Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Bill C-51 and the Fascism of the Harper Regime

If the Public Security Committee's hearings into Bill C-51 had ended today, some no doubt would have called it just another bad April Fool's joke.

But Stephen Harper is so desperate to beat the drums of war and fear, and use the bill to go after his political enemies, he couldn't wait that long.

So he rammed the bill through yesterday, and although it was no joke, the hearings were in every possible way a ghastly fascist farce. 

The House public safety committee has completed its review of the government's proposed anti-terror legislation, after listening to more than 16 hours of expert testimony from nearly 50 witnesses.

Because although the Cons did make some minor changes, they voted down every single opposition amendment.

Questioned the loyalty of experts who testified...

Refused to listen to them, just parroted their PMO lines.

So as Michael Geist points out, the bill is still dangerously flawed. 

While there is some tinkering with the information sharing provisions, the law will still allow for widespread sharing without effective oversight from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Moreover, key concerns with respect to the CSIS Act (warrants that can violate Charter rights) and broader oversight and accountability remains untouched.

And the committee was a shameful farce...

Few legislative issues are as important as the security and privacy of Canadians, but the entire hearings were structured to avoid hearing from experts, to asking irrelevant questions, or to bringing in witnesses with scant knowledge of the proposed bill.

Just another disgusting example of the now total contempt with which the Cons treat our Parliament. And one that even John Ivison finds appalling. 

Even in the darkest days of the Second World War, Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons with the latest news, good or bad, and never shrank from a vote of censure. “I am,” he used to say, “a servant of the House of Commons.” 

The great Tory leader would probably be appalled by Canada’s Conservatives, who appear to believe the acronym MP stands for Masters of Parliament, given the way they treat its institutions like whipped dogs.

But what takes all of this into the realm of fascism, is apparently the real reason the Cons don't want to allow parliamentary oversight.

The unspoken reason. Their dirty secret.

They can't trust the opposition with the security of Canada...

An exchange with a senior Conservative reveals the mistrust between the government and the opposition is not just between individuals, it’s systemic.

“How can we grant access to the country’s most sensitive secrets to people who want the country to fail [the Bloc] or have no confidence in the entire security apparatus [the NDP]?”

Can you believe that? They can't trust the opposition, but we are supposed to trust THEM? 

Or this morally depraved maniac?

Who marches to the sound of the drums in his head.

That alien freak who lies all the time, is about as Canadian as a three dollar bill, and who after raping our democracy is now trying to turn us into a police state?

We're supposed to trust HIM?

It boggles the mind, and makes you wonder where DO those Cons come from? For it surely can't be Canada. Ivison can describe their behaviour this way:

This strikes me as wandering beyond partisan arrogance into terrain that is borderline anti-democratic.

But in a parliament of whipped dogs, where and when does borderline anti-democratic become fascism? And who in the MSM will tell us when that line has been crossed?

But the good news is that by acting like a fascist, and ramming that bill through committee in such a brutish manner, Harper will now own it all the way to the next election.

And since polls show the more Canadians understand the bill the more they hate it...

We're going to educate them. 

From April 13th to April 20th people across Canada will step up for a Week of Education to Stop C-51. Any activity that helps educate your fellow residents of Canada is welcome: Petitions, letter writing, social media outreach, marches, forums, flyering, canvassing etc.. Let's grow the numbers in opposition.

With that and other campaigns, and some of the loudest and angriest protests this country has ever seen...

For now there can be no doubt. No doubt whatsoever. 

If we want to scrap that fascist bill.

If we want to save our democracy and our country. 

We must defeat that monstrous maniac before he turns us into a police state...

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Marmalade said...

Do Police States have Federal Elections? Budgets? Universal Health Accords?

Anonymous said...

"The great Tory leader would probably be appalled by Canada’s Conservatives, who appear to believe the acronym MP stands for Masters of Parliament, given the way they treat its institutions like whipped dogs."

Winston has turned over in his grave several times since Harper came to power it is sadly enough reported. Harper managed to wound a dead man gheesh...

That is major and crooked power.

Mogs Moglio

Steve said...


hinofan said...

Well we are waiting on the Budget.
We had a Federal Election marred by robocalls and chicanery.
Stephen Harper headed the National Citizens Coalition that was founded to dismantle Universal Healthcare.
We are witnessing the birthing of a police state, Kathleen
Bill C51 opens the door to Police State possibility.
Remember the G20 demos and "kettling" and the largest denial of civil rights in Canadian History.
Canada bombed 3 countries in the last couple of years plus got rid of most environmental laws.
Canada is now regarded as an International Pariah !

Anonymous said...

To have so many respected and expert people and organizations being disregarded by the Con committee is another glaring example of this dictatorship's utter contempt of our democracy. You are an idiot Harper if you think this will not come back to haunt you. Once the ramifications of this insidious bill are better known to more people, your precious grip on power will cease and you will return to kissing the asses of your enablers.

hinofan said...

And , by the way, Police States usually resort to torture and war crimes.
Maher Arar springs to mind, as does Omar Khadr.
And this little snippet with Conservative MP Laurie Hawn ( Fighter Ace and possible war criminal ) grilling Richard Colvin, some time after which parliament was Prorogued to stifle criticism.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have federal elections but you only vote for the candidate in power, kind of like electing Kim Jong Eun.
The budget is whatever the ruling party says it is and spent on anything they damn well choose with no checks or balances.
Universal health accords are basically the "bush/cheney" "if you're sick, hurry up and die" health plan.
If you disagree with any of the above proclamations, you can either shut the fuck up and take it or protest and get "disappeared".
Kind of like we are already seeing now.
Any questions?

e.a.f. said...

its very funny that Cons believe they can't trust other M.P.s with information. So what is supposed to happen when the Cons loose the election and all that information "falls" into the hands of the former opposition, now government. Perhaps they'll even have some really fun stuff on the Cons. Perhaps the Cons ought to have though of that. O.K. they don't think of a default position, that god guy is taking care of everything.

