Thursday, September 05, 2019

The Political Pornography of Andrew Scheer (Continued)

Like many religious fanatics Andrew Scheer never apologizes for anything.

He can be caught lying over and over again, or smearing his opponents like he has done since the day he entered politics, but the word sorry never escapes his lips.

So he has yet to apologize for this vile and fraudulent smear.

Even though he knew it was fake news. 

And even though the British government has now also branded the Daily Mail report as false.

A media report that Britain is considering sending a child-murderer to Canada is false, the British Justice Ministry said Tuesday.

“This story is categorically untrue,” wrote U.K. Ministry of Justice spokesman Richard Mellor, in an emailed statement to The Canadian Press.

But then who can be surprised, when as I pointed out the other day, Scheer likes dirty politics way too much to say sorry.

Which is disgusting enough.

But what makes it even more appalling, is that it isn't just a moral flaw, it's dirt by design.

And part of a sinister scheme to try to brand the decent Justin Trudeau as evil and corrupt.

As you can see by this report from the Con propaganda service known as the Sun.

Or by the way the shameless Lisa Raitt replies to a tweet from her Liberal challenger Adam van Koeverden.
When van Koeverden was merely reacting to this tweet which exposes Scheer's plan to favour religious schools over public ones.

And as I pointed out on Twitter, all the grotesque Raitt is doing is trying to smear the decent in the same manner.

And then there's this:

Where the disgusting third party group Canada Proud tries to pass off some humorous comments Trudeau made at a Press Gallery dinner as the real thing.

And while all of this may appear childish and desperate, it actually couldn't be more sinister.

For it's clear the Cons are employing the same tactics that Trump supporters used to elect their depraved leader.

And that unless they are stopped they will flood us with fake news, and try to steal the election.

And this is the bottom line:

The man is monster, who is unfit to be prime minister.

And unless him and his filthy Cons are defeated, they will destroy our Canada.


rumleyfips said...

It's telling that Raitt sees herself in a tweet that doesn't mention her. Is this the sign of a guilt or another example of right wing projection ?

Jackie Blue said...

Seems even Moscow May and her recycle-bin dumpster party manufactured some fake news as regards those 14 NDP defectors, either that or this is damage control from the NDP. But one way or another, even the third-parties are being less than truthful, and the media is falling for it (or more likely, deliberately running with it). Then I saw this reported by a popular personality among Grit Twitter. Then this about Bannon making a jaunt over to Modi's backyard (and we know who Modi is BFFs with). Scheer meanwhile is data-mining a "petition" to get Trudeau in the Munk Debate, which Bannon was at last year and which is a known Con bankroller. What the hell is going on? Is the IDU working with Russia? Is there more to that criminal complaint against the Rebel scum than just the Robinson trial? For that matter, whose payroll is Daisy Group on?

Anonymous said...

So, I guess you would also refer to the debates, such as the Maclean and the Munk Institute ones, which if not mistaken, are both pro-con, trying to make sure that Trudeau makes a slip up and Scheer has his ''You had an option sir!'' moment and that no matter how hard the Liberals are trying to reverse the mess, damages is done. Sometimes I wonder if the multi debates might've helped Trudeau like the last election so it can be a good idea to bust Scheer or applying this media commission to avoid any possible mousetraps.

Jackie Blue said...

oh and speaking of foreign policy, this didn't age well

Brexit: the coolest thing since sliced (white) bread

BoJo gets the Cain and Abel treatment from his brother, JoJo

...and the government commits suicide, because why the hell not

Yeah, not sure he ought to be bragging about his stellar platform on "foreign policy". Especially if Tovarisch Marshall and friends have themselves a Matryoshka botski problem...

Jackie Blue said...

The Maclame's one would be worth JT's and the viewers' while if it wasn't Con hack NecklessPW "moderating" (read: asking 10,000 loaded questions about SNC), but Tabatha Southey and/or Andray Domise. No reason the same publication can't give an opportunity to someone else on staff. The reaction from the usual types about the all-female panel at the official debates gives good insight into exactly why we need to have different voices and perspectives instead of the same tired, sad dinosaurs interjecting their crap.

Junk Institute is a neocon cult that platforms Nazis like Bannon, but I do think an FP debate provides a useful subject to tackle. I saw on Twitter a suggestion that I think is a good idea: have the parties' respective FP ministers/critics attend instead of the leaders. You're electing a party, and a prospective cabinet, not just one person. Why not have Freeland and her counterparts debate foreign policy, McKenna and her counterparts at an environment debate, and save the official leaders' debates for, well, the leaders? Unlike the U.S. presidential race, no one is voting for "the PM" directly except people casting their ballots in Papineau, Regina-Qu'appelle, Burnaby South, or Saanich-Gulf Island. (Or Beauce, LOL.)

