Monday, September 23, 2019

This Is Why They Call the Cons the Bigot Party

Justina McCaffrey is the Con candidate in Kanata, a large suburb of Ottawa.

And if you think she looks familiar, you're not wrong.

For she recently got into trouble for being a really good friend of the white nationalist bigot Faith Goldy.

But sadly when she was out campaigning with Andrew Scheer, and was asked about that by reporters. 

She turned tail and ran for cover.

So the next time any reporters are lucky unlucky enough to bump into her they should also ask her about this.

Liberal candidate for Kanata-Carleton Karen McCrimmon says “politics should be civil” after a threatening lawn sign was found in the riding saying Liberals will be shot.

In the photo, the apparently handwritten sign, which reads: “We shoot every 3rd Liberal 2nd one just left,” can be seen next to a sign for Conservative candidate Justina McCaffrey.

Now I'm not suggesting that McCaffrey had anything to do with that violent sign, but when you belong to the Bigot Party nobody should be surprised at the human scum they might attract.

And Liberal signs are being vandalized all over the country.

By those who call Justin Trudeau a racist.

But then as I said on Twitter...

That is who the Cons are.

And let there be no doubt whatsoever.

Anyone who votes for them will be voting for fascists...


Jackie Blue said...

I'm old enough to remember when everyone piled on Michael Wernick as a partisan trying to deflect from "Liberal corruption." He's proving to be prescient. God help Canada if they have their own Jo Cox/Gabby Giffords moment or another JFK. What the fuck happened to this country? Americans thought you were the sensible neighbors upstairs? If this is our sickness seeping upwards I greatly apologize. The country once known for people bumping into furniture and saying soorey is now the country where the incumbent PM, a man who is by all accounts a decent and compassionate humanitarian who has dedicated his life and career to advancing the cause of progress, but is a flawed human being with occasional lapses in judgment, is being smeared (including by international media outlets) as an irredeemable racist over a stupid habit he developed as a young man but has since abandoned and profusely apologized for. An apology that many of those he offended have accepted, and for which they have forgiven him, because they know this does not define the totality of the man (and his main adversary is far worse). But an apology that is nevertheless unsatisfactory to those who hate him anyway for no good reason at all.

A country where center-left and left-of-center political candidates, particularly those of the incumbent PM's own party and particularly those who happen to be female and/or people of color, are facing threats to their person and harassment of their families. Including calls for them to be run over with trucks or shot. A country whose mainstream press grants op-ed space to a career Internet troll and right-wing psychopath who logs on his computer to call a woman of color a porch slave, talking out of both sides of his... orifices slagging the PM as a bigot. A country where an otherwise fringe political candidate -- a creepy, middle-aged man -- cyberstalks a teenage environmentalist and mocks her for her disability. A country where, as humanity stands on the precipice of the tipping point of the next great extinction, an entire provincial government -- underwritten by fossil fuel magnates -- has declared environmentalists "foreign-funded extremists" and opened up a "war room" to root them out. A country that can't be bothered to properly cover the severity of the next great extinction in its newsrooms, because the pundit class is preoccupied with salacious details and "hot takes" about the incumbent PM's latest faux pas. A country where the incumbent PM's main adversary once compared marriage equality to the anatomy of dogs and cut his teeth working for a fire-and-brimstone preacher turned political hack who thought gay people should be imprisoned. A country where that same candidate first attained local office by insinuating that his opponent, another good and decent public servant, was sympathetic to child pornographers. A country where that same candidate once giddily told a white-supremacist media personality at a fundraiser for the gun lobby that he "can't wait to go shoot something." A country where that same candidate said in an interview that he has been "fascinated" since his childhood by the assassination of a former Soviet-bloc dictator. A country where that same candidate "entertains" his young daughter on a fishing trip by squeezing a fish so hard that blood drips out of its dislocated eyeball. A country where 40% of the electorate in the most populous province sold out the dignity of disabled children to elect as premier a dope-dealing buffoon hawking 99-cent beer. "Meanwhile in Canada..." uh, "we are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by"?

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world... šŸ¤¦‍♀️

rumleyfips said...

Just for grins and giggles I googled Othelo . Turns out that at Stratford, Ont the last white guy to play Othello in makeup was 1989. Other productions carried the theatrical tradition into the 1990's with rumours of early 2000's performances. Names such as Olivier and Hopkins are part of the drama.

Shakespeare was pretty sneaky and used stereotypes , Shylock, Othello, to make his point. He was making a statement about us, not him and not them.

Jackie Blue said...

What about the Shakespeare play about the mad emperor with the spray tan? Was that one Orange Julius Caesar or Richard III -- I mean Dick the Turd?

Anonymous said...

Oh look, the Cons are trying to be "funny" again with a threat to shoot Liberals. Sad. I do love watching Justina run for her car though. Pretty darn quick when you consider the baggage she's carrying.
Here's a non-violent sign for Liberals to put up beside their Liberal signs.
We offer free knucklecures to remove the callouses from dragging your knuckles.
Free jaw tightening muzzles(with drool guard) to rid yourselves of the slack jawed yokel/Neanderthal look.
Free dietary consultation to add more fruits and veggies to your steady diet of red meat and bullshit Andrew's been feeding you.
Free lobotomy's to shrink your engorged amygdala gland.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....To understand where Canada is at these days I think you have to understand that there are at least two Canadas. On the one hand there is the Canada of grumpy old Con white men who spend their days blasting away at a world they no longer understand or dominate. And there is the new Canada made up of many women and most young people . They are not as noisy as the old grumps but they are the future, and I'm confident that future will belong to us..l

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...I was an actor at my high school and at McGill so I see this whole fake scandal through theatrical eyes and find it completely absurd. I never liked putting on makeup because taking it off was such a pain, but I realized it was necessary to add to the dramatic effect so what exactly is the problem?

Simon said...

Hi JD....I like your plan for turning Cons into humans although it will be a challenge. First of all they will have to be taught how to walk on two feet instead of four. And of course removing their amygdalas might make them fearless and even more dangerous. But at least what we can all agree that they are the scum of the earth...