Hugh said...

There are so many critics now of Bill C-51 it's hard to keep up:

David said...

Roxanne 2.0 (with apologies to The Police)

You don't have to put on the fear light
These days aren't over
You don't have to sell the bill with all your might

You don't have to sell that bill tonight
Talk like a Con robot
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

You don't have to put on the fear light
You don't have to put on the fear light

Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)

I hated it since I read it
I wouldn't recommend it
I have to tell you just how I feel
I won't let you take freedoms away

I know your mind is made up
I know that we can't make up
Told you once I won't tell you again
It's a bad bill

You don't have to put on the fear light
You don't have to put on the fear light

Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)
Roxanne (Put on the fear light)

Simon said...

hi Kathleen....some police states have rigged elections, and budgets for the 1%, but this budding police state has no Health Accord. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the day they let it die. And if we don't do defeat them they WILL kill medicare...

Simon said...

hi hinofan...I can never forget the G20 because it turned my neigbourhood into a police state. We were surrounded by police in the air, on the street and on the water. I've never felt less free in Canada, and I will do anything to try to make sure it never happens again...

Simon said...

hi Mogs...I don't know if Stephen Harper thinks he's Churchill or Stalin. But Churchill was a great leader who led his country through a war while suffering from depression. And Stephen Harper isn't big enough to fit in one of his shoes...

Simon said...

hi anon...there is indeed no other word for it but contempt. Contempt for our values, contempt for our democracy. But like you I believe that the blatant attempt to turn us into a police state will come back to haunt him. The economy may decide the election, but his filthy bill will damage him and help bring him down...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I don't know whether it's funny but it certainly is outrageous. How dare they presume to be loyal Canadians when they are such traitors to everything decent in this country. But yes, once we defeat them let's keep Bill C 51 on life support for a while, so we can give them a taste of their own medicine... ;)

Simon said...

hi Hugh...yes that is encouraging. People tell me that there was also a lot of resistance to the so-called Fair Elections Act and it went nowhere. But I do believe that Canadians care about their privacy, and they want more oversight. So by refusing to provide it Harper is shooting himself in the foot. I believe he thought he could scare Canadians into accepting anything, and I think he's going to get a nasty surprise...

Simon said...

hi David....Good one. But yes you do have to apologize to The Police, because having that Roxanne in a song is a horrible sight, and couldn't be more scary. I'm glad she almost always wears black, because it does suits her. And she really would make a great member of the Addams Family... ;)

Anonymous said...

Remember when Canada was a respected nation? I question voting for a proven liar and cheat in - not one, not two, but three! elections! I have no doubt it will be four for four.

Whatever harper says, guarantee it's a lie, they lie hinting how stupid Canadians are for swallowing their b.s. or are they child molesters? terrorists?

He bullies, threatens the most defenseless. He shirks meetings with world leaders - he acts like a spoilt, immature bully who doesn't get why the world is not bowing down to the legend in his own mind. He is in way over his head, a joke, he's humiliating.

Recklessly, irresponsibly continue poisoning the planet and raping our long respected and emulated environmental programs and ethics, killing health care. Our scientists are gagged, centuries of observations burned at Hitler's - harper's whim.

Lead, mercury, arsenic, sulfur, so much going into the ground water, lakes, marshes, rain.... and heading across the nation and planet - it's why our scientists have been shackled.

A paranoid narcissistic sociopath corporate puppet. He's removed protections for species at risk, environmentally sensitive and vital ecosystems, clean water protections, our national parks, risking Arctic drilling, blasting, 50 year old pipelines through populated areas, a free for all corporate rule and communist ownership.
We must stop CETA and end NAFTA. harper not legitimate.
He took day care, after school programs, gave a few $ to buy the poor vote and arming the cops to the teeth.

There was no 'terrorist attack' on Ottawa! A confused, heavily addicted man was used for an operation and died so steve got his terror bill.

He has disillusioned members in the forces, confusion, distrust, many question. They will defend the nation against this raving lunatic.

Remember when we were peacekeepers? Our military helped build up not blow up? How the mention of Canada provoked thoughts of humanitarians not lying, cheating assholes? Respected, trusted, believed, beloved good old Canucks.

We are now a vile taste. harper is in an illegal war covering up with sneaky subterfuge. But the lies unravel.
We are ashamed when harper goes abroad. He brings disgust on Canada acting like a gushing school girl vociferously proclaiming his undying love, devotion and millions of tax dollars to Israel trying not to piddle his pants.

If the nation goes bankrupt, the new owners/ kings will be corporate polluters and Chinese. We will never again be a democracy with C-51 must be scrapped.

Our house is full of lies, speaker, GG owned. RCMP corrupt. Supreme Court being reduced and removed if harper gets his way. We want people like this to stay ? Millions barely hanging on. Homes / businesses foreclosed on, empty, in disrepair, degrading but people freeze to death on streets. Millions spent on false advertising and non-existent programs.

We backed out of $300,000 for clean water, fighting draught, spends months being disgusted by a piece of fabric while the nation in the dump - better to keep us really stupid.

Now people we who try to enlighten, stress voting. Some great comments here; we really need to speak up now before we're shut down, one by one ..... and the jails fill up. harper and his pee ons are disturbed. These overindulged weenies are running an illegal war so harper will be King of the world, oil super power, emperor of all and boss and make the rules.