Sunday, September 22, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Old Bigot Story

It's been about a year since I first started writing about Andrew Scheer's relationship with the Alliance MP Larry Spencer, a man so homophobic he wanted to jail LGBT Canadians.

It hasn't been easy trying to find out what Scheer did when he was Spencer's constituency secretary. Documents have disappeared, and most of what remains has been scrubbed squeaky clean by unseen hands.

And what was just as frustrating, and at times even more depressing, was that hardly anybody seemed to care. 

But now that seems to be changing, at least judging by the reaction to this tweet.  

For I was happy to see how many people finally seem to be interested in that story. And astounded by all the messages and tips I have received. 

But it's not hard to figure out why. A lot of Canadians don't think it's fair that the Con media should go after Justin Trudeau like a pack of rabid hyenas, for dressing up as Aladdin twenty years ago. 

While ignoring Scheer's far more sinister past, and his scary religious fanaticism.

Even though unlike Trudeau's harmless pantomime stuff, Scheer's feverish fanaticism could actually hurt people, especially women, LGBT Canadians, and other vulnerable minorities.

And every Canadian needs to hear Scheer explain why he chose to work for a man with such monstrous homophobic views.

In late November 2003, Spencer caused controversy in Canada... when he said that he would support any initiative to outlaw homosexuality. He stated that in the 1960s, a "well-orchestrated" conspiracy began and led to recent successes in the gay rights movement. 

This conspiracy, he further said, included seducing and recruiting young boys in playgrounds and locker rooms, and deliberately infiltrating North America's schools, judiciaries, entertainment industries, and religious communities. According to him, this conspiracy started with a speech given by a U.S. gay rights activist in the 1960s whose name he could not remember. 

Spencer stated: His quote went something like this ..."We will seduce your sons in the locker rooms, in the gymnasiums, in the hallways, in the playgrounds, and on and on, in this land." 

He also feared that "Polygamy is next on the list. More than one [spouse] ... We'll see that within the next very, very few years. Pedophilia is being pursued as we speak ... Some will say down to an eight-year-old, they think it's OK."

For Spencer's bigotry was not just diseased.

Spencer said that if life expectancy was lowered by using Colgate toothpaste it would be outlawed, so why isn't that the case with homosexuality?

It bordered on the genocidal.

And any person who could choose to work with a crazed religious fanatic like Spencer, and not protest or resign, has to be a bigot himself. 

The kind of man who could compare LGBT Canadians to dogs, and refuse to apologize again and again...

A man unfit to be the leader of any Canadian political party.

But thanks to the obscene bias of the Con media, and its deranged fixation with the Aladdin story at the expense of other far more important issues, could very well become prime minister. 

Which not surprisingly is making a lot of people really angry, as Charles Adler has noticed:

Even if he doesn't understand how much of that anger is directed at the filthy Cons AND its stooge media.

But at least now the old bigot story is out there, and being shared all over the internet. And now that a lot of Canadians are demanding that the MSM cover it, the Con media will soon be caught between a rock and a hard place.

Refuse to cover it, and expose their bias for all to see.

Or cover it, and hopefully blow Scheer and his Cons right out of the water.

And of course the supreme irony is that if the Cons had not dug up the Aladdin story, and the media hadn't made such a big deal out of it, the Spencer story might have remained dead and buried.

Instead of coming back to haunt them all... 

And all I can say is it's about time.

The past can still save the future. Decency still matters. 

And I still stand with Trudeau...


Jackie Blue said...

They won't bother. They'll ignore it just like they've been ignoring or downplaying the Rebel and all his other crap. Trudeau as a "celebrity downfall story" generates more clicks and more attention.

Sandy Garossino of National Observer said she was at a media gathering and they were lamenting that their numbers were in the toilet. After this foreign-interference character assassination campaign kicked off, their ratings went through the roof. That's all they care about. Andrew Scheer wouldn't make international news like Justin Trudeau. They're nothing but tabloid hacks. Trash. The whole lot of them are trash. I blocked Twitter in my firewall. I can't watch this public crucifixion anymore.

I can't live in a Trudeauless universe either. I'm coming up there to scoop up the Disney prince rolled in a magic carpet if, one month from now, Canada is foolish enough throw away a perfectly good white boy like that. Who the fuck is Michael Adamson? What score did he have to settle with Trudeau and/or who the hell paid him off?

Anonymous said...

When I read what Spencer said about LGBTQ people I understand why Scheer could compare them to dogs, and why he is still refusing to apologize. He is a gross bigot and Simon's plan to try to expose him is a good and necessary one...

Anonymous said...

We have this story come out in the now Koch family linked Time Magazine (and I'd bet money that Harper had his hands in it) to cause maximum damage and it has with late night comedians having fun at our expense while they remain blissfully ignorant to the fact that they are giving a boost to someone as odious as Trump.
Turnabout is fair play and I suggest we reach out to Anderson Cooper to inform him how the American media and talk shows have given a homophobic, racist like Scheer an opportunity to form government and take us down the corrupted, hateful path Trump has taken America.
It's a long shot, however, if Anderson were to see the video of Scheer comparing gay unions to dogs, he may be as disgusted as we are and decide to help level the playing field by exposing the real racist trying to become PM of Canada.

rumleyfips said...

When Katie Simpson questioned Scheer-nonsense about skeletons in his closet, the boy had that deer in headlights look and refused to answer. In fact , during what should have been a triumphant moment for him, he was strangely subdued. He looked like he was hiding something.

