seems that didn't include saving Canadians stranded in Nepal. 

A Montreal woman trying to get home from earthquake-struck Nepal says the Canadian government is not doing enough to help expatriates and travellers stranded in the stricken country. 

Emilie-Anne Leroux said that while other countries have pulled out all the stops to get their citizens home, she and other Canadians have not received so much as a telephone call from officials despite having registered as being in Nepal.

Just like it didn't include the Canadians who were recently stranded in Yemen, who had to count on the Russians to save them. 

Russian news agency TASS reported Friday that two Russian planes brought 284 people from Yemen to Moscow on Thursday including Canadian and Polish citizens.

Much to Kenney's dismay...

But then why should we be surprised? When the Cons have been reducing our diplomatic presence around the world.

Except of course in places like Israel. 

Canada is planning to build a new embassy in Israel, even as the Conservative government attempts to sell $80 million in diplomatic properties abroad.

So all we have in earthquake shattered Nepal is an honorary consul, trying to cope with the scale of this horrible disaster...

And our stranded Canadians are out of luck.

“It’s just frustrating – compared to the Australian embassy, who have booked hotels, picked up people at their apartments, helped them get their [stuff] out and fly them home if they want to, I think the Canadian government is showing a very poor example of how much it cares for its citizens who choose to work abroad for development.”

Leaving Kenney and the hapless Con stooge Rob Nicholson sounding like idiots 

“We have an honorary consul I know has been working on this consistently since this tragedy has taken place, [and] we’re making every effort to bring in consular officials as well,” Nicholson said.

And leaving the rest of us to wonder whether its safe to visit any country that doesn't have an ethnic community in Canada big enough for the Cons to be concerned about...

Because that is what this debacle, and the one in Yemen, are all about.

And all I can say is what should be obvious: they are Con clowns.

And a Canadian government that can't ensure the safety of its citizens wherever they may be, is criminally irresponsible, weak beyond belief, and unfit to remain in office.

And the sooner we defeat them, the safer we will be...

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  1. Dangerously irresponsible clowns.

    1. hi Jean...yes they are dangerous. They may be small little creatures, but like termites they can undermine the foundations, and bring a whole country crashing to the ground....

  2. Anonymous3:44 AM

    You hit the nail on the head Simon. This clearly doesn't pass the Con Klown's litmus test for sucking up votes at home. Now had this happened in say...Ukraine, Harper would fly over himself for the biggest partisan photo-op ever. What a despicable bunch they are.

    1. hi anon...I can't see any other explanation. Everything these days is done for crass political reasons. It's not a government anymore it's an election machine, And if a similar disaster had happened in Ukraine he would have sent in the whole army...

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    "project Canada around the world."
    Oh Goodie! Now the con clowns are going to have in-flight movies like "Red/Green" or "The Rick Mercer Report"?

    1. hi anon...yes it is a frightening thought. We must really warn the world the Cons are coming. Once it might have been something to be proud about, now it's just humiliating...

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Harpo is beyond despicable he is all of these contemptible, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorrent, abominable, awful, heinous and more.


    1. hi Mogs....you know I still can't quite believe that I have had to lower myself, and cloud my life, by having to criticize a Canadian Prime Minister for his disgraceful behaviour. I will never forgive Harper for having consumed so much of my life, and I will hold it against him until the day I die...