Monday, September 23, 2019

The Fake Aladdin Scandal: The Con Media Bites The Dust

For a few days you couldn't read a newspaper, or watch a TV news program without seeing this picture of Justin Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin.

As one member of the Con media after the other tried to smear Trudeau as a racist. And some like the Con hack David Akin even suggested he should resign.

But now the first serious polls are in and we are starting to get an idea of what ordinary Canadians thought of this biased onslaught. 

And the Cons, and their stooge media must be really disappointed.

For it seems that most Canadians reacted with a great big meh. 

In a new survey conducted by Abacus Data, which looked at reaction to Trudeau’s terrible week and surveyed impressions on the election as a whole, it’s clear that the scandal may not, for now, have had as big an impact as the Conservatives might have hoped.

“The photos and video released late last week was a shock that changed the focus and conversation of the election campaign,” David Coletto of Abacus said in a release accompanying the poll. “But so far, evidence that they have fundamentally changed people’s impressions or intended voting behaviour is quite limited.

The ones who were most offended by Trudeau's "racism" turned out to be members of the Bigot Party.

Almost one-quarter — two-thirds of whom were Conservative voters — said they were “truly offended” and that it damaged their view of the PM.

Which would be hilarious...

If it wasn't so disgusting.

And as for the race itself, it's still about the same as it was before the "scandal" erupted. 

Still a tight race between the Cons and the Liberals, with the NDP and the Greens still going nowhere.

And the only real losers being the Con media itself, who having realized they were pimping yet another fake scandal, seem to be backing away in a hurry.

But it won't save them. Their credibility is shot.

And as soon as we've destroyed the Cons, we're going to put as many of those foul stooges in the place where they belong... 

They distorted reality, they tried to rig the election, they threatened our democracy.

And for that, and so many other crimes against journalism, they can't be punished enough...


Jackie Blue said...

"In the Prairies, the Liberals are being hammered." Who gives a holy Shiite what the terrorist petro-theocracy of Al'Berta thinks. Jason bin Kudatah and his yellow-vested jihadists can go pound sand. Probably more offended that he looked like a galldurn moose lamb Ay-rab than the "racism" angle around all this. MAGA! Make Aladdin a Genie Again!

I hope this means Frank's findings as reported in Reuters are, in his words, "more ephemeral than real." And that the Cons' purported lead in Ontario vanishes like a puff of magic dust.

Hey media, can we talk about policies now?

rumleyfips said...

Did you mean to say ' go pound tar sand'? Little Jason would find out just how ethical it is then , wouldn't he ?

Anonymous said...

NANOS has the libs ahead this AM. The numbers in Alberta/Saskatchewan are important insofar as they inflate Conservative support nationally. It doesn't net them any additional seats. It looks like "blackface" has been blackballed.

Jackie Blue said...

Good. I just saw on Reddit some troubling statistics but the first comment said that this is due to "laggard polls." Nanos is in the field all the time, and if what you're saying is true, he should be picking up a trend that the others follow soon. Fingers crossed. 🤞

Jackie Blue said...

Read this Reddit thread and the linked article from Free the Press Canada

Jesusfuckingchrist did he walk into a buzzsaw. Elections Canada and CSIS need to get involved.