Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Insanity of the Con Regime

As Stephen Harper continues his desperate struggle to snatch another bloody majority there can be no doubt that the stress is getting to him.

And one can't help get the feeling that the voices in his head are now screaming at each other.

For one moment he is a Great Warrior Leader, and the next moment he's Great Gentle Leader. The Mother of the Nation and the Great Protector of Children.

And now it seems the leading voice in his head is telling him: why not be BOTH?

At the same time. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper promoted his government's anti-crime agenda Friday night while speaking to a non-profit group that fights sexual exploitation and other crimes against children. But Harper also focused on international terrorism in his 20-minute speech. He spent almost one-third of his time on the subject.

And you really do have to wonder about the mental stability of a leader who would conflate the two, and change gears so suddenly.

"I think it would be impossible for a prime minister today to speak about protecting children — protecting Canadians — without also addressing the threat of terrorism."

"I think most Canadians now understand these acts cannot be dismissed just as random deeds by a few disturbed individuals. We cannot, ladies and gentlemen, avoid the stark reality of jihadist terrorism. It will not go away if we close our eyes."

And is clearly trying to kick up the Fear Factor again, so he can scare Canadians into voting for him...

Because it has been fading, and he must surely know that when it goes, so will he.

And it doesn't get crazier than that, even in a complacent country like this one, that soaks up insanity like a sponge, and accepts it as the new normal. 

And what makes it even worse is that he is NOT the Great Protector of Children.

Not when he's happy to be offloading debt on the backs of his granddaughter's  generation...

Graphic/Press Progress

Not when he's done nothing to fight child poverty in Canada. Nothing to stop bullying in our schools.

And most inexcusably not when he has done nothing to fight climate change that is threatening to torch their future.

For there wasn't a single mention of climate change in his 638-page budget. Think about that.

And on Earth Day while Obama spoke of the growing threat, and how it's affecting children, his silence was deafening. 

President Obama's speech noted that we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. The fact that 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded, that droughts, storms, and wildfires are increasing all over the planet in both frequency and intensity, and how climate change is already adversely affecting the air our children breathe, forcing kids to grapple with mounting health impacts.

On the same day in Canada Prime Minister Harper was silent. There was no Earth Day speech. No urgent call to action. No outlining of the threats we face or the way in which we were going to work together to meet them. There wasn't even an Earth Day tweet -- just silence.

Think about THAT. And then ask yourself is that crazy or what?

And how much madness must we accept before people in this country call a maniac a MANIAC?

Or wonder where he might take us now that he's planning to turn us into a police state?

Oh well, at least there is some good news on the climate change front. 

The Con buffoon and shameless climate change denier Leona Agglukaq is no longer heading the Arctic Council. 

The United States assumed leadership of the Arctic Council on Friday and made it clear that the attention of the eight countries that ring the North Pole will shift from economic development to climate change.

The United States assumed leadership of the Arctic Council on Friday and made it clear that the attention of the eight countries that ring the North Pole will shift from economic development to climate change.

She's finally getting the boot after making a complete ass out of herself, and shaming us in the eyes of the world...

But not before needlessly provoking the Russians. Again.

Aglukkaq said that she had brought up Canada's displeasure with recent Russian activities with Russian Environment Minister Sergei Donskoi. "I did have a brief discussion to express our concerns, to state again that we condemn the actions in Ukraine," she said.

Because there are votes to be won doing that, and her depraved leader will do ANYTHING to win the next election.

And the good news? Stephen Harper wouldn't be spinning like a weather vane, jumping from one campaign theme to the other if he wasn't desperate.

And the stress caused by his frantic campaign schedule, the state of the economy, and the political situation in Alberta is getting to him.

So give him another month and goodness knows what he might look like...


But one thing is for sure. He is a monster. He has been around for too long.

He is leading our country and our planet to disaster.

And we can't get rid of him soon enough...

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Anonymous said...

Harper will be anyone you want to be to get your vote and then just like magic, alakazam! The slithering slimeball reverts to his Canada destroying agenda. The absurdity of him being "the great protector" who would leave you to take a bullet while he cowers in a closet should be enough to make most people laugh(except his brain-dead base of course).
Thank God Leona is no longer heading the arctic council. Maybe now the seriousness of climate change will be front and centre and let's hope those who take over the spot will call her and Harper out on their climate change denying idiocy.

Jean Chicoine said...

Yes, indeed, the man and his minions are completely insane.

David said...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes isn't it a disaster zone? A ghastly combination of hideous ideology and criminal incompetence. But yes, thank goodness Leona Aglukkaq is off the Arctic Council. Because having a climate change denier from the melting Arctic as its chairman couldn't be more of a ghastly farce. And left to her own devices she might have caused the Third World War. They are dumb but the are dangerous....

Simon said...

hi Jean...thank you, I sometimes feel that I'm living in the story of the Emperor with no clothes, where nobody can bring themselves to call a spade a spade, or a maniac a maniac...