Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Why the Duffy Trial is Also the Trial of the Harper Regime

I wouldn't be surprised if Stephen Harper spends the next two months in the usual place he runs to, and the same position he assumes, whenever he feels threatened.

Whether it's by the one-man terrorist army who stormed Parliament, or by the trial of his soiled superstar senator Mike Duffy.

In fact, I'll even go so far to say, that I wouldn't be surprised if on this occasion, Great Closet Leader is already soiling himself. And with good reason.

Because as Lawrence Martin points out, it's not just Duffy who is on trial, so is the filthy Con regime. 

It’s not the fate of Mr. Duffy that has created enormous interest in this trial. It’s the fate of the government. It is the morality, the integrity of the Conservative Party hierarchy, that is on trial.

Most of the accusations facing Mr. Duffy himself involve alleged little embezzlements relating to expense accounts. But abuse of the public trust by way of an alleged coverup operation involving top officials in the Prime Minister’s Office, as Mr. Duffy’s team claim, is much more serious.

And the trial can only remind Canadians of the sordid record of that regime, and the way its morally depraved leader has abused power, violated our values, and made a mockery out of our democracy...

It may be seen as a microcosm of the serial breaches of the public trust: the undercover dirty tricks, the smear campaigns against opponents, the altering of official documents, the democracy-shredding omnibus bills. 

If you wanted to go into detail, you could fill an entire page of news print with the ethical transgressions of this government that have undermined the democratic process.

And since politics is perception that can do them great damage.

For who can forget how the Cons have turned this country into a pool of bubbling excrement?  Or how they turned the hearings into their dangerous anti-terrorism bill into a complete farce?

A recent example is Bill C-51, the new and widely condemned security legislation that interferes with Canadians’ privacy. What did the Conservatives do? They voted to block Canada’s privacy commissioner from testifying at committee hearings on the bill. It’s a small example of how petty and pathetically partisan they are.

Or a Star Chamber...

Or who can forget the way Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford recently taunted his opponents in the House of Commons.

By flicking his tongue in and out in a disgusting manner.

Worthy of Great Gila Leader himself...

Who has debased this country beyond recognition. 

With the help of his little monsters in the PMO...

Who will now at last be exposed to the light of day, so Canadians can see how ugly they are, and watch them squirm like maggots in the witness box.

As they try to explain why they fiddled with the facts in what looks like an obvious attempt to sanitize or cover-up the truth.

Also, let's not forget that Dean Del Mastro will also be testifying at the Duffy trial. 

Hopefully BEFORE he's sentenced for election fraud...

Which can only remind even more Canadians of Harper's sordid record, and his appalling judgement. 

And of course let's not forget that Del Mastro will be joined in the witness box, by the grotesque Con clown Ezra Levant, who was apparently paid by Duffy to write speeches.

You know, the so-called Rebel Commander of the so-called Rebel Media.

Who also tells us all we need to know about those scummy Cons.

And will hopefully help turn the trial into an absolute freak show, and help bring them ALL down...

While we look on, munch on popcorn, and smear THEM beyond recognition.

While hammering home the essential point: if the Cons and their depraved leader weren't such scumbags, this scandal never would have happened.

Golly. Won't that be fun?

Let's see how low the Cons can go.

Dive Mikey DIVE....

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Anonymous said...

Whenever Harper is called out,he picks on immigrants,refugees ,TFW, Omar Khadr etc.

thwap said...

They brought this upon themselves with their hubris. Either the trial will fatally damage the Conservative Party and send some powerful people to prison, OR it will be a crude, brazen farce that will further erode the legitimacy of our entire political-legal system and give angry citizens further immunity from prosecution.

Anonymous said...

I've been going through some of these blogs and I've stopped reading as it hard to take such venom.
Spewing of venom with nothing constructive ever proposed is a trademark of radical leftists as they are
so full of hate of anything and anyone they disagree with. Especially those who get in the way of their agenda. What is your solution? Other than "we have to get rid of Harper!" FACTUALLY show all of us a superior solution. Some of us see through the usual communist/leftist/"progressive" thug and bully tactics in order to make a point and to silence any opposing viewpoints.
I am a classical liberal, and am sickened to see how modern "liberalism" has mutated into a malevolent, hateful, evil ideology that seeks to destroy individual rights and freedoms, freedom of speech and thought (using political correctness as a weapon), perversify society by promoting all manner of degeneracy and corruption under the sun, destroy traditional morality.
What is the goal of the "progressives?" In the words of author Dinesh D'Souza, "...the left wants ... to be a shining beacon of global depravity, a kind of Gomorrah on a Hill."
The solution, BTW, isn't more socialism (which is what the left always proposes). "Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country at every time in history. President Obama and his Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy." - Vladimir Putin
I pray that God's light shines on the dark souls of the leftists, as their inner hatred will manifest into destruction of humanity.
Classical Liberal

Anonymous said...

