Monday, April 20, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Great War on Russia

As we all know Stephen Harper is no Great Warrior Leader, no matter what his faithful flunkies, and the voices in his head tell him.

And we'd be crazy to trust him with our safety, when he's the greatest threat we face.

But it seems tomorrow's long delayed budget, won't just be a crass attempt to buy votes, it will also be a Great War and Security Budget. 

Ottawa’s impending budget will introduce measures aimed at tackling the threats of Islamic State-style terrorism and Russian military aggression, which is increasing around the world, including in the Arctic.

One not just designed to protect us from the ISIS beheaders, who he would have us believe, have declared war on Canada. 

But also one to protect us from the Russians!!!

Because as Harper's hapless stooge Jason Kenney was claiming on the weekend, they ARE coming...

The Russians, said Mr. Kenney, have been making a show of their military strength all around the world, including in the North, where Canadian interests are at stake. “I was recently at NORAD headquarters in Colorado Springs and the commanders there told me they have not seen the current level of Russian air-force activity over the Arctic for a couple of decades at least,” said Mr. Kenney. 

“This is already the tempo of Russia, and I think the only kind of message that someone like Vladimir Putin understands is one of resolve, strength and deterrence – not weakness.”

As if we should be surprised that the Russians are buzzing around like angry hornets, after Canada sent 200 soldiers to intervene in a civil war on its border.

And the Harperites are always taunting Russia's equally paranoid leader with " diplomatic" messages like this one...

Or for that matter be surprised that the Russians are asserting their presence in the Arctic after Great True North Leader claimed that the North Pole belonged to Canada...

Even though everyone knows it belongs to Denmark.

Just like everyone also knows that thanks to the cuts Harper has made to the military, we're in no position to assert our sovereignty, let alone take on the Russians, if we can spot them.

And all he is doing is blowing hot air out of every orifice for crass political purposes.

Claiming to be making our lives safer, while actually making them more dangerous...

Claiming to be standing up for freedom, while preparing to give more money to the security agencies to enforce Bill C-51, so he can turn us into a police state.

But then for men like Harper and Kenney, the Great War on Russia isn't just a political objective, it's personal, in the most disturbing way possible.

Because not only are they both fossilized Cold War warriors, right out of another era. 

Their extreme Christianist views lead them to see the Russians as the forces of the Anti-Christ, in the final Battle of Armageddon...

Because it is all insanity. And as Michael Harris writes, Stephen Harper does love the smell of napalm in the morning. 

It is beginning to look like Field Marshall Harper has slipped a gear. Going after the Ukrainian vote in Canada is one thing. But sending troops, even as trainers, into Ukraine’s “fratricidal” civil war and confronting Russia is quite another. If this thing goes sideways, he may wish he had sent diplomats instead of military advisors.

He has always been a feverish warmonger or an absurd chicken hawk.

This is an old story. From his opposition days, this leader has exhibited a fatal instinct to take it to the parking lot.

War really does excite him.

Or fluff up his feathers.... 

Even if his record couldn't be more disastrous, or as in the case of Libya his victories more hollow. 

Back in Canada, the Harper government commemorated the great “victory” by having a million dollar fly-over of Parliament by fighter jets. Peter MacKay’s chest swelled up like a party balloon. In Libya, meanwhile, the country deteriorated into a tribal war which now featured militant Islamist groups in the eastern portion of the country. Libya has since become a failed state featuring repression, lawlessness, and death squads.

Not only is he promoting war at home he's promoting it abroad.

Apart from his military adventures, the Prime Minister is building on Canada’s new reputation as an arms merchant. On the heels of selling $15 billion in throng-controlling weapons to Saudi Arabia, Harper announced the sale of 3,000 tonnes of uranium concentrate to India, which is already a rogue nuclear power.

At a time in world history when climate change is the greatest threat humanity faces, that shabby warmonger couldn't be more crazy or more dangerous.

