Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bianca Andreescu And The Unspeakable Depravity Of The Cons

As you may know Bianca Andreescu is Canada's newest and brightest professional tennis star.

The first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title.

So the other day about 10,000 people in Mississauga held a "She The North" rally to celebrate their hometown hero

Justin Trudeau also turned up to join in the celebrations.

And all was beautiful and Canadian until the Cons turned up, exposed their anal glands and started spewing their filth in every direction.

First came Linda Frum, the ugly Con Senator Stephen Harper left behind like a turd in a toilet bowl.

She was soon followed by Kathryn Marshall the wife of Hamish Marshall, who bombards us with his excrement every day of the year.

Then came the toxic Trudeau hater and big time loser Warren Kinsella.

Followed closely behind by the greasy hate monger Ezra Levant, squeezing fecal pellets out of every orifice.

As only he can...

Who was followed by a mongrel pack of Cons gobbling up those pellets, and smearing them all over the internet.

With none of them stopping to think or care what Bianca might think of those who were trying to spoil her special day.

And the good news?

They failed, she clearly had a great time, and was honoured by the presence of her country's prime minister.

There will be many more celebrations in her future for that remarkable teenager.

And in the meantime the rest of us will work hard, so we can celebrate the day the filthy Cons are sent to the toilet of history, where they so rightfully belong...


Anonymous said...

ROFL! Con incels raging as they're "had by the chad!" Let's hope one them doesn't start driving down the sidewalk at lunch hour again.

Jackie Blue said...

These people are sick. Now the troll mob is fat-shaming Rosie Barton and Katie Simpson with some stupid meme about poutine. Someone even called Rosie "Monica Lewinsky" implying that she was giving favorable coverage to Trudeau in exchange for sexual gratification. This entire party is depraved and not only needs to lose in October but be fumigated and its "management" driven into permanent exile. Postmedia and the G&M need to be shuttered and Levant belongs in jail.

Not a big Mulroney fan, but he was on CTV last night giving a backhanded condemnation of his former party on issues like climate change and, just, in general, caring about people. I hope that if the Cons do lose in October, a contingent of respectable PCs mounts a "leadership review" of Scheer that turns into a coup against the Deform Party trash. Seriously, how low and perverse can you get?

rumleyfips said...

Bianca won a grand slam. Reformatories are a grand slum.

Jackie Blue said...

They got him good this time, Simon. It's all over the news, all over social media. The "Arabian Nights" party. This breaks my heart.

God damn those dirty Cons. And who the fuck provided the photo to American Time Magazine????????

Unknown said...

They won’t post this but what difference does it make who gave it to Time he still did it

Jackie Blue said...

And he owned up to it, with no excuses, and said he was genuinely sorry and would do the hard work to seek forgiveness. He showed contrition and took responsibility and expressed regret. He's a teacher, and this is a teaching moment for Canada. Sometimes, when you least expect it, you end up being the subject of the lesson that an entire country has to learn. He's a crucible for something that Canada needs to confront and I respect that. I respect that he has the chops to learn and listen and lead on this front.

What he did tonight showed character and integrity. It's a lot more than any Con would ever do. I mean seriously, the Rebel Media party never owns up to their bigotry. Trudeau acknowledged he made a bad mistake and has worked hard in these past 20 years to do better. His record policy-wise speaks for itself. Didn't Andy say an apology should be enough? Trudeau showed him how to do the right thing when you've done wrong. Where's Scheer's apology for comparing gay people to dogs?

rumleyfips said...

Sheerly-not has already said that an apology is good enough for him and nothing more need be done. Has he painted himself into a corner here. Can he treat Trudeau differently than he treats his own candidates ?

Anonymous said...

"Where's Scheer's apology for comparing gay people to dogs?"

Exactly, Jackie. He wont apologize for it as it is how he still feels about it. That in itself makes him unfit to ever be PM. JT screwed up and apologized for it as opposed to the Cons running for the exits or their vehicles when they SHOULD be apologizing for their hateful comments.

jrkrideau said...

l@Jackie Blue
His record policy-wise speaks for itself
And that is the main reason for the vicious personal attacks. If the Cons try to attack on policy, all the Liberals need to do is whisper *Doug Ford*.

Jackie Blue said...

I'm worried about Trudeau's mental health in all of this. He's been made an international pariah. Although CNN covered the story last night, and Don Lemon and Ana Navarro were taken aback by the fact that he apologized and took full responsibility, and said that he would do the hard work to make amends. For that reason alone, they said that he should be forgiven. And I agree.

But I honestly don't think he's going to be OK. I can see a serious breakdown in his future. I just really wish I could reach out and give him a big "I forgive you" hug right now.

Maybe I'll write him another fan letter. I wrote him one in February during SNC. He needs all the support he can get.

Bob Broughton said...

Levant referred to someone other than himself as a "creepy man"?

Bob Broughton said...

Thanks for this, Montreal. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Andreescu. I personally witnessed two of her matches in Acapulco, chatted with her coaches. I say that she is as good as Steffi Graf.