Saturday, September 07, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Economic Monster

As we all know Andrew Scheer would prefer to spend all his time trying to smear Justin Trudeau with his own unique brand of political pornography.

But while that does get his base into a sticky state of ecstasy, every now and then he has to give his more moderate supporters another slightly more positive reason to vote for him.

So he appeals to their naked greed, with ads like this one.

It's a hollow promise of course. Scheer's business experience consists of six months working in a fast food restaurant. And another six months as a part-time stockbroker. 

And the few dollars that might end up in the pockets of Canadians after the Cons cut taxes even more, will be needed to pay for their healthcare needs after Scheer privatizes many medicare services.

Like Jason Kenney is preparing to do in Alberta.

Like Doug Ford is preparing to do in Ontario. And Andrew Scheer ever becomes prime minister you know they'll all be working together to finish off our precious healthcare system. 

But if Scheer is trying to pose as a Great Economist Leader...

This must be a devastating blow. 

Canada recorded one of its best months of job gains on record in August, a surprising show of strength by a labor market that has relentlessly powered the nation’s expansion. 

The economy added 81,100 jobs last month, Statistics Canada said Friday in Ottawa, versus expectations for a gain of about 20,000. It’s the seventh largest monthly gain in records going back to 1976. Canada has now added 471,300 jobs over the past 12 months, the most in a year since 2003.

The kind of monster blow that along with this one. 

And this one.

When delivered at the beginning of an election campaign, can make Justin Trudeau look like an economic genius... 

Or at least like a leader who knows what he is doing.

While leaving the loser Scheer looking like a clown...

Or somebody who should be running a small fast food restaurant rather than campaigning to run a country.

Of course, some say all this good news could backfire.

Despite a glowing job report that Canada’s economy added 81,100 new jobs in August, experts say Justin Trudeau’s Liberals could have a hard time translating the positive headlines into electoral success this October as many voters continue to feel anxious about their finances.

And there are enough people in this country who are either too greedy, or too Con, or too crazy to celebrate our country's economic success.

Or too dumb to understand that the Cons are conning them.

But I think this message from Unifor should help them in that regard....

For it really isn't that hard.

If you vote for the Cons and their hollow promises.

You'll pay for it FOREVER...


Jackie Blue said...

I didn't follow the 2015 run-up (most Americans didn't know or care that Canada was even having an election until John Oliver pointed it out). So I'm not familiar with Trudeau's campaigning style. I've heard/read people saying his natural strength is on the campaign trail connecting with people, and the debate stage sparring with his opponents (the verbal boxing match). From what you recall is that true? Aaron Wherry's article about Trudeau campaigning against himself left me depressed, so I want to know what people recall of how he outperformed the doubters in 2015, and how you think he might do so and outwit Scheer and the saboteur Greens now.

Anonymous said...

There are powerful global forces at play, team Canada can either master them or try and find a warm safe place somewhere in the past. The irony is that the Scheer Reformacons have a plan to return to that special place in the past but it does not include most of their followers. The bulk of them are as disposable as Charmin. Yes we can build walls between nations all the way down to walls between specific communities but it will not stop the onward march of technology. The slogan "time for you get ahead" really means we don't have a Canadian plan as the situation is hopeless, the golden Ark is getting crowded so if you want a place be prepared to trample your fellow citizens into the mud.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie

Harper had a desire to undo the elder Trudeau legacy and reshape Canada into some sort of Christian Commonwealth that might have emerged in a parallel universe had the elder not intervened. As the official opposition Mulcair badgered his every move but unfortunately it was eventually perceived as angry Tom against Harper the destroyer. No future vision just a massive fog of negativity. Trudeau and the Liberals lifted the fog and let the hopes of sunny ways shine through.
That was then this is now. We have just experienced another 4 years of negative attacks, instead of angry Tom it is now lying Scheer attacking a leader who has produced some sunshine but has slipped on few banana peels along the way. The fog of negativity is familiar, both opposition leaders have defined themselves "as not the despicable leader" but at the same time have defined themselves as "angry" or "lying". In addition to the trolls and bots Post media the Con propaganda outlet controls approximately 50% of mainstream news which means that if the others are 50/50 Trudeau coverage will be neutral to negative approximately 75% of the time. In other words the more he talks the worse it gets therefore the party strategy has to include making him as small a target as possible, positive clips of rallies with real people but no detailed dialogue that can be spun in a negative light, lots of positive messaging about real issues and platforms with attack on some of the stupid shit that Scheer and his cronies have engaged in. In short, Trudeau the shining knight leading his troops into battle cannot win this election as the snipers have been instructed to take him down first but Trudeau the somewhat humbled but wiser brand name amply displayed on their battle flag leading the attack just might.


rumleyfips said...

Sheer-greed has a plan alright. He has been living rent free, grocery bill free, car payment free off regular Canadians for years. His plan is to continue to have us continue to transfer funds from our meager bank accounts to his fat and healthy balance.