Sunday, April 12, 2015

The BC Oil Spill and the Harper Regime's War on the Truth

One of the reasons I hate living in Stephen Harper's corrupt, morally depraved Canada is that you can't trust anything his Cons say, because they lie all the time.

They spend billions trying to brainwash Canadians, they distract and confuse them.  They muzzle their critics, and force government departments to synchronize their messages with the ones from the PMO.

Until the truth becomes some sort of twilight zone, and a democratic nightmare. Because without truth there can be no freedom.

So when I read that two days after a grain ship spilled about 3,000 litres of bulk oil into Vancouver's English Bay, the Coast Guard now claims that only six litres remain to be recovered. 

I can't believe that either.

Not when I've seen English Bay with my own eyes, whizzed around it hundreds of times on my bike, and I know how big it is...

And how its waters lap up against other coast lines, and run into other waterways like False Creek on the left.

And not when it seems to me the Coast Guard is trying to put the most positive light on the situation, to make their Cons masters look good.

So they can call the recovery effort a "world class" success. Like James Moore was doing on Friday..

And Greg Rickford, the Con Minister of Oily Goodness was doing yesterday. 

In an interview on CBC Radio's The House, Rickford echoed fellow cabinet minister James Moore's comments and defended the federal government's response to the spill, saying the situation is "well in hand and well under control. " He also commended what he called the Canada's "world class" safety system.

While making equally ridiculous statements like this one:

Minister Rickford tried to separate the spill from the debate about new pipelines, saying "we are talking about two different issues."

When in fact the response was dangerously slow, if the leak had been bigger and the weather worse it could have been a real disaster.

If the Cons hadn't closed the nearby Kitsilano coast guard station the response would have been much faster. 

And if the Harper regime increases tanker traffic by building a pipeline, while cutting back Coast Guard resources, it will sooner or later lead to an absolute catastrophe...

So all Rickford is doing is parroting his PMO lines, in a desperate PR exercise designed to save Con seats.

After suffering a public-relations drubbing in the first 48 hours, the federal government has come firing back. It's hoping to contain political damage and save the seats of Conservative MPs. Two of the most vulnerable are the North Shore's Andrew Saxton and John Weston. 

However, a large enough backlash against the spill can also undermine Conservative hopes in Vancouver Quadra, Vancouver Granville, and Burnaby North—Seymour, to cite three other ridings that the party is targeting.

And since as we know he likes to taunt his opponents by sticking his tongue out in a disgusting manner.

He's just crawling out of his black and oily lagoon, to do the same thing to the entire population of British Columbia...

And for that matter sticking out his lizard tongue at ALL of us.

Because when you can't trust the Coast Guard to tell the truth as brutal as it may be. And Harper's army is always covering up for Jason Kenney's lies. And the RCMP seems to vibrate sympathetically to the messages from the PMO, on everything from the Great War on Terror to the Great War on Duffy. 

We've got a real problem, and we're well on our way to a police state, even before Bill C-51 completes the process.

It's a deeply disturbing situation, but we do know where this problem comes from. 

From the depraved mind of Stephen Harper who has been waging war on the truth, and sticking his tongue out at our democracy and our Canadian values from the moment he came to office...

And we do know that the truth will not be rescued, and that we will not be safe or free.

Until decency returns to this land.

And that filthy monster is defeated...

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Steve said...

Eperts say at best you get 30% of oil spilled cleaned up, so I call bullshit on everything said about this effort.

Anonymous said...

Ya Simon "Twilight Zone" is spot on. Since it took six hours before emergency response that bunker oil was already wide spread.

Now people out here in BC tell me it is a common practice to pump out the bilges so it was an internal fuel leak that would have been dangerous. It was a brand new tanker built in Japan. So they could have called help to pump the bilge into another vessel. But no they had to dump it right next to one of Canada's iconic parks Stanley Park. The way I see it it is another corporate crime. They did not want to pay for help so instead they dumped the bunker fuel [oil] into the sea, nice going chaps and you are going to get away with it.

Why you might ask? Because Harper removed protections for waterways lakes and Oceans. Way to go Harper you are dumber than you look you ignorant lump. Let this be on your conscious forever more your policies may have ruined Stanley Park. People tell me that if you go to Prince William Sound where the Exxon Valdez ran aground. If you turn over a rock you will find oil from that spill.

It has become disgusting rule of 1 % and corporate greed that is destroying our collective home called Earth. Now if I was invited into your home and I pissed in one corner and shit in another and left my garbage all over your home how long would I be welcome? Hey that is what the 1% and the corporations are doing to the rest of us.

Mogs Moglio

Anonymous said...

Confusion has been their friend from the beginning It dissipates anger because people don't quite know the truth so they are not sure their anger is justified. Some coast guard activities have been contracted out to a company called The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation reputed to be owned by Kinder Morgan and some others of their ilk. Cozy eh? They put the boom in place and were responsible for the time lost so some say.

rumleyfips said...

Piss off everybody in BC. Check.
Piss off everybody in PEI. Check.
Piss off everybody in Nova Scotia. Check.
Piss off everybody in N&L. Check.
Piss off everybody in NB. Check.
Piss off everybody in Quebec. Check.
Danger ! Danger ! reformatory cons at work.

e.a.f. said...

however many Canadians they piss of the voters will still return them to office. The only ones who may stay pissed off are those in Quebec because they wanted to form their own long gun registry and Stevie and his slimers denied them the opportunity to do so.

What the slimers have done is nothing new. It just getting more media play. This country has re-elected stevie and his Cons how many times now????

B.C. has elected the B.C. Lieberals how many times now???????????

In the end the Cons will tell the 1%ers only they can protect their portfolios and they will once again vote for them. A few crumbs here and there and the rest will fall into line. People in Canada tend to vote against some one, not for them. About the last time we had people voting for some one it was Trudeau, Sr. The son isn't his father and won't get the same response. Mulroney also had people who voted for him, as opposed to against the Liberals, but usually its just about getting rid of one party and sending them a message. The "natural ruling party" of Canada no longer exists. They don't have the material/brains.

If the Greens have enough money, they maybe able to pick up a few seats in maritime areas. People may vote for them as a vote against the Cons. They may have their best chance in the up scale neighbourhoods who do not want to see their property values tank and hate the NDP. Along those beaches which got oiled, one house recently sold for $51MILLION to a mainland Chinese investor. Homes in West Vancouver go for a min. of a couple of million. the west side of Vancouver, a lot these days will run you over $1.6 Million. No house, just the lot and its 44 X 120.

If you want to purchase a free standing home in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, North and West Vancouver you need a min. $1 Million. All of these areas are surrounded by beaches, water, etc. There are a few "SPECIALS" under that, but they are mainly bulldoze specials.

To win seats in greater Vancouver all the Cons would have to do is offer some sort of "affordable housing" to the middle class. The middle class can't afford to live in Vancouver, unless they already do. So the oil on the water in Vancouver is more than an environmental issue, its an investment issue. If the mainland Chinese, start to see their investments in greater Vancouver go down the toilet they may have a chat with stevie and have him "step up" the response or replace him. Approx. 25% of all housing stock in Vancouver sits empty, held by off shore investors. We aren't talking environmental issues here, it all about the value of the land and nothing devalues land like an oil slick on it.