Overnights posted this morning show the reformatories down and liberals , green and bloc up ; all slightly . We are back where we started with a turbulent week producing the same old results.

Seat projections are more interesting. No majority in sight , but possible support from smaller parties is interesting. The greens , independents and people's people won't get enough seats to be relevant. The reformatories could get over the hump with support form both the NDP and the Bloc ; not likely . Even if they managed that, the GG would have to call on Trudeau first. The libs could hit 170 with support from either the NDP or the Bloc.

rumleyfips said...

Sorry, I got distracted and that train of though left the station without me.

Scheer- idiocy seems to be softpedaling the blackface. Instead hes' yapping about non-existent tax raises ( and getting called a liar by the press for it) and going SNC, SNC,SNC. He appears to want to avoid any talk of racism.

Anonymous said...

I saw the tweet you sent to Stephen Maher reminding him of this story. Good for you Simon. I'm sorry that none of the bloggers at Progressive Bloggers are trying to help you, but don't let that discourage you.

brawnfire said...

Hi JD,
This long shot proposal of yours (excellent one!) might well have better prospects with Rachel Maddow, (TRMS/The Rachel Maddow Show) or Lawrence O'Donnell, (The Last Word). (Perhaps, even, Chris Hayes.)
Canadian media has nothing even approaching their progressive voices. (Kudos to MSNBC) (their own shows; their own choice of material; they get away with it due to their popularity with progressives; and their tv ratings)
I don't think Anderson Cooper is as progressive as either of them; nor as unabashed about asserting and fully presenting and fighting for our side/and point-of view.

brawnfire said...

Hi Simon, and please don't hate me for making a nuisance of myself. (Desperate times call for desperate measures! Says she who shall not be measured at this trying time.)
Hint. Hint.

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Hayes (All In) use Twitter, too.....

Jackie Blue said...

I just signed up for Reddit and got ribbing for suggesting the possibility that this was another Indiagate. All the patterns fit: an international humiliation (hundredfold of the last one) where what Trudeau is "wearing" is the subject of ridicule. But it is curious, don't you think, that Doug and Jason are in the USA this week and Modi had a rally with Trump?

Andrew Sullivan of NY Magazine was on Bill Maher the other night defending Trudeau, saying why should we erase all the good that the man has done just for some stupid mistakes he made when he was younger. The other two panelists were useless, some lawyer trying to link it to SNC and some activist who barely even addressed the Trudeau issue because she wanted to talk about Trump. Maher can be a prick and is no friend of Muslims even though he claims he just hates all religion. But he's not one for cancel culture either, having been at the end of it himself. Sullivan is gay and a small-c conservative. His twitter is @SullyDish if anyone wants to reach out to him. Even Bette Midler said on Twitter, "who benefited from having those pictures made public?" Exactly, Bette. Who is Michael Adamson and who paid him off?

I second your recommendation on trying to get in touch with Anderson Cooper. Maybe Ali Velshi at MSNBC and your own Daniel Dale at CNN for the Canadian connection. David Akin the hack was on Tucker Carlson, an absolute tool who is an open white supremacist and even made the same stupid and racist "Gypsy" insults we know from Ezra Levant.

This is a very American Kudatah. I again am so very sorry that the elephant in the bed has awoken and is on the rampage against your country.

Jackie Blue said...

Well, that's good. I haven't been on Twitter and am actively avoiding it for my mental health. I do know that last night, Frank's latest missive was indicating certain calamity in Ontario, and David Colletto and Bruce Anderson weren't much more bullish on the Liberals either. Hopefully the debates change things for the better and those releases, if they are negative, prove to have response lag that, by the time the official charts are out, people have already started to shift and will even more so closer to election day once they really take the time to consider what putting Harper Jr. in the PM's high chair would be like.

brawnfire said...

Hi Jackie.
Re your "Hope... the debates change things for the better and those releases, if they are negative, prove to have response lag that, by the time the official charts are out, people have already started to shift"
Happily, you might just be underestimating Canadians:
I.e. Today's headlines in the the National Post, no less!
How did Canadians react to Trudeau's blackface photos? With a big meh, polls find

Jackie Blue said...

Yay, there's still a chance!! 😀

Now, someone please inform the media that it's time to change the subject to something more important. Like, I dunno... policies? 🤷

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, and you're going to think me ridiculous, Brawnfire but... if one of those pollsters called me up, I'd tell them that I like him even Moor.

Confession: I used to lurk on a Disney fanfic Tumblr before Yahoo gobbled it up. A different forum that is more politically sensitive that I also used to belong to (and which is "canceling" him over this), would probably ban me for admitting how I really feel:

I thought he looked sexy as Prince Eric 🧜‍♂️ now I think he looks even hotter as a Disneyfied Peter O'Toole or Rudolph Valentino. 👳 🧞 Yes, even with Ted Turner's Crayola oversaturation filter dialed up as far as it will go.

I'm going to hell for this. 😈 But I think he looks chic -- er, sheik...

Anonymous said...

Hi Brawnfire, I say the more the merrier and hope someone picks up the real story of what we're fighting for in Canada. I was hoping that with Anderson's clout and the fact that he's gay, it would strike a chord that would resonate in our favour.

Hi Jackie, I to was impressed with Andrew's defense of JT and not surprised by the ignorance of the other two. Bill does get points though for not letting Dumbo go on about JT's "obstruction of justice" claim. As for Akin being on Carlson's show, pathetic.