Saturday, September 07, 2019

Andrew Scheer, Hamish Marshall, and the Rebel Party

Ever since Andrew Scheer hired Hamish Marshall, he has never really had to explain why he would hire as his campaign manager a man who help found the hate mongering Rebel.

A man who worked with the ugly bigot Ezra Levant to harvest hate for dollars.

The MSM has never asked Scheer any hard questions about that, and when asked even the softest questions, he runs for cover. 

So most Canadians don't know much about the Scheer Rebel connection. 

But now that may be about to change.

For now a police complaint has been filed against Levant and Marshall and some other former members of the Rebel gang. 

A complaint has been filed with police against far-right media corporation Rebel News Network Ltd. for allegedly distributing Islamophobic hate propaganda on its website and YouTube channel.

The complaint targets the company’s three directors during 2015 to 2018: Hamish Marshall, the Conservative Party of Canada’s election campaign chair, Rebel co-founder Ezra Levant, and managing editor Hannah Vanderkooy.

And since the man filing the complaint is the distinguished human rights lawyer Richard Warman, I bet the Cons are freaking out.

For the simple reason that Warman has taken down so many right-wing bigots, and with him you either pay or apologize.

So Marshall might find it really hard to get away with claiming, as he always has, that he had nothing to do with the Rebel's disgusting content.

Which as Neil Waytowich points out, never made any sense.

Certain members of the media say that Hamish Marshall had nothing to do with the editorial direction of Rebel Media – that was all Ezra Levant. 

But let me ask you this. Someone is building a guillotine and needs your help, so you register yourself as a director of Guillotine Corp, help them create a business plan, help plan strategy, help market the Guillotine, and then help hire those who will use the guillotine – doesn’t that make you somewhat complicit for how the guillotine is used?

For his part Scheer might have to answer more embarrassing questions about his warm relationship with Levant and the white nationalist and ugly bigot Faith Goldy.

Citing more than 40 videos produced and uploaded by Rebel between 2015 and 2018, Warman also targets Faith Bazos, otherwise known as Faith Goldy, one of Canada’s most recognizable far-right figures. She’s featured as the presenter for eight of the videos Warman cites.

And if that happens, the Rebelization of the Cons will finally be exposed for all to see. Canadians will finally understand what game the Cons are playing. 

It is eerily similar to how Cambridge Analytica – a data analytics firm once run by Steve Bannon, used data mining to help create sophisticated psychological and political profiles of voters to help engineer the election of Donald Trump and the “Yes” vote in Brexit.

Understand who the Cons really are:

There is a very dark and insidious element to this style of politics that runs counter to Andrew Scheer’s claim of being “Stephen Harper with a smile.” In fact, it shows that the Conservative Party of Andrew Scheer is the same party that Stephen Harper lead, but even darker, if that is possible.

And if all this should happen in the middle of an election campaign.

That should be enough to send the Cons down the memory hole of history...

For they are the Rebel Party.

They would drag us all down a very dark hole.

And they are and always will be unfit to govern Canada...


Jackie Blue said...

They are all bigoted scum inciting public chaos, and belong in jail. Pathetic when you see the M$M supporting them as "fellow journalists" like the time when Freeland tried to kick them out. Similar to an instance when Obama tried to revoke a press pass from Fox News and the garbage media stood by them and boycotted White House press conferences in "solidarity." The fourth estate is a fifth column. I never thought I'd agree with Trump on anything but the media really is the enemy of the people. Just look at today's Vancouver Sun trash for evidence of that.

Jackie Blue said...

BTW speaking of gaming the system, there's a new Campaign Research poll out that I would take with about a million grains of salt. It shows the Liberals tied with the Cons in fucking Manitoba and was conducted by Dirty Nick Kouvalis. Might cause a momentary blip on Grenier and Fournier's poll trackers but I doubt it'll translate to actual results on e-day. Above all, keep working 100x as hard as you would otherwise. This election is going to be a bare-knuckle blood match with people like him and Marshall involved.

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing to cast the light on Scheer's right hand weasel and I expect the Libs will be releasing a well timed report on last spring's budget announcement, "Funding to Strengthen Understanding of Right-Wing Extremism in Canada".
I expect further links to Rebel scum and Con's who pretend to be for the people when they are still closely linked to the far right assholes who belong in a cage where they can rage and harm no one but themselves.

rumleyfips said...

Another spelling error. You wrote Rebel; it should be rubble.