Thursday, September 12, 2019

Andrew Scheer Collides With The Abortion Issue. Again.

Anyone who has studied Andrew Scheer, and his strongly held religious views, knows that if he had his way, there would be no abortion rights in Canada.

He is that kind of religious fanatic, more American than Canadian.

But he is very careful to keep his extremist views under wraps, until he has a majority government and enough anti-choice MPs to severely restrict the rights of women. 

So I was surprised to see that on his first full day of campaigning, he collided head-on with the abortion issue, when the Liberals released this shocking video.

And a few hours later Scheer found himself with the woman in that video, the York Centre Con candidate Rachel Willson. 

Looking and sounding really worried.

And claiming that the Liberals were using the abortion rights issue as a distraction tool.

“It’s not a surprise that the Liberals are once again trying to push this thing out. The only people who are continually trying to reopen this debate or fear mongering this issue are Liberals,” he said. 

“I’m going to make a prediction: they’re going to continue to do this for 39 days, because they are desperate to change the channel on their scandals and corruption.”

Which is outrageous. Somebody needs to tell Scheer that the abortion rights of Canadian women are infinitely more important than the dinky details of a fake scandal.

And that he can't be parachuting anti-choice candidates into ridings all over Canada, and then claim he is not planning to re-open the abortion debate.

But he is right to be worried.

Decent Canadians are going to keep the abortion issue in his face for the next 39 days.

And it is going to help destroy him...

Andrew Scheer has no right to attack anyone exposing the Con's anti-abortion conspiracy.

What he needs to do is reveal what else he is hiding.

The Cons made a dangerous religious fanatic their leader.

And they must be made to pay for it...  


Jackie Blue said...

He's shitting the bed at the Maclame's debate. From what I'm seeing on the social media commentary, it's not even a professionally put-together venue (more like debate club in a high school auditorium), and he's even sucking at that. He's going to crap himself in front of a panel of women. TVA and the official French debate should be fun, because his French is worse than Google Translate and even the BQ guy who doesn't have a seat called him out for being an anti-abortion fanatic. Well played, Team Trudeau. Well played indeed.

Anonymous said...

Some voters are starting to suspect that the Scheer Cons don't know what they want to be when they grow up. But that's not true, they are oily fundamentalist ReformaCons hiding behind the Conservative brand name. Lots of distractive dribble about the other guy but no real focus on a verified platform. Their climate action plan is essentially the same one Dougie scrapped with Scheers support in order to challenge the Liberals backstop on carbon pricing. Unsupported claims that 80% of the middle income families have seen an $800 per year federal tax increase is suspicious as the tax rates have remained the same or decreased slightly for the lower income earners, possibly something to do with improved pension benefits and refundable carbon pricing. No commitment to reduce the marginal tax rate but lots of promises for employment in building oily infrastructure. In addition to their regressive social ideology this is the crux of the ReformaCon agenda. Nothing specific on the how but based on past comments it likely goes like this. a) Pass pipeline friendly laws b) support strong arm personalities in native communities and provide self governing incentives... nothing like a free society controlled by a dictator c) In addition to the site C dam bribe Quebec with a hydro transmission corridor to provide carbon free electricity to heat oily sludge. A win win for all concerned except for the environment, native communities, consumers and industries who could use the electricity directly rather than heating tar and of course Canada's economic future and unity as the wedge issues are amplified to achieve a tarry goal. Be sure not to miss the next installment of ReformaCon Land coming to a polling both near you.


Simon said...

Hi Jackie....yes he was horrible. He looked like he was so angry Trudeau wasn't there he didn't even want to speak to May and Singh. As if it was beneath him. I'm starting to think that Scheer has some serious psychological problems, and a couple of intense debates in French will hopefully send him over the deep end....

Simon said...

Hi RT...What most Canadians don't know is that this is the Big Oil election. Because smaller Canadian operators have taken over from the big multinational companies they are a much more angry right wing force than they were before. And they want a government that follows their orders to the T. In the United States the same thing is happening with Big Pharma. They have decided that if the DEA is going to come after them for flooding America with opioids they are going after the DEA and limiting its powers to prosecute them. I suppose someone will call it the final chapter of neoliberalism or even capitalism. But whatever it will be called it will resemble our worst nightmares...