Even better would be a town hall like CNN did with the Democrats on climate. I've said before, where's the youth Q&A for Canada like MTV's Rock the Vote? Weak Andy NEVER goes in front of an unvetted audience like JT does. Hamish's "tight scripting" just means filling church basements with pre-screened sycophants who were probably recruited from "Sarah's" data mining contacts, Rebel newsletters, the Metacanada subreddit that Stephen Taylor moderates, Campaign Life/Right Now, Jordan Peterson's incel book club that meets every week at a Red Lobster in downtown Calgary, and/or the Anus Reid forum. They don't ask about policy; they ask about SNC, Fidel Castro, saving old-stock Christian fetuses from the "great replacement" and Jihad Justin's UN globalist Soros depopulation plot, and connections between Pizzagate and the Clinton -- er, Trudeau foundation. But an unvetted crowd? It'd be fun to watch him squirm when actual voters press him on Rebel Media, yellow vests, climate denial, abortion... After all the cruel jokes they've made about Trudeau's nervous/bilingual stammer, it'd be karma to see weak Andy go "um, um, uh."

About time weak Andy gets put on the spot. Hassan Minhaj might have grilled Trudeau something awful in his interview, but he wouldn't be the only one loading up on popcorn when "the haunted doll from The Conjuring" cracks up. And, hey, for pure entertainment purposes, #LetMaxSpeak. 😂 MTV's Split the Vote.

Anonymous said...

They have the nerve to call the Liberals release of Scheer's homophobic video from 2005 as "dirty politics" yet the outrage seems to evaporate when Andy knowingly peddles absolute lies from the UK's version of the National Enquirer. You would expect that from Trump but now Scheer has proven without a doubt that like Trump, he's nothing more than a lying piece of shit.

Jackie Blue said...

Simon, will we see a feature on the Jagmeet vs. Lizzie mud-wrestling match?

The NDP's hands aren't clean in the least, but some of the social media traffic has been speculating that Angry Tom is bored and restless and looking to aid the old guard in undermining Jagmeet, while attacking Trudeau out of revenge. Hence the turn to Sun op-eds giving free advice to weak Andy. I'd call him Tom Petty, but that's an insult to the late, great musician.

Anyway, according to this article, even though the NDP aren't blameless in all of this, the Greens have an ecofascism problem. Frank's survey of racist attitudes among parties has been vindicated. They're only second to the Cons in terms of xenophobia and other problematic attitudes. That David Akin and other Cons are running interference for the recyclable dumpster party tells you all you need to know. The party of pseudo-environmentalists, picking up trash.

Puts their laser-obsessive focus on electoral reform -- and only one type of electoral reform, or bust -- into perspective too. Can you say AfD? I suppose the Soylent Greens would be OK propping up a certain fellow who gained power in a weak PR coalition in 1933, as long as he promised to use zero-emission gas chambers...?

rumleyfips said...

Look JD , I'm a lying piece of shit and you comparing me to Sheer-nonsense makes me look bad.

Jackie Blue said...

Reminder that the Daily Fail was the same rag that ran an article a couple years ago (I think shortly after Indiagate?) labeling Trudeau "the world's most preposterous politician" with a photo of someone in drag who has JT's facial structure, but wasn't even him. Con media ran with it then and now their Brexshit boy is dumpster-diving for more filth now. Meanwhile, the CON-spiracy trolls are CON-vinced that JT is really Brooke Lynn Hytes, and the clip of them together was a deep fake. Queen of the North is rumored to be possibly attending the Chick-Fil-A protest, and I've seen some really ugly comments saying it's JT showing up to score votes in the GTA. They don't have a credible answer for 81,000 jobs added in August and 1M+ over four years, or Canada showing up at or near the top of countless quality of life indexes, or new research from credible academics (i.e. not Fraser Institute) showing that voters in Scheer's own riding support carbon pricing, or really anything valid to counter all the positive metrics the Liberal government has achieved in such a short period of time, so they resort to SNC nostalgia and this hateful, defamatory crap. Disgusting.

Jackie Blue said...

Hey Simon, one more -- some important threads you may want to share and/or do a write-up on. It's about trolls and bots affecting traffic in the run-up to the election, and what other right-wing aims they're looking to achieve: Trump's reelection, a hard Brexit, and (gulp) regime change in Iran. Several accounts showing activity coming from (!) Israel.

