Sunday, September 15, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Monstrous Bigot Party

Almost every day for more than two years Andrew Scheer has attacked Justin Trudeau in the vilest and most cowardly manner.

But now that the Liberals are exposing the bigotry and religious fanaticism of one Con candidate after the other, he's not happy, as you can see from the look on his face.

And from the way the Con campaign is going up in flames.

For it really has turned into a dumpster fire, or whatever.

Last Thursday Scheer campaigned with the York-Centre candidate Rachel Willson, even after the Liberals published a video revealing her strong anti-choice views.

And she refused to say whether she would bring in a bill to restrict the abortion rights of Canadian women.

On Friday Scheer went door knocking with the Brampton North candidate, Arpan Khanna, even after the Liberals revealed that he had called gay people "fags."

Also on Friday the Liberals revealed that the Con candidate in Mississauga-Streetville, Ghada Malek, had shared so many bigoted comments on social media that even the Ontario Progressive Conservative party had rejected her application to run for them. 

"This recommendation is a strict red light. There are many anti-gay/LGBT and even sterilization posts that make this candidate extremely controversial and problematic,” said an email attached to the 2016 vetting report and sent to the Ontario PC party leadership.

“I don't think I can stress enough that this candidate should not be approved," the email concluded.

But that didn't seem to bother Scheer who defended her enthusiastically.

And then yesterday came the three-ring Con clown bigot circus, when his "star" candidate Justina McCaffrey was revealed by the Liberals to have made anti-French comments.

And to be a good friend of the scummy religious fanatic and white nationalist Faith Goldy...

But when confronted by reporters at a riding BBQ she had organized, literally ran for cover.

Claiming that she had to go knock on doors, and didn't have time to answer any questions.

It's a shameless and disgusting spectacle, but if you thought Andrew Scheer might ask any of those Con bigots to resign, you'd be disappointed.

For late last night, in a plane on its way to British Columbia, Scheer made it clear that as long as they apologize that's good enough. 

Which may be good enough for him with his sordid record.

And it may be good enough for his Bigot Party. 

But will never be good enough for me.

I started fighting the bigots and the bullies when I was just a young boy.

I will fight them until the day I die.

And if Scheer and his monstrous Bigot Party win the next election.

This country will die too.

And it will deserve what it gets...


Jackie Blue said...

No, they would not deserve it any more than victimized minorities in the U.S. or U.K. or Europe deserve the de facto apartheid system they're suffering under. Right now the trends look good and the Liberals keep dropping these truth bombs. We just have to keep fighting the good fight right up until the very end. No room in civilized society for fash trash.

Steve said...

tigers always change stripes, Conservative parable. Even the QP said Andrew spent the week talking about his less than steller candidates. Lets have a recent pic of hamissh and weak Andy to end his troubles.

rumleyfips said...

Sheer-nonsense has just declared that his policy on racist, homophobic, misogynistic candidates is exactly the same as his policy towards SNC Lavalin. If his bigoted neanderthals give a self serving apology Sheer-idiocy is good with that. He has said , many times , that SNCL has apologized, fired those involved and paid reparations then they are fine. Sheer-nonsense would not want to be seen as a hypocrite .

It was funny to see jennie, a serial bankrupt and best bud with Laureen Harpoon, running from Katie Simpson the way she ran away from the suppliers she cheated out of their money.

Jackie Blue said...

Hamster's handmaid has lost the plot.
Did you know that Justin Rodham Clinton made ritual sacrifice of over 9000 feral hogs last Thursday, and trafficked Martian refugee children through tunnels that Omar Khadr dug in the basement of the Alamo Ping-Pong Pizza? Oh noes, someone spank that naughty boy, put him in handcuffs and lock him up. 🙄

Jackie Blue said...

That's not the only bad policy he's advancing. His "universal tax cut" bullshit affects same-sex couples differently than heterosexual ones. Not that weak Andy cares, because they'd probably just be rendered invalid under his terrific bigly yuge incredible plan. Again I feel bad for Justin, having to fend off a dark horse threat in Quebec from a wannabe Le Pen and then this fiscally irresponsible and bigoted idiot... a wannabe Le Pence.

Jackie Blue said...

The prospect of a CPC/Bloc minority scares me too. That's the other monstrous bigot party. Trudeau tries to do the right thing and gets swatted for it. The Liberal lead got halved in Quebec (at least according to Mainstreet) because the rural pure-laine types don't like the possibility that the prince of federalism might intervene to tell them you have to respect people who look and dress like... Jagmeet Singh.

I'm so sick of this cultural purity bullshit, but it isn't going away and somehow I had a feeling Justin would be on shaky ground at home (where apparently the consensus isn't unequivocal about calling him a native son). That's according to his own book, where he writes about the tough time he faced in Quebec schools just for being a Trudeau.

The racists really do feel emboldened in this worst timeline. He needs Quebec to win, and granted it's only one poll. I hope he can rebuild some support there over the next five weeks, but Bill 21 is going to sting like a motherfucker and it really sucks when standing up for human rights puts a good man at risk of losing his job. Shame on that greasy bully Legault. I am tired of all the bigoted stupid people.

Jackie Blue said...

Grrrrrrrr.... and more polls showing impact from the Bill 21 fight! Leger is just an opinion poll about the issue, but now Nanos has the Cons with an 0.4% national lead due to a 9-point drop in Quebec!

Even worse is that Leger shows growing support for Bill 21 elsewhere in the country! How did people get so comfy with a niqab ban between 2015 to now??? How did Canada of all places get so emboldened with hate?

Anonymous said...

That's quite an array of candidates Scheer has assembled, replete with skeletons tumbling from their intolerant closets. And this is only the first weekend of the campaign. The Liberal shovels need not dig very deep to unearth the true ugliness of what the Con party has become. It is now acceptable to Scheer that the true face of the Cons is fully represented by racists, homophobes and mysogynists as long as they apologize for their inherent views. It wont change who they are but merely provide cover for them as they attempt to infect our government with their hatred.
It's no surprise to me that this small sampling of Con candidates would fit into the nazi party quite well. The fruits of Harper and now Scheer's labours are now bearing the fruit they so desperately want to turn Canada into a divided melting pot of us versus them and is why they should never be allowed to run this great country ever again.

Anonymous said...

I'm throwing my support behind the new Canadian Nationalist Party. The Conservatives havn't conserved anything.

Jackie Blue said...

The Quebec polls and that anon's comment below tells me that Canada is in worse shape than one would hope. I'm rooting for the climate crisis and a war between Saudi and Iran. This species is fucked.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh look more racism. Probe & Wail jumps the shark, publishes screed from fake-news hack who is even more of a fake-news hack than Fife the Knife.

Who the fuck greenlighted giving Ezrat op-ed space?


Frank said...

Spoken like a true Malthusian malcontent, Jackie.

brawnfire said...

The G&M menu offers baloney sandwiches and moldy bread aplenty, along with the occasional canapes.
So, Ezra Levant's arguing for unrestricted appetites serves its purposes, in that respect.
they fail to consider the messenger: That he's an unsavory server.
That they've given such a sort a free hand to offer their toppings: "A dollop of botulism to go with that, Sir/Madame?"