Monday, September 16, 2019

The Day Andrew Scheer Revealed His Naked Homophobia

I can only imagine how desperate Andrew Scheer must have been to think he could  solve his big bigot problem, with a hastily arranged late night scrum in a plane heading for British Columbia.

But you can see the desperation in his eyes.

And not surprisingly the hasty scrum didn't work out well.

In fact it was an absolute disaster.

Scheer sounded glib. He seemed to suggest that bigotry wasn't a big deal, and that everyone makes those kind of mistakes. 

So not surprisingly most of the reviews were bad, and some were brutal.

But still I wasn't satisfied. 

I wanted somebody in the media to ask Scheer when he was planning to follow his own guidelines, and apologize for comparing LGBT Canadians to dogs.

So I was really pleased to see the CBC's Katie Simpson ask him that very question:

For Scheer's answer made it absolutely clear that his bizarre behaviour has very little or nothing to do with his opposition to same-sex marriage, and almost everything to do with his visceral loathing of gay people.

And as for his absurd comment that Justin Trudeau is responsible for eroding rights in this country, it only underlines how out of touch that creepy religious bigot is with the reality of modern Canada.

Scheer's message may resonate with many of those old white people at a rally in B.C. yesterday.

But he's out of touch with the new Canada, and the people Justin Trudeau represents.

Scheer had a chance to be better person yesterday, or at least a chance to pretend to be a better one.

He had a chance to say sorry.

But he blew it. He just couldn't help himself. He's too full of hate.

And his ghastly bigotry will help defeat him...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Simpson gave Scheer two chances to apologize for his bigoted remarks in 2005 and he refused. Instead he went into a feeble, non-responsive and clearly rehearsed script about equality rights. Scheer totally confirmed that he's the bigot-in-chief of the Bigot Party of Canada.

rumleyfips said...

The story being bandied about by the media is that the bigot-posts being tweeted about are old. The first example they use if from 2017. That's not old; somebody buy these journos a dictionary. I would be surprised, no astounded , if the Liberals were digging up tweets made in the future.

Two days in a row Katie does it. Chasing Jeannie then putting Sheerly-not in a corner. Go Katie Go.

Jackie Blue said...

I can't stand Elizabeth May but she's right that he's the Donald Trump of Canada. He has some damn nerve demanding that Trudeau grovel on his knees and beg forgiveness for SNC when he's the one guilty of and proposing far worse. Now he's insinuating that Justin went on a date with Faith Goldy. Fucking goddamn liar. This election is so full of bullshit and it's all coming from Dimples McDerpface's lying, bigoted mouth.

Jackie Blue said...

Hey Simon, speaking of the bigot party, Max is going to be in the official debates. Would love to see a write-up on that.

ottlib said...

That should give the Conservative Party of Canada a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, they're in their feelings, as Drake might say.

They're on the verge of filing a complaint with Elections Canada against Quito Maggi of Mainstreet and Frank Graves of Ekos. Calling them "Liberal-friendly pollsters" and accusing Trudeau of "stacking the deck" after he did a Ferris Bueller on the Junk Debates and Maclame's. Right, because Mainstreet had such good numbers for the Grits in QC after the Cacaist bigots got spooked over Trudeau standing up to their idiotic barbaric cultural practices law. Or that literally all pollsters didn't have them down to morbid levels following the February Crisis. Classic Trump: fake polls, fake news, lying dopey loser crooked Justin rigged the debates, sad!

(Now the pollster war that erupted this summer starts to make sense. Still not sure why Nanos and Grenier are having a tiff, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with this.)

The funny thing is May and Singh are having fake poutrage over Max being included too. Someone tell them that this is what you'd have in a parliamentary setting if Justin had caved (or would cave, in a minority scenario) to their precious PropRep. The same system that, given current polling averages, would give 34 seats to her party of anti-vaxers, 9/11 truthers, and tinfoil Luddites who think wireless Internet is a carcinogen, would give Max's horseshoe (horse's ass) mirror equivalent 11-12 seats and official party status. Can't have it both ways. You either want to give a platform to fringe extremists or you don't.

Granted, that obvious fact -- that both this and PropRep are perfect examples of the "marketplace of ideas" needing market regulation -- will be lost on PropRep obsessives, as I pointed out in a labored explanation to one of our semi-regulars yesterday. But them's the facts. Can't argue basic math.

lagatta à montréal said...

there are many countries with limited or modified versions of proportional representation. In order to prevent false majorities (Trump, eh?) and give minorities a voice, but also to prevent very small and marginal parties from monopolising Parliament. The US system is not "obviously" the best, as you should know.

Anonymous said...

9/11 was a controlled demolition. Look up Building 7.