Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Day the "Blackface" Scandal Faded To Black

The Con media were so sure their latest fake scandal would be the end of Justin Trudeau.

They couldn't stop writing or squawking about it. It was pouring out of their every orifice.

But now suddenly they have fallen silent, and the reason is only too obvious.

The polls now suggest that its impact has faded. 

The initially profound impacts (a net ten-point swing from a modest Liberal lead to a seven-point Conservative lead) have receded significantly. The Conservatives have a small lead over the Liberals (35 per cent versus 32 per cent), but the Liberals retain a five-point lead in seat-rich Ontario. Quebeckers are largely unconcerned with the episode and there have been no profound shifts in the province in the past week. At 11 and 10 points, respectively, the NDP and Greens appear unaffected. 

Most Canadians didn't think it was a real scandal. And to make matters worse, it seems the ones most concerned about Trudeau's "racism" were the racists themselves. 

Concerns with this episode are highest in regions and demographic segments which were already less positively disposed to Justin Trudeau. Ironically, those segments of the population which often show the least concern with issues of racial tolerance – namely Conservative and People’s Party supporters – are the most agitated by this episode.

And this latest Nanos poll suggests that the Liberal fortunes are rising again.

While the NDP and the Greens are still going nowhere. Sad.

You know the other day Stephen Maher tried to explain why our media is so lousy.

And I'm sure he's right, but it's just not good enough excuse.

They tried to distort reality, they tried to rig an election.

And for that they must be taught a lesson they will never forget.

But let's end on a positive note, and celebrate Justin Trudeau's incredible ability to come back from the dead.

Wowser, wowser, wowser.

What a prime minister...


Scot said...

Listen.....can you hear that? It's the sound of Warren Kinsella's head exploding.

Janice said...

It's more than a little rich that the racist People's Party and less openly racist Conservative Party top the "serious" category.

ottlib said...

I take all polls with a grain of salt but it's funny. It was Nanos' tracking poll that first seemed to indicate an upward trend to the Liberals during the 2015 election after showing slight leads, first for the NDP and then for the Conservatives, in the previous weeks. Those first polls contradicted all of the other public polls.

The beginning of that trend happened about three weeks from election day.

Could he be doing it again?

We will have to wait and see.

Gyor said...








Just example stories within the last 24 hours.

Leeriness of the Tories is the only thing saving Trudeau now, that and habit and antisikhism and racism among many voters. Its blunted the impact upon Trudeau for the moment.

And this isn't a fake scandal,although what pisses people off is not the black face itself, its Trudeau's woke hypocracy, and weather it is now or down the line he will eventually pay the price for that hypocracy.

And the official debates and TVA debate are still coming, and you know Justin Trudeau will have to try looking Jagmeet Singh in the eye. Its going to to be ugly. Especially the english debate.

Steve said...

Why does no one complain about Weak Andy dressing up like a lesbian every day?

Jackie Blue said...

Oh good, I was nervous about Frank's survey after what he said in Reuters. That means the effects should fade altogether by the end of next week, maybe a few days into October for good measure. Then after that it's debate time. Munk has already been canceled. Good. That leaves TVA and the two official ones. Two of those are in French where they're either uninterested or outright pissed by another SNC II Arabian Boogaloo incidence of Anglo/Western Quebec-bashing. Plus ├ža change.

As for the American reaction, I no longer have interest in obnoxious comedians and fair-weather friends who right away rushed to judgment and were all "#CancelTrudeau" about this shit. When he writes his memoir, those same former friends will be making a beeline to Amazon to buy it, while those same American TV people will be begging him for exclusive interviews. I hope he tells Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, 60 Minutes, CNN, and that little weasel Hasan Minhaj to go fuddle duddle. If he does do a sit-down, the only one he should talk to is the one who defended him. Bill Maher!

But come October 21 of this year, turnout will be key (polls don't vote), and I wish Our Justin all the best of luck on that front. Enough bullshit. Time to get serious about policy, FFS. Time to end these dirty tricksters once and for all.

Jackie Blue said...

Those aren't "stories." They're "hot takes." Three of them are from Con papers (Brian Lilley? Seriously?) and two are from foreign media outlets. All of Trudeau's "scandals" have been fake concoctions and over-exaggerations from corporate media including this one, which qualifies as US foreign interference. Someone clearly wanted to go nuclear on Trudeau, and putting the pieces together narrows the list of suspects as to who it might have been.

Prince Harry dressed up like a Nazi in his youth and no one holds that against him now. Why hold this against Trudeau when his record shows that he's not a "woke hypocrite"? Especially since the patterns are so similar: it is entirely possible and even likely that they were both "acting out" after losing a parent. Some people take longer to grow up than others but eventually they put away childish things. Which he has, and all the better for it.

Why should he "pay the price"? Are you so perfect or just such an angry Dipper that you haven't got it in your heart to forgive? Clearly you want Trudeau to lose because you've deluded yourself into thinking Singh has a chance to win. He doesn't and even he admitted so himself. He's extending an olive branch to Trudeau, and Trudeau is sincerely willing to engage, so if their phone call goes well it might not be as ugly as you seem to be hoping it will. But if Singh can possess the "love and courage" to try and forgive Trudeau, why can't you?