My wager is on Duffy being found innocent on all counts, Wallin and Bratso both being exculpated and reinstated with full pomp and circumstance with retro full back pay for all three and harpie and the royal conservative mounted politzei all enjoying a congratulatory barbeque on our tax dollars laughing uproariously at how they put another one over the rubes that make up modern Canada's citizenry. Any takers?

Steve said...

I hope you are correct Simon but I expect this will be a wet firecracker. For sure the media will not be piling on like they did in the so called sponsership scandal.

I just want one thing explained. How Duffy can be charged with bribery but Nigel Wright nothing. It was the immaculate bribe only one party envolved, and when its the Conservative party no surpise the Justice System believes every story.
You may be shocked to read that I had to give Dear Leader credit.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that Ol' Duff was told by "Mr, Closet Peepee Pants" to claim what he claimed as a thanks for all his partisan help, and by bilking the taxpayer, it cost Peepee nothing. Remember, Peepee claimed that Pammy's expenses were in order and look at the purgaTory she's in now.
I'm thinking Peepee better start wearing his Maxi Depends from now.

Anonymous said...

I hope we don't end up with a congratulatory BBQ picnic. I would hope we are in for a long grilling/searing roast and in house mega full course carved up Karma Con - last Supper. That would be Just Desserts.

Anonymous said...

Ya Anon 10:38 I can't and can wait for the outcome of this "Trial" Harper certainly made the old Duff look like a jackass after all the help he gave Harper nut case and $5 millionaire. He probably paid the $90,000.00 not Nigel eh?


Hugh said...


Unknown said...

Not sure where all of your hatred comes from, but I think I would find you more credible if you provided evidence for ALL of your accusations. What I find interesting,is your description of "progressives" really describes Harper and his Cons. All you're doing is venting.

thwap said...

I'm sure there's a pile-on of responses to this troll's comment. All I'm going to say is that it was completely off-topic.

In response to a post about a genuine corruption trial, this person thought it relevant to say that left should propose alternatives and then proceeded into an unoriginal diatribe against socialism.

Anonymous said...

Um I think you got it wrong there bud Anon 9:54 AM we are centrists neither right or left leaning. You obviously are a right wing venomous caricature. And you must sneer at the left while ignoring the Centre?

Seems so,

Anonymous said...

Harper will be escaping into new closets to hide in for everyday during this 41 day trial. When he appears, it will be in completely controlled environments where nobody can ask him anything about the Duffy Affair. If there is a faint glimmer of light, his spin-meisters will be out in full force spewing misinformation. He will avoid parliament, especially during "question period".

For day one of the trial, he is as far from Ottawa as possible in his first of many closets.


Steve said...

German, Austria and Scandinava has been absolutely destroyed by Socialism.

Anonymous said...

It may have come from Nigel's account but Harpo would have compensated him using his porky er petty cash.

Anonymous said...

He'll never be far enough away from Ottawa for me which is why I took the liberty to sign him up for the Mars mission.

Simon said...

hi anon....Harper was, is, and always will be a bully. He's a clinical psychopath and cannot feel the pain of others. And yes, the case of the child soldier Omar Khadr is a an absolute disgrace...

Simon said...

hi thwap...I'm not sure what will come out of this case in a legal sense. But it looks like the judge is ensuring that the media will be able to cover it like a blanket, by among other things allowing reporters in to tweet out details as the case proceeds. So I can't see Harper getting off politically unscathed. Add that to his economic record, and I'm fairly confident that it will at least deny him a majority, and set him up to be toppled by a coalition...

Simon said...

hi anon 9:54...well that was quite a diatribe, and if you're a liberal I'm a conservative. What you appear to be is a rabid right-wing religious fanatic, filled with hatred, and deluded by your beliefs. And the very idea that we are the ones threatening individual liberties and freedoms, when the Harper Conservatives are in the process of passing Bill C-51 speaks to those delusions. If you didn't disgust me so much I would pity you, for you are a pitiful creature. And please don't call yourself a Christian either, because what you are is a grotesque fascist. You and your kind are the the enemies of humanity, and we will defeat you, and build a better, more equal, and saner world...

Simon said...

hi anon.10:21...I'm afraid I don't have enough money to buy lottery tickets, or bet on the result of this trial. However, I'm not as pessimistic as you are. Duffy is an old scoundrel, but compared to the people in the PMO he is practically a saint. So although he may well be convicted, the Cons will suffer in the court of public opinion, which for me is the only thing that counts....

Simon said...

hi Bill...it's hard to predict what might happen in this country, where so many have lost their moral compass, and we have a government that has made the Big Lie the new normal. But Harper already has a lot of negatives, and I am pretty sure this trial will only add to them. So get that BBQ ready because we'll be partying in the fall !!! ;)

Simon said...

hi Steve...judging by the media mob that turned out today, I think this trial is going to get more than enough coverage. The reason Wright was not charged was because the RCMP judged that he did not get any personal benefit from the deal, having forked out the $92,000 from his own pocket. I think that criteria is flawed because in a larger sense he did reap a personal reward for himself and his party he served so fanatically. Or would have done if the deal had not become public. Stay tuned because it will damage the Cons politically, I haven't the slightest doubt about that...

