Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Ugly Toilet Bowl Moment

I have to admit I'm stunned. I honestly thought that Andrew Scheer had hit rock bottom when he refused to apologize for comparing LGBT Canadians to dogs.

And exposed his naked homophobia.

But I was wrong. Somehow Scheer managed to sink even lower into the steaming bowl of excrement.

And now he's accusing Justin Trudeau of dating Faith Goldy !!!!!

Can you believe it? Dating HIS Faith Goldy !!!

The one he canoodled with all the time at the hate mongering Rebel.

The one he had all those steamy talks with about the Muslim threat, and how to turn Sharia Law into Scheeria law.

And even made plans to go duck funting hunting together.

Until Goldy was caught cheerleading for the Nazis in Charlottesville, and Scheer had to drop her like a hot potato.

Only to see this the other day...

Which must have driven Scheer CRAAAAAAAZY with jealousy.

But what he apparently didn't know was that his darling Goldy had deleted that provocative tweet.

And was now claiming it happened at a convention in 2010.

Goldy did not respond to invitations to comment on Monday. In an earlier interview with the National Post in April 2019, however, she described having drinks with Trudeau and two of her female friends in Ottawa in about 2010. 

She could not recall a specific date, but said it was at a biennial convention when Michael Ignatieff was the leader and Trudeau widely known to be a contender. 

After Trudeau tried and failed to get them all into a suite party, the four went instead to Zoe’s Lounge, at Trudeau’s invitation, Goldy said.

It was considerably less heated than she seemed to be insinuating, and definitely less heated than her passionate tête-à-têtes with Scheer.

And the only images of her and Justin Trudeau show him giving her a cold shoulder.

And I mean a cold shoulder. 

Which left her and Warren Kinsella both looking like idiots.

But did at least prove again, that this sleazy Con hog was, is, and always will be unfit to be prime minister...

You know, it has to be said. If Canadians allow the Cons to drag our politics into the toilet. And get away with lying like thieves.

Sooner or later we will end up in a place called fascism...


rumleyfips said...

Poor Faith Dowdy. She does everything but set her hair on fire for attention and is ignominiously ignored.

Jackie Blue said...

They are absolutely low and disgusting. Ezrat is "insinuating" that Trudeau is having an affair with Melanie Joly and Wornout is "insinuating" that he groped Bianca Andreescu. A riding association in BC posted a Trudeau suicide meme on its official Facebook page. The Probe & Wail gave Ezrat mainstream editorial space after the Parliamentary Press Gallery gave Ruble Media the boot. Do we need any more evidence that the fourth estate is a fifth column?

This hate group masquerading as a political party needs to be investigated and shut down. For that matter, so should their propaganda mouthpieces, and that includes the G&M. My hope is that the new revelations in JdM about illegal robocalls (again) and that investigation into Kenney will eventually be the end of them. That, I'm sure, is why Scheer sent the letter to the RCMP calling for Trudeau's arrest and Fife issued that "bombshell" to derail the writ day. I'm holding my breath dreading Friday's "Jody day." They're all rolling in the hog swamp together. They're all sewer rats aiming for a coup and a nuclear Schmeer campaign against a good man and his young family. For them to drag Bianca into it is the absolute lowest of the low.

Jackie Blue said...

Report this bullshit tweet from Brock Harrison to Elections Canada. Brenda Lucki gave a presser about the Ortis case. She was asked a question about SNC. She didn't confirm any investigation. Brock is lying and needs to be held accountable for it.


Steve said...

I sent an email to John Moore Newstalk 1010, who seems to be very supportive of the Gay community asking him why he give Homophobic Andy the kid glove treatment.

Steve said...

absolutely insane, the right makes Trudeau posing with a young tennis star into a creepy joe.

Anonymous said...

Mad Max is running on exactly the same political platform that the Scheer Cons ran for the last 3 years to lock in the populist vote. Although there is still lots of dog whistling in their news clips the negative divisive propaganda has mostly disappeared from their official party platform to be replaced with Trudeau the Grinch stole Christmas but fear not Scheer Clause is coming to town with joyous wealth enhancing presents for everyone especially if you are rich enough to leave some milk and cookies. The biblical RetroCons and allies have been cocooned with piped in social media while Scheer trolls the election pool for new suckers. Berniers 'tell it like it is' with simple Monday morning quarterback solutions has the potential to attract Scheer's base but after 3 years it will likely take more shock and awe to awaken the zombies than Bernier can muster before election day. Eventually they will realize the public Scheer now speaks in an strange convoluted elitist type language but that will take time. In the interim every ounce of sticky mud Scheer tries to shake off his boot and ends up with more on the other one helps the cause.