Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Day Andrew Scheer Was Mercilessly Mocked

As you know Andrew Scheer is a serial liar, who likes to lie about everything.

And one of his biggest and most recurring lies is that he came from a humble background, unlike Justin Trudeau the man he hates so much.

And with just forty days to go before the election, and his desperation growing, he's banging that hollow drum again.

But sadly for Scheer, his past always catches up for him, and reveals him to be just another Con artist.

Their father, Jim Scheer, was a proof reader, researcher and librarian from 1971 to 2008 at the Ottawa Citizen. The newspaper’s union contract shows that he would likely have been making at least $66,000 when he retired. Their mother, Mary Scheer, who died in 2017, worked for more than three decades as a registered nurse at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). By the late 1990s—around the time her teenaged son was getting active in politics—CHEO’s contract with its nurses’ union shows an experienced RN was earning about $55,000, before overtime. 

A man whose parents earned about twice the median income for Canadian families at the time he left home to begin his lucrative political career. 

At just 25, Scheer was earning $141,000 as an MP; now 39, he makes $259,000 as official Opposition leader.

A career that not only made him a millionaire, but also provided him with free lodging, and many servants.

First at the The Farm, the home reserved for the Speaker of the Commons, 

And then at Stornoway the residence of the opposition leader.

So needless to say his claims of poverty have been greeted with loud laughter and a mocking hashtag.

And of course I had to contribute my own.

Until the hashtag was trending number one in Canada, and Andrew Scheer was screaming in fake moral indignation.

To which I had to add this musical reply:
And the best news?

The ugly liar Scheer is going to be screaming a lot in the next few weeks.

The election campaign begins tomorrow.

And we are going to mock him until the day Canadians give him the boot...


Jackie Blue said...

#ScheerWasSoPoorThat he couldn't afford to find out he's actually just a Jerk.


Best of luck, Simon. In the words of another great Canadian, I just want to tell you good luck, we're all counting on you.


Anonymous said...

No Andrew. When Liberals mock you, it's because you've earned it with your misleading ad feigning growing up poor. An insult to the poor who the Cons have always ignored quite simply because they have nothing that would line the Con coffers and are much more likely to vote Liberal.
#ScheerWasSoPoorThat his pappy could only afford to buy wee Andy a broken moral compass with the dial stuck on Asshole.

Jackie Blue said...

Reuters reports Nik Nanos is hinting at a Liberal minority. Because it's 1972?

“This is not a ‘Throw the bums out’ election. This is a ‘Punish the bums’ election,” said Nik Nanos, head of Nanos Research.


Reuters goes on to say that weak Andy has a Doug nipping at his heels.

Scheer had surged after the SNC-Lavalin affair, but he appears to be struggling in Ontario, the most populous of Canada’s 10 provinces, where a conservative premier is pushing through unpopular spending cuts.

I'll take it. A JagDeau government is fine with me as long as it means #ScheerWasSoPoorThat he had to ride Doug Ford's coattails to political obscurity.