With four wars of his own under his belt (and let’s not give up on Iran), it is decisions like sending troops to Ukraine and selling uranium concentrate to a country whose mortal enemy just happens to be Muslim that makes the Field Marshall the statesman that he is. 

Onward Christian soldiers.

And yes, needless to say, we will use all of this against him in the next election.

Portray him as an absolute maniac.

And declare that we will not be truly safe, or sane.

Until the day he is defeated...

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  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    The more and more I see Steve Joe Harper is insane that is it cripes we are being led like bull with a nose ring by someone with insanity like his grand pappy.


    1. hi Mogs...he has always been mentally unstable, Strangelove Flanagan has described his scary moods in his book about his days with Great Leader. And with all the pressure on him now, if he hasn't already gone over the edge, it won't be long before he does...

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    The way Harper's been mouthing off to Putin for the last year, it's no surprise that they're encroaching in the north. I wish Putin would have slapped him when he supposedly told him he shouldn't be in Ukraine. A punch would have been better but sacks of shit would break from a punch.
    Harper is a tyrannical coward who in the face of danger would run to the nearest closet and let others die just to save his own sorry ass. If you start a fight, you best finish it you coward.

    1. hi JD...yes it has been pathetic. I have no objections to anyone standing up to Putin, but I find the way he does is both phony and designed only to curry favour with the Ukrainian Canadian community. He's a poseur, and inflating an already dangerous crisis for crass political purposes is simply unforgivable...

  3. I'm just guessing that all those mass protests all over the country re C-51 went unnoticed by our little war-mongering bastard doubt an inconvenience when considering his master(batory) plan of 'action'..
    He is certifiable, I'm sure, but then, what does that say about those who not only voted for him but, in the face of all the evidence, still continue to support him?

    1. hi mizdarlin...please don't bring up the subject of the people who still support him, it's bad for my blood pressure. ;) I used to be charitable but not any longer. If I can I'm going to start wearing that button that's going around: "If you voted for Harper you owe me an apology." Because honestly by now there are no more excuses than could justify that support. They're either as dumb as spoons, or they are as corrupted or crazy as he is...

  4. Anonymous9:03 PM

    There's none so blind as those who will not see and that's why there are those who keep on supporting him!

    1. hi anon...yes unfortunately some people are so partisan they blind themselves to the truth. But when the story of this dark time is recorded, they will be branded as collaborators. And they can live with that tag for the rest of their lives...

  5. If it wasn't for the fact that 1.2 million Canadians identify as Ukrainian, does anyone seriously think Harper would be sending troops to train the Ukrainian military? The 2006 census showed 1.2 million Canadians identify as First Nations, but because most First Nations don't vote, a national enquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women isn't on Harper's radar.

    All First Nations groups across the country should create a special website, with the single purpose being to encourage and assist First Nations to register to vote in the 2015 election. eg. ABC "Anyone But Conservative"

    1. hi David...I have no doubt that if the Ukrainian Canadian community wasn't that large Stephen Harper wouldn't be making such an ass out of himself, or being such a blowhard. I should say that I understand how many in that community feel. But surely they must also realize that harper is a phony, and that what he's doing isn't going to help the situation. The fact is the Ukrainian government has alienated Russian-speaking people in that country with their clumsy and sometimes fascist actions, and the only way this dispute is going to be settled now is by some kind of partition, And by negotiation not war...

  6. Anonymous8:16 AM

    The NATO members who bombed Libya and reduced it to chaos are the ones who should be helping those poor boat people and taking responsibility for their struggles. Bezan denied any responsibility on Power and Politics and did a dance about it and told us leaving a war torn place was a matter of personal decision making. I am ashamed of my country.

    1. hi anon...yes good point, they bombed the country and then abandoned it. It's an appalling tragedy and Stephen Harper who gave himself so much credit and a big victory parade should be made to shoulder his responsibility.. But knowing the man of course he won't....

  7. Where can I get the buttons?
    "If you voted for Harper you owe me an apology."