Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May, and the Religious Right

In my last post I looked at the way Elizabeth May has been cozying up to Andrew Scheer and his grubby gang. And I wondered whether the Greens are, as some say, just Cons on bicycles. 

But now May has been interviewed by the CBC's Vassy Kapelos, and the situation has gone from bad to worse.

When she declared that she wouldn't even try to stop Green Party MPs from reopening the abortion debate.

And sounded like she was channelling Andrew Scheer.

Only to have her own party correct her. 

After saying she wouldn’t control how her MPs vote on abortion, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May now says MPs risk being ousted if they move to reopen the debate. 

Ms. May and the Green Party said last month that MPs would be able to reopen the issue because the party doesn’t whip votes. But the party released a statement Monday saying “there is zero chance an elected representative of our party will ever reopen the abortion debate.”

You know, when the Cons couldn't properly explain their position on abortion rights, the Greens supported them anyway. 

In August, the Conservatives sparked confusion over their position on abortion and whether the contentious debate would be reconvened under a Tory-led government. Leader Andrew Scheer later clarified that while his government would never reopen the debate, his MPs could raise it in the House of Commons and would be allowed to vote their conscience on the issue.

At the time, the Green Party, in a statement to The Globe and Mail, suggested it had the same policy.

But the Cons lost a lot of support, especially in Quebec. And I predict that the same thing will happen to the Greens.

Elizabeth May may be a nice person. She studied to be an Anglican priest, and she says Jesus is her hero. 

But she's a lousy strategist, and it's the wrong move at the wrong time...

The religious right is marching as to war.

We can't be sure how many of the new Green candidates are carrying a windmill on one shoulder, and a cross on the other.

So the Greens just can't be trusted to defend the abortion rights of women.

And since they will not rule out forming a coalition with Andrew Scheer's religious zealots, no progressive should vote for them...  


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I am beyond disappointed with the Elizabeth May Green Party.
    - support for oil
    - picking Warren Kinsella for their consultant (although that didn't last long)
    - not convincingly supporting 100% the right to choose
    - Elizabeth May's knee-jerk comment how Jesus is her co-pilot

    This last comment just made me sad. Clearly, special interest groups have taken the offices of the Green Party as well as that of the other main parties.

    I also just saw a story about a Green Party candidate up north that's all about mining.

    You can rationalize it any way you want, but they are clearly not the party of change for Canada.

    This notion that they're 'progressive' and 'left-leaning' is an important lie that gets hoisted on us by the mainstream media.

    I think THAT is the most important learning out of all of this.

    With all of this in front of us, who do we have left to choose?

    1. "With all of this in front of us, who do we have left to choose?"

      Tactical/ABC and hope for a JagDeau tag team minority.

  2. As they say, the only poll that counts is Election Day, but sadly, I don't think the Greens are going anywhere, Simon. The latest Mainstreet looks a lot better for the Liberals (and its numbers vindicate poor Frank Graves, who went dark last night after bullying from David Akin -- but it makes me wonder, is there a house-effect dovetailing on the polling front or were those Innovative and Kouvalis polls outliers?). Anyway, the NDP is on life support, their seats in Quebec seem to be veering more towards the BQ (#Turbangate), and nothing seems to stick to Lizzie Mayhem. The eco-zealots are an impenetrable cult and I predict their Quebec support will only become more entrenched when Greta comes to Montreal. I like the kid and I feel bad for her, both for her disability and the bullying she gets especially from Mad Max and Brett Wilson, but I'm not happy about that, at least not in an election year. Trudeau should invite Bianca to counter the PR. (Who would weak Andy bring on board for a celebrity endorsement? Lauren Southern? That fake cowboy guy running in Nova Scotia?)

    Did you know St. Elizabeth actually trained to be an Anglican priest? So she knows how to herd the sheep to being Scheered. They're deluded, they actually think she can be as persuasive on the environment towards the Cons as she's clearly bamboozled them. That and they literally don't care about any other issue besides the environment -- well, other than "electoral reform," which actually goes even beyond mere ranked ballots or Prop Rep. The whole thing about no party whip goes to their libertarian bent on "representative democracy." They have insane ideas like getting rid of parties altogether and everyone being an independent MP. I'm not kidding. They want a presidential system, they want to vote for the PM directly and they want insanely small localism as the answer to the populist belief that governments are out of touch with their constituents and all the bums need to be kept on a short leash. Basically they want the House of Commons to be a city council.

    This woman is an unhinged insurgent anarchist on a power trip, and her philosophy literally threatens the very foundations of responsible government under the Westminster system. She's from Connecticut, so she wants to Americanize Canada but without the "team sport" of DemoGrits vs RepubliCons. (It causes me to think that maybe our U.S. rule about needing to be born here in order to be eligible for president isn't such a bad idea, even though I'd love it if Trudeau was in the White House and I'm sure you folks wouldn't mind Obama for PM. The caveat is that someone like May is still eligible in Canada and repealing our rule here would open the door to an actual Russian...)

    Dale Smith has written extensively about the Greens' ridiculous proposals for "fixing" Parliament (like the "climate war room") and how damaging it all is, but he's a voice in the wilderness. The media fixated for four months upon the granular minutiae of the Shawcross doctrine, but doesn't care one whit about this foreign saboteur wanting to turn Parliament into Congress! And speaking of which, it does put one big glaring issue into perspective and why she is so hell-bent on going after Trudeau. If Parliament became a Westminster dog show of 338 "independent" MPs... guess who has a shot at leading the "big house"?

  3. alamo joe1:35 PM

    Elizabeth was born in the US and still holds a lot of their values close to her heart, also she once worked for Brian Mulroney....nuff said.
    Where was she on Labour day, with Sheer? Not in any parade that's for sure.

  4. More whack jobs running for the Greens. If the media did proper scrutiny this party would be polling at PPC levels. They've got roughly the same number of crackpots and are just as much of a cult.

    Green candidates say they "don't remember" expressing anti-abortion views


    The big-name NDP defector Pierre Nantel is a QC separatist


    Didn't they run a Holocaust denier awhile back and have anti-vaxers in their ranks? Wow, the Greens really are a receptacle for Canada's political trash. Shame on CBC et. al. for not doing proper due diligence until it got to this point -- and *still* not applying the same level of scrutiny it would take to reduce them to the single-digit threshold where they belong. Only difference between Mad Max and Mad May is ostensible climate policy and a letter of the alphabet.

  5. Jackie, I do hope you aren't putting advocates of Québec independence in the same category as anti-vaxxers and Holocaust deniers. There is little appetite for independence here these days, and right now I'm more interested in an independent Scotland and a united independent Ireland, but nations have a right to self-determination.