Note that all parties, not only the GOP and UK Tories/UKIP/Brexit Party (Farage), but the MEK cult and an embattled Netanyahu, are connected to Harper and IDU. (Scheer/Bernier splinter-party kabuki theater a poor man's imitation of the BoJo and Nigel dance.)

Security analyst Stephanie Carvin uncovered that most of the activity surrounding the Munk Debate traffic was and continues to be inauthentic. As I pointed out previously and is well-known by many observers in Canada, Munk hosted Steve Bannon for a now infamous debate with Bushwhacker war hawk David Frum, brother of off-the-wall senator Linda Frum. Everywhere Bannon goes, he leaves his stench. We still don't know what else he may have done or who he might have met with during his visit to Toronto in December 2018. What we do know is 2 months later SNC broke, and I don't believe in coincidences. Bannon hates Trudeau.

Aaron Wherry just retweeted this CBC article about the Alberta election. This was a dry run. All roads lead back to Alberta and Kenney, and why they want "rule of law" Scheer in to either 86 the investigation or tie up resources with a phony investigation into the Liberals and Trudeau in particular. They drummed up SNC as a distraction. Calgary is Harper Hatemonger HQ. Roboscam 2.0 wasn't all foreign either. It's homegrown hate groups, chansites, etc. CPC stands for Compromised Propaganda Cabal. The call is coming from the right side of the House.

Expect more artificially amplified traffic after the writ drop and when JWR's book is released. I suspect a lot of the Green support is fraudulent as well. May keeps proving time and time again that she is the one who's "not as advertised." She's a power-hungry Con and an ecofascist shit disturber whose capacity for dirty tricks beLIEs her earth-mother "integrity" image. Canada's Jill Stein. Makes me wonder too about the validity of online opt-in panels like Reid and even Abacus. Reid has an ideological bent and probably won't care if it's being gamed, as long as the ends justify the means. But if Abacus has been infiltrated (not saying they are but anything is possible), they might want to pay attention.

Add to the fact that Skippy just sent a panicked tweet running interference for Hamster boy after that criminal complaint was filed, and you've got a Kudatah in the making and the Cons desperate to cheat if not muscle their way in. That's why I worry about what a cornered animal is capable of. All the same steps add up: They're pulling a Hillary operation on Justin Trudeau.

Steve said...

We know that he is a slimy POS, who I refer to you decide.

CHic flia has moved into Canada. This is a American mind fuck for sure. However what if the Christian Right has a good Kitchen that will serve everyone?

I think that has to be the test. If you serve everyone you pass. If your founder is a asshole, thats not what your eating.

Anonymous said...

More political pornography from the Scheer Cons. Unfortunately Trudeau has no choice but to limit public debate because of this type of fakery combined with Post Media dictating that their journalists have to be more Con friendly. The fewer the general public debates he has the fewer the opportunities they have to distribute fake news and negative opinion pieces. Sad, but I am sure the liberals have other ways of conveying their platform messaging and it will be refreshing to see Scheer get some of his own back even if it is only for 6 weeks instead of 4 years.


Steve said...

I would say that I will do the Mcleans debate if you will do the Montreal Simon debate.

Jackie Blue said...

Two words everyone needs to know for the federal campaign: Stochastic terrorism, aka scripted violence.

Kenney, Scheer, Bernier, Marshall and Levant are likely to have someone hurt or killed. Not by their actions or any direct statements they've been careful not to make, but their dog-whistling rhetoric and Internet radicalization material. Cons' online attack ads mention Trudeau's name far more often than anyone else, but besides him, they do single out individual cabinet ministers as the source of Canada's "problems" whether it be immigration or climate policy. Almost always, the targets for the most hate are women and/or those of visible minority identification, especially Muslims. The poison seed was planted four years ago, and now the Cons stand to reap a bloody harvest:

The last I read that a Trudeau cabinet minister was under such threat she required a security detail it was Iqra Khalid, after the virulent backlash to M-103. Surprise, guess who declared himself "Proud" to vote against M-103 after the Rebel stormtroopers mounted a hate campaign against it? Because of "free speech" of course.

Now it's Catherine McKenna, joining Tzeporah Berman and young Greta Thunberg as the latest targets of the well-funded "war room" for daring to take a stand for a better world --- and being female while doing so. Oh, but Trudeau was so out-of-touch with "economic anxiety" when he pointed out the misogynistic character of the oil patch and petro-patriot partisan populist "PP problem" culture? Sounds to me like he hit the nail on some pretty hard heads, and they want to bludgeon a drill bit through his heart!

Shut down Rebel, and for that matter Postmedia. It's no better than Der Sturmer and is a threat to the public order.