The Cons' pearl clutching is, of course, an obvious joke, but perhaps the NDP and Greens ought to clean up their own houses before throwing stones at the Liberals? Because if you look closer at that chart, those numbers don't look good for the Bernie Bros in your camp...

Anonymous said...

The fact this surprised Donald Trump shows how much this was manufactured in the USA. We had already abolished slavery when the minstrel shows started and "blackface" was never anything close to what was happening in the US. In the US people are hyper tuned to racial issues, in Canada much less so at least among the nominally white.

For most "white" people in Canada of Trudeau's age and up to boomers, none of these people were alive when minstrel shows were popular. In the 60s there was a book "Black Like Me" about a white man who changed his skin colour and experienced Jim Crow style racism first hand. Darkening ones face, especially for an actor is a part of "walk a mile in someone else's shoes". Another example of walking in someone else's shoes was a movie called "Watermelon Man". It is this sentiment that makes it natural to include the person's skin tone in trying to recreate them on a stage, and usually to honour them.

This is why it is easy to see Trudeau not knowing to wear bright red lips in the classic blackface, as he clearly was not trying to do "blackface". Instead he was trying to present a character as accurately as possible. Nobody sees it as being like attending fascist rallies. Since many cannot see this as the homage it was, he now realizes he is offending people if he darkens his face and so denounced it as wrong.

Clearly the Liberals knew this would come out and are likely surprised it was not used in the last election. They had well crafted responses, to apologize and let people realize it was not an intentional denigration of a race.

I would not be surprised if they let it out now, knowing the campaign would be the best time for it though early. But it certainly took away all the oxygen from the JWR (remember he) book release a couple of days later.

John B. said...

In view of his major opposition it's no reason not to support him electorally, but I think Justin is deserving of much or at least some of the ridicule his past performances have attracted.

Gyor said...

Fake scandalsscandals, he doesn't deny he did black face at least three times , possibly more, and he would be the first to string anyone elseelse up for that. The hypocracy is even worse then the black face itself. That isn't a fake scandal.

Jackie Blue said...

Sometimes his head isn't in the right place, but his heart always is.

Anonymous said...

Those polls accurately represent what I've been hearing from decent people(non-Cons)and that is who cares? So what? He apologized profusely and his record of inclusiveness has basically shielded him from the scorn one would expect would be the result of Scheer doing the same thing. Of course, Scheer wouldn't apologize, his tongue would wag like a dog's tail right before he deposited a steaming pile of crap on us.
As well, most intelligent people(non-Cons) I've spoken with agree that it was the Cons who dumped this story on American media to maximize the embarrassment it would cause not only JT but our country as well and they are pissed at the Cons for doing this for political gain. Just another example of how low they will go to attain power and yet another reason they should never be allowed to turn this country into a Harper-esque dictatorship ever again. ABC!!!!!!

Scot said...

Radical dipper says what

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

I live in QC and this is a nothingburger to us. I mean, it's a terrible look for the Prime Minister at that age, but overall no one cares.
We're still going to vote for him becaues SCheer is a tool for the hyper-wealthy and the oil lobby, and a massive LGBTQIA2 hater.
Local radion defending Scheer by talking about the Liberals. Plus ca change...

Jackie Blue said...

You'll appreciate this then, J.D. (And so do I.) New from Frank

Ontario lead is pretty big in our tracking ... The Liberal lead in Ontario appeared in August in our nightly polling (right after the 'catastrophic' Dion report). It persisted, even widened, for the month following. It evaporated in the 72 hours post-black face. Since then it has been climbing back and has now returned.

and from Quito

I don’t think sweeping Ontario is possible for LPC, but a double digit seat count gain is certainly possible.

And from the guys at LeanTossup aggregator

Canada 2019: Little evidence the photos mattered

...aaaaaaand from that notoriously Liberal outlet the National Post (via Canada.com)

Exclusive poll reveals 'Doug Ford factor' a big problem for Scheer's conservatives in Ontario

The poll shows half of Ontario's population being swayed -- mostly away from the federal Tories -- by the Ford government's policies

ABC ABC ABC, polls don't vote so always GOTV and ABC. Fingers crossed this ends up blowing up in the Cons' faces.

Anonymous said...

Blackface includes bright red lips. Where are the bright red lips?

Jackie Blue said...

So Wornout basically admitted that he leaked the photos and is hinting that he has more. Posted a picture of West Point Grey Academy yearbooks on his Twitter last night with the sick, cryptic message "Night night, Prime Minister." I can't say verbatim what needs to happen to this perverse son of a bitch because I'd get in bigger trouble. But something, absolutely. He's willing to punish 38 million people to satisfy his vendetta against Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Jackie. Even though Ford is hiding (no doubt at Scheer's request) during the campaign, we Ontarians are reminded of the big ape every time we gas up. Unless of course the anti-carbon tax stickers he's forced stations to display have fallen off. Poetic justice at its finest. "We're so sorry Doug my dear, that your bullshit wont adhere."