Thursday, April 09, 2015

How to Convince Cons That Bill C-51 is Dangerous

When Stephen Harper introduced Bill C-51, the anti-terrorist bill that every sane person in Canada believes will turn us into a police state, I was sure that even some Cons would join the protests against it.

The libertarians, the ones who believe that even meat inspectors are too much regulation. Or the legions of the paranoid, who believe that Big Government wants to steal their guns and introduce Sharia Law, and that we'll all end up in one of Obama's Death Camps.

Because as you may know, they all share one thing in common: an enlarged fear gland. 

The conservative party is big on national defense and magnifies our perception of threat, whether of foreign aggressors, immigrants, terrorists, or invading ideologies like Communism. To a conservative, the world really is a frightening place.

As Great Closet Leader recently demonstrated...

But sadly, although polls show that support for the bill is plummeting, they also show that most Cons still support it.

Either because they're too loyal to their depraved leader, or too dumb to understand its dangers...

And it's no good trying to stimulate their fear glands, and evoke their worst nightmares...

Because even the gun lobby is too scared to oppose it.

Or was bought off by the promise to allow children to buy automatic weapons...

And when I tried all of the above out on the grumpy old Con on my street, the one who is always mumbling something about the Mooslim menace while I hum loudly, it didn't work either. 

Because he STILL thinks the Harperites are going to win.

So I'm glad to see that someone is trying to reach out to those Cons in language they might understand...

Because although I'm not sure they understand what The Google means, this line just might work:

Some day, a political party you DON'T like will wield these extraordinary powers !

Especially if you write it in big letters, or repeat it slowly over and over again. Because that fear gland takes up a LOT of space in their brains, so they're not too smart eh?

And they really need to understand what a vote for Harper might mean for them in a Canada under new management...

But seriously, it is important to try to reach all our fellow citizens, even Cons who watch Sun TV News CSI Miami all the time.

So maybe this video will do the trick...

And yes, seriously, someone SHOULD do something. 

So let's keep trying to warn Canadians about the dangers of the bill. Because polls show the more people know about it, the more they hate it. 

And please don't give up on the Cons. 

Tell them it's really quite simple. If they don't want to end up in jail, or a secret CSIS detention/torture centre, or a concentration camp. 

They need to help us kill the bill.

And get rid of their Great Leader before he makes slaves out of us ALL...

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    Public Record - Panel 5- The Great Unravelling , The Broadbent Institute's second annual Progress Summit Frédéric Mérand, University of Montreal, Michael Harris, Author of “The Power Of One: Stephen Harper and Canada's Radical Makeover”, Kelly Carmichael, Fair Vote Canada and Mark Bourrie, author of “Kill The Messengers – Stephen Harper’s Assault on your Right to Know”, discuss why it matters how Canada has become less democratic. ( March 28, 2015 )

  2. Ask the Conservatives who are drunk on the kool aid if they are going to be okay with Justin Trudeau weilding the same power over them?

    1. hi Steve...yes I think that's a good question. Also ask them how they would like to end up in the same jail as progressives do. Because I guarantee you that we will be so pissed off at them that they won't enjoy our company...;)

  3. You touch upon the thing that always occurs to me when I think about the stupid support of Cons for their terrible leader - someday a different party will be in power (short of a coup etc.) and everything that Harper has done and all the precedents that he has set will then be at the behest of a non-conservative leader. It amazes me that Con MPs are so short-sighted that they are not thinking about what will happen after a different party comes to power. All their prorogation, their cutting short of debate, their omnibus bills, their huge and inappropriate use of advertising and communications people, their iron-hand control of backbenchers, their continual refusal to give information to parliament. Now that the HarperCons have set these precedents another party will be free to use these same techniques. You would think that this fact alone would have made MPs more concerned about such tactics. I guess it just demonstrates how easy it is to use elected officials to thwart democracy.

    1. hi Kirby...I don't know how to properly explain it either. Except to say that Cons seem exceptionally shortsighted. They can't see the climate change threat, they haven't prepared our economy for the inevitably greener future, they seem to live in the moment and can only see as far as the next election. We need more visionaries in government, people who can come up with creative way to meet the enormous challenges facing us. It's a depressing situation, but at least it is yet another reason why we absolutely must fire them...

