Friday, September 20, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Con Media Assault On Our Democracy

I watched Justin Trudeau's town hall in Saskatoon last night, and I have never been more impressed with our prime minister.

Not just because of the brilliant way he handled the questions from the more than 600 people in the auditorium.

But also because he's still looking good, or still alive, after the grotesque onslaught from our grubby Con media.

Which included this outrageous suggestion that he should resign from the Con hack David Akin.
Can you believe it? 

The Con tool who worked with Ezra Levant at the disgustingly biased and bigoted Sun TV asking anyone to resign?

When he is the one who should have been fired long ago... 

For being more of a Con propagandist than a journalist.

Akin did delete that tweet, after his foaming toxic Trudeau hate subsided momentarily.

But it will stand forever as an example of how the Con media fixation with the Trudeau dress up story is distorting this election and threatening our democracy.

For not only is that obscene fixation crowding out all the other issues that should be debated during a federal election.

Like climate change.

Or youth unemployment, or how we are going to care for our seniors in a rapidly aging country. 

This all Trudeau all the time obsession is also allowing Andrew Scheer to hide from his own bigoted past.

And allowing him to conceal his secret plans to slash social services, reduce pensions, and privatize medicare.

Just like his ghastly Con buddies Jason Kenney and Doug Ford are already doing...

It's a monumental betrayal of the Canadian people, one that could result in thousands of premature deaths, and condemn millions of others to live in abject misery.

A betrayal that should it result in a Scheer government, is one the Con media will never live down. 

And for which it would NEVER be forgiven.

And the good news?

Despite the hysterical media overreaction, most Canadians seem to know a manufactured scandal when they see one.

And so far at least, they're not impressed.

Or couldn't give a damn. 

Compared to the results from Thursday, the Liberals have fallen by 0.4 percentage points, the Greens slipped by 0.3 points and the Conservatives have dropped by 0.2 points. Meanwhile, the NDP and Bloc are up by 0.3 percentage points each, while the People’s party rose by 0.4 points.

But what is already clear is that a lot of Canadians are refusing to be brainwashed by the Con media into abandoning Justin Trudeau. 

And needless to say I'm not abandoning him either.

Justin Trudeau is not a racist. The Con media is trying to frame him or smear him. 

Their obvious bias is threatening our democracy.

So before the Con hogs are emboldened to try steal the election.

We must let the Con media know that we are sick of their dirty game.

And that enough is enough is ENOUGH....


Anonymous said...

NANOS has the CONS climbing and Nik's numbers are used in the 338 aggregate. And I agree that Akin is "grubby" and that was a disgraceful spectacle he put on yesterday. I'm sure if we went back 20 years into that filthy hacks past we would find all manner of offensive material. If only the media would hold Scheer to the same standard as they hold JT. There is the G&M giving a platform to Levant. It's frightening to believe that Canadians could be so easily manipulated into handing government over to a raging homophobic bigot who would do great harm to this nation.

Jackie Blue said...

Someone else thinks this was Harper going nuclear and that we need to know more about this Michael Adamson asshole. Giving the photos to the American media was deliberate to humiliate Trudeau all over the world. No coincidence at all that Ford and Kenney are in the U.S. talking up "business" and the headlines baited Trump. I hate Harper, I hate Scheer, I hate this Adamson prick and I hate the lying press. I love Justin and I know he didn't mean any harm. How dare they do this to a good man. How dare they.

Jackie Blue said...

I'm literally shaking and crying thinking that maybe they're not manipulated. Maybe in a post-Trump era they feel emboldened to be the way they were inside all along. Look at Bill 21 and the yellow vests and the backlash toward refugees. They're gnawing on this one incident to deflect from their own bigotry. Jean-Marc Léger nailed it I think: Trudeau is who Canadians say they want to be but Scheer might be who they really are. I sincerely hope against hope that doesn't turn out to be true.

Anonymous said...

Simon what I don't understand is why the MSM appears to be singing from the same song book. You get the same story over and over again on every channel. Who is writing the script, and who is paying for it?

Anonymous said...

They've got the media in their pocket, they've got a troll army and more bots than you can count. The Cons are already preparing to steal the election and the media are looking the other way. Elections Canada needs to step in before it's too late.

ottlib said...

So a poll with a margin of error of a little over 2% shows changes in the estimates for each party of less than 1%. That is statistical noise. So over two days of talking about Justin Trudeau's face would appear to have had no impact on public opinion. Any public poll needs to be taken with a container ship full of salt but I would not be surprised that Mr. Trudeau's face from 18 years ago is a non-issue for most ordinary Canadian. Seriously, they have much bigger problems to worry about.

What we need to understand is the ruling classes of all of the Western countries are hopelessly out of touch with the concerns of the ordinary people of their countries.

The politicians, the media and the movers and shakers of the business world are comfortably ensconced in their own little bubble, engaged in the most incestuous relationship imaginable.

Hell, hundreds of thousands of kids and other concerned with climate change staged a world wide strike today. So what was the top story on the news this evening? Mr. Trudeau's announcement of stricter gun control laws and further mentions of his face. Stricter gun laws are laudable, his face from 18 years ago not so much but both pale in comparison to all of those kids begging their elders to think of their future and act to save it.

It is pathetic. So David Akin is just another of those out-of-touch yahoos.

History has demonstrated that when the ruling classes become out-of-touch with the people they rule revolution is always a possibility.

However, assuming no revolution and our civilization surviving the unfolding climate crisis it should be noted that the history of our time will not be written by us. It will be written by those who come after us. Our generation describes those who vanquished the Nazis as the greatest generation. How will those that come after us describe our generation in 50 or so years? I am certain it will not be in such glowing terms.

Jackie Blue said...

IDU and other dark money sources probably. Harper visited Trump's WH in 2018, blindsiding Trudeau during the NAFTA talks. Probably to get "advice" for how to get revenge and take him down. This smells very familiar: Shortly before the 2016 election social media went alight with stories about Hillary Clinton being a racist because she supported Robert Byrd. The result was an ensuing #WalkAway campaign (look it up) astroturfed to convinced voters of color to abandon the "Democratic plantation." Suppressing the vote by convincing voters of color and "woke" young white progressives to either stay home or vote third party. To this day millions of people consider Hillary Clinton an unrepentant racist. I have said it before and I will say it again. Justin Trudeau is the male version of Hillary Clinton. SNC was the "emails" scandal and now we get Byrdgate North. They are doing to him what was done to Wynne and Notley. They've made him a radioactive pariah. This is white supremacist patriarchy at work. The lying press is the enemy of the people.

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

Mainstreet has the Libs ahead by 2, Nanos has the Cons ahead by 4+.
Cons seem to be waaaaaaaaay up in Ontario, which is really, really weird?
My only relief is that there is ONE MONTH before the election, so the Liberals can fix this. But they need to do it QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.
And they need to start NOW.

Jackie Blue said...

TBH, Nanos had the Cons numbers going up even before Trudeau's Soul Man audition leaked. Nobody else has this outsized lead except a weird poll from Nick Kouvalis that 338 labeled an outlier, so 🤷 ?

I'm hoping the gun-control initiative turns things around. That's a big deal in crucial ridings in Ontario. And the debates. The problem again is the media not focusing on policy announcements. They want ratings and scandal and are on the take to demolish Trudeau. I don't know if the pollsters are rigging the moneyball machine. Anything is possible and I don't trust anyone anymore. Not after what the same bad-faith characters did to Hillary Clinton and not with Harper on the prowl.

I'm so sorry for what my country is doing to Canada.

Anonymous said...

A month is an eternity in an election campaign and yes, the Cons and their media will milk it for all it's worth but it will resonate only with those who wouldn't vote for JT anyways so who cares? The Cons can harp on and on while offering Canadians nothing policy wise while the Libs will stand on their many achievements from the past four years and why THEY DESERVE another four years in office. Meanwhile we get Andy Pandy who caters to white supremacists and every other form of deviant this country has calling JT a racist. It would be laughable if it weren't so outrageous.

Fozzy said...

Not according to EKOS, which is the poll to watch the most, it having been the most accurate in recent years. They have the Libs WAY up in ON, basically a lock.

Scot said...

Just saw a pic of Harper dressed up and painted like an Indian.

Jackie Blue said...

@Fozzy -- Frank hasn't issued a public release in awhile yet, and oddly enough it was Akin who chased him off of issuing those partial releases on Twitter. I do hope he comes out with some new tables soon, maybe by next week or sometime in October. I don't know what or where Nanos is sampling from but it's making the 338 and CBC graphs look ugly. Ever since Nik went corporate, selling out to CTV/G&M and starting that freemium model, I've been suspicious of what he's up to. Funny how he's not demanding that Grenier refrain from using his numbers anymore?