Simon said...

hi JD...I think Harper is trembling in his boots, because the machinations surrounding the deal will reflect badly on him. And should Wallin be charged, for the reasons you mention, the damage could be even greater, because he will almost certainly be called to testify and asked to explain why he approved her expenses and found them to be reasonable. The Chinese water torture as Wright called it, is only beginning...

Simon said...

hi anon 2:25...yes I think you're right, he will try to stay above it while he sprays the country with money he doesn't have. And I see he has said that he will not comment further on the trial. But all I can say is good luck with that one. The questions will be asked and if he refuses to answer them, he will only damn himself...

e.a.f. said...

Stevie was about as far away from the trial as possible and still be in Canada. They bused in students while he announced the feds would be giving grants to students who had educational programs which were of shorter duration. In the past they didn't qualify. In good old North Vancouver, where homes cost a million and up. Stevie didn't venture out into the burbs where people are scrambling to pay their rents and food but in an up scale neighbourhood.
Yes Stevie is getting desperate if he is throwing money at students. It was entertaining to see the bused in students. they were some bored.

Duffy chose trial by judge, which to me means he may well be acquitted because the "game rules" were wide enough to drive a truck through. Duffy will most likely be acquitted and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it When/if Duffy is acquitted, we can expect Duffy will have a lot to say and the opposition will have a lot of material to work with, given what harper has had to say about Duffy.

In my opinion Duffy is pissed about being taken to trial because I suspect he was told he could do what he did, that no one checked the expenses. The Cons needed Duffy out there fund raising and he did. He worked hard for the Cons and this is how they reward him. He will get even. I bet the book has been written and he'll pay his legal fees from the advance.

The senators got away with a lot of things, then one got caught and it all came tumbling down. They wanted Duffy to take one for the team. He didn't He thought he was the star but in politics its the party which is the star. He forgot he as just another tool they were using to fund raise and stay in power.

David said...

Jennifer Ditchburn said this evening on CBC's The National that the judge has been quite accomodating to members of the media eg. letting them tweet non-stop if they wish.


That's a good sign.

David said...

Hey Anonymous: By any chance did you mean to identify as a classic/classical neo-liberal or neo-conservative?

Hugh Segal on the State of the Senate and Canadian Conservatism
Wednesday, December 18, 2013


09:58 mark

Hugh Segal:"Traditional Conservatism is about society, about how people in
society connect with each other, what are the underlying values, what are
the relationship between the law, human rights, economic freedom, social
responsibility. It's a very integrated view of society. It's a very Tory
view of society."

"Neo-conservatism, I think is really the aggrandizement of selfishness.
It's about me, only me, and after that, me. It's about investing only in
things that produce a huge profit for yourself, and it's not about society
as a whole, and it tends to be very insensitive to those people who, for
one reason or another, have fallen beneath the poverty line, and its
engaged in presumptions that those people are all poor because they are
lazy. Neoconservatives believe that fundamentally. The truth of the matter
is that the vast majority of Canadians beneath the poverty line in this
country actually work. Some of them hold down two jobs, and don't actually
get sufficient income in order to meet their basic obligations. So it's a
very different view, and I am a traditional Conservative, and I don't
apologize for that."

David said...

My question.... why isn't Marjory LeBreton also on trial?

David said...

Anonymous wrote:

What is the goal of the "progressives?" In the words of author Dinesh D'Souza, "...the left wants ... to be a shining beacon of global depravity, a kind of Gomorrah on a Hill."


David said...


The students, some mysteriously wearing white hardhats, offered perfunctory applause but their expressions, like Harper's, ranged from bored to apathetic. This must have been a letdown for them after all the fuss and wired suits.

Most of the students, after all, will be off to Capilano University or Simon Fraser University or the University of British Columbia after they graduate; grants to pay largely for programs at private career colleges will not much reduce their impending post-secondary debt loads.

David said...



The youth, who were photographed with the prime minister wearing hard hats, were allegedly not students from Seycove Secondary, but had arrived on a bus for the event from Sprott Shaw College.

Parents and citizens protested Harper's visit, saying that students were being used as 'props' for political purposes.

“They don’t wear hard hats at this school. He wasn’t here to hear from students on their concerns," said Bruce McLeod, a North Vancouver resident and father.

"This was a partisan political use of the school facilities and particularly troubling give the use of students as props in a photo opportunity.”

McLeod said the event was pulling attention away from other crucial issues such as the robocall scandal, Bill C-51, and Canada's military role in Syria.

“Marching the kids in for the cameras – it’s all a bit much,” said Carol Baird-Ellan, a North Shore resident and local candidate for the New Democratic Party.

While visiting the North Vancouver school, Harper also criticized Liberal leader Justin Trudeau's father, saying the Pierre Trudeau government kicked off the "phenomenon" of big deficits in Canada.

More updates coming.

Hugh said...


Conservatives have had massive federal deficits every year since 2008.