  4. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Harper's been using Bill-C-51 tactics to rein in his own MPs since he took office. Anyone who's stepped or spoke out of line have incurred his wrath unless in the case of Larry Miller he said nothing. Why? Because he agrees with him and he loves the hatred it has stirred up within his depraved base. Yep, Hitler would be proud.

    1. hi anon...Harper is indeed a bully and a control freak. And try as I might I can't think of any other explanation for what he is doing. Especially since, although I was joking about it in this post, there are some in his party who don't support it. So he's only hurting himself. But as I pointed out in my post it does give us another issue to hammer him with in the next election....

  5. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Perhaps these Cons supporters are not short sighted and unable to see that one day they could be on the receiving end if their party loses power.

    It could be because they are wagering that non Cons are too nice and would not do the nasty things the Cons have done.

    And, unfortunately, we do face a dilemma, I think.

    Do we act like them and become them? Or do we act as adults while they get away with all the dirty tricks and ruthless scams they can think of?

    See the predicament?

    Which is why, I suspect, they are terrified of those nasty Mooslims like ISIS. They know the latter would not hesitate to act ruthlessly towards them. Makes sense?

    1. Non-Cons may not use all of the same anti-democratic tactics as the HarperCons have done. However, now that the precedents have been set they will use some of these tactics. But the Cons should be very afraid because what these years have done has been to allow the opposition parties to study these tactics in ways that will allow them to refine them and use them more effectively and without so much potential fall out. To use a real world analogy, military innovators are very often the ones who end up suffering most from the innovations that they have created. (Napoleon at Waterloo is a good example) In particular the hiring of literally thousands of communications people will surely come back to haunt the Cons for years to come. Having been the first to realize that they can get away with such nonsense, the Cons have only just begun to refine the effects of this strategy. Make no mistake, if Trudeau or Mulcair are elected in October, they will fire all the Conservative hires and double down on hiring their own people. I have no doubt that the next government will spend years hounding every Con MP in every way possible, taking slow and painful revenge until some of them are in prison and some of them are literally compelled to leave the country. Harper has send this country into 'third-world' territory and we will soon see the real poison that his efforts have unleashed.

    2. hi is important to remain better than them, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't give the Cons a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately that is the only thing bullies understand and fear. What I of hope to see is an exhaustive inquiry into the hidden activities of the Con regime, for I haven't the slightest doubt that it would many of them to prison, where of course they all belong...

    3. hi Kirby....I think the Cons have underestimated how angry they have made many Canadians, and although most of us will settle for justice, I think many will want revenge. So the progressive parties will have to be tough on them. In the pursuit of a kinder, gentler world we must not be afraid to be ruthless.
      I'm a bit of a U.S. Civil War buff, and my favourite character after Abraham Lincoln was general Sherman, so you know where I'm coming from...;)

  6. e.a.f.1:47 PM

    You see those Cons believe they will be in power forever. their god will not permit another political party to replace them.

    harper and 60 of his cons are members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. They believe the bible is "inerrant" and the second coming is "imminent'. With minds like that, they don't see an end to their days in power, before the "end of days".

    Just to be sure the cons are in office forever, they can always "cheat". They did it once, they can do it twice,three times, you get the picture. They just have to be better at it next time.

    1. Well, there's lots of Christians who think the Bible is inerrant, but aren't the type of Christian who act like Harper!

      See the discussion at:

      Michael Harris: A message for Harper in a season of mercy


      Jesus was a lefty

      Tough on crime is tough on people
      March 11, 2015

      Bill C-10


    2. Hitler Reacts to Duffy's Revelations

    3. Hitler finds out that Stephen Harper is upstaging him

      Hitler as Stephen Harper

      (If you speak German, turn the sound off.)

    4. hi David...thanks for those links. I'm a bit disappointed that we don't seem to be making as many videos today as we did back then. But when i get a moment I will try to contribute a few of my one. Right now I'm working on one warning about the Con plan to conscript young Canadians. If I can get that one out there, I'm quite sure we can boost the youth vote all over the country... ;)