Frank and the team at Mainstreet (whose numbers get fed into the burgeoning Lean Tossup aggregator) seem to be the only decent pollsters around, and they get piled on by the big bullies like Darrell Bricker of Ipsos (another Global shill like Akin). Although, David Colletto at Abacus said the other night on Twitter that he has a gut feeling this campaign will end like 1972, so maybe he's seeing something we're not...?

Jackie Blue said...

The polling isn't looking good as of right now. It'll be a miracle if they turn this around. Quito at Mainstreet just said on Twitter that they're starting to see some downward effects in the daily tracker. I can't believe that people upset by "racism" would jump ship to an actual racist but here we are. Those bastards really fucking destroyed him. I hate them so much.

God, I hope this shit doesn't end up being his legacy. He'll be a radioactive pariah for the rest of his life and that's what they want. Not content to fight fairly on policy judgments, they want to see him suffer and be humiliated. When he was welling up at the presser talking about how he found it difficult to face his kids, it made me start sobbing. I can say personally that my family tends to lean in a more small-c conservative or center-right position. My aunt is an avid viewer of Fox News. But even they thought this was a dirty smear campaign and that it's unfair to have everything good you've done negated by one mistake 20 years in the past. They actually like Trudeau -- a lot -- and they never say that about any other liberals. Not just because he's "cute" or telegenic but because he genuinely comes across as a good and decent human being. Some of the most fervent pleas in letters to Canadian papers begging Canadians to keep him around have come from Americans. Trust us. You don't know what you got until it's gone. Doug Ford just said in Ohio he's a strong Republican, what the fuck does anyone think Andrew Scheer is???

What I find galling too is the Cons' own hypocrisy. These fuckers don't really care about "racism." They just want to use it as a cudgel to abuse him with, like "feminism" with the JWR bullshit. They want him gone so they can get away with abusing those same minorities who are actually defending him now. Just like with Hillary and "Byrdgate" or the emails. If Obama ends up turning his back on Justin over one stupid mistake then fuck Obama right in the ear. Prince Harry dressed up like a Nazi, does that make him a bad guy???

And the NDP are milking this cynically for all it's worth, because their only goal is to demolish the Liberal Party and set themselves up as the only extreme option for progressives to flock to. Their own resident Bernie Bro contingent (or Conbots pretending to be Dippers, one way or the other) is out in force harassing Liberal-supporting PoC and PoC Liberal MPs on social media. They're calling them Uncle Toms and tap dancers if they don't get behind Jughead, who I mistakenly thought could be a respectable voice in all of this but turns out to be another opportunistic politician. Zero respect for him either. Another JWR who'd sell out his own people to the Cons for self-serving grandstanding purposes and to plunge a stake through Trudeau.

Trudeau is the only one acting out of sincere contrition, and he's getting raked over the coals and crucified no matter what he tries to do. For all these assholes, the end justifies the means. They want people to hate him. They're sadists. They're absolutely fucking sick. If you guys end up kicking him out over this bullshit, I'm going to drive up there myself, put him in the car and bring him home where he'd be appreciated!!!

Jackie Blue said...

Read this thread. It sounds conspiratorial but anything is possible. Someone raised a question as to whether an operative might have exploited Hasan Minhaj's program to leak the photos to US media. He's digging into the B.C. connection because someone else seems to have found a Michael Adamson who is a Con donor.

Who do we know that has a grudge against Trudeau, wants to depict him as a racist (aka "colonial settler"), and is running for office in B.C.? Doesn't the timeline seem curious that the story broke just a couple days before this hypothetical person was supposed to release a book slamming the Liberal government for being "structurally racist"?

If Canada had real journalists, these would be the questions they'd be asking. Instead of countless tabloid hot takes -- nearly all of them from pearl-clutching white people -- about the latest Trudeau bombshell.

Shame on them. Now I have more names to add to my Arya Stark list.

Simon said...

Hi anon....It is frightening to think that thanks to the Con media's failure to hold the creepy Scheer accountable we could end up with a misogynistic, racist, and homophobic government that could take us back to the dark days of the Harper regime. Or worse. As I said in my post, the Con media has betrayed this country, and must be held accountable...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...That Jean-Marc Leger quote will haunt me for the rest of the campaign because it has the ring of truth about it. Ten years of Harper corrupted this country, and Trump's influence may have only accelerated Canada's decline. We used to be proud of being a relatively decent country, but I wonder if we still are...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....The latest rumour I heard, from what seems a reliable source, is that Steve Bannon gave the Aladdin pics to Breitbart that passed them on to the Koch owned Time magazine. I'm not one who goes for conspiracy theories, but I haