Thursday, September 12, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Baloney Campaign

When I saw Justin and Sophie Trudeau arriving at Rideau Hall to see the Governor General for a moment I thought we might have a real Canadian election.

One that would reflect this country and its values.

But of course I was just dreaming, or tragically deluded.

For it wasn't long before the picture turned ugly.

When an inflamed Andrew Scheer lost no time using a warmed up Bob Fife story to smear Trudeau. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer kicked off the federal election campaign today by accusing Justin Trudeau of lying to Canadians over the SNC-Lavalin scandal and arguing the prime minister has lost the "moral authority" to govern.

Then lost control of himself, lied like a thief.

And then was found to be full of baloney. 

The RCMP has never said it is investigating the Liberal government — or, as Scheer claimed, people in the PMO — in relation to the SNC-Lavalin affair. The most the national police force said, when everyone was looking for a reaction to the report from the ethics commissioner, was that it was “examining this matter carefully with all available information” and would follow up if need be.

It is clear that Scheer is trying to suggest that where there is smoke, there is fire. Still, that does not mean it was accurate for him to say what he did with such certainty. 

For those reasons, Scheer’s assertion that the RCMP has started investigating people in the PMO contains “a lot of baloney” — it is mostly inaccurate, but contains an element of truth.

Which did provide a clear contrast on the first day of the campaign.

It does leave him open to a a serious complaint.

And of course, it also makes him look like a lying Con clown:

You know polls show that a lot of Canadians still don't much about Andrew Scheer.

But by the end of the campaign most will understand this:

He cannot be trusted on anything from abortion rights to medicare.

And the nose makes the man....


Jackie Blue said...

Be nice if the media would shut up and start asking policy questions instead of this sensationalistic bullshit. Normally I can't stand Bernie Sanders for his grandstanding, but to paraphrase what he said to Hillary at one of the primary debates, "the people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails." Well, I'm sick and tired of hearing about Justin's damn emails. It's gotten to Trumpian levels of "lock him up." Right down to Scheer making his speech while the propellers were rotating on his personalized plane. Just not ready, nice orange hair though?

The scandal mongerers really are the enemy of the people. A pox on their "big house." Fife and the two backstabbers need to be made pariahs in civil society for as long as they live. Maybe it's time for Canadians to borrow a U.S. tactic and chase them out of restaurants, confront them with hard questions about Glen Assoun and the assisted dying file and Mahar Arar and Tim Raybould's lobbying and the travel expenses and the Fraser Institute and daddy's vendetta against Pierre (etc.) while they're out shopping and at barbecues and bookstores and the like. Or when Judas goes knocking on doors. "Were you Fife's source?" "What's the nature of your involvement with the Kinsellas?" And on and on and on until they shrivel up and hide. Never let them forget their treachery. Make them run scared. They dish it out, let's see them take it. We're just asking questions, after all. Speaking "our truth" to power, right?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that crowd was paid to sit and watch Schmearnochio grow his nose? If so, they didn't do a very good job of portraying eager Cons enraptured by the words of "all attack, no substance" Andy. They'd fit in perfectly at a wake and as such, their glumness tells me they have resigned themselves to the fact that Andy's political life will soon be dead. Given that right out of the gate, the national post of all places says he's full of baloney, well, that's not good.
It's tragic that Andy's poverty stricken childhood left him only able to afford half-truths, but now that the us taxpayer's are funding his lavish lifestyle, he could at least afford to tell us where he would take this country as PM. Nope. That would cost him the election.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...The scandal mongering Cons are just doing what Cons everywhere are doing. They lack a moral compass so they are capable of doing anything. The Liberals now have a quick response fact checking squad on Twitter which help us all counter the fake news Cons and brand them as liars. Once Canadians realized they're being conned I don't think they'll be too pleased....

Simon said...

Hi JD....when you compare most Scheer crowds to Trudeau crowds the difference is striking. The Cons usually look like they are attending a funeral, while the Liberal crowds look like those at a rock concert. The Cons have a big machine and lots of money at their disposal, but hopefully it will not be enough to save Weak Andy. Of course, it would help if the MSM did a better job of pointing out all the lies that pour out of Scheer every day. But hopefully we can shame them into doing that, or do what we can ourselves to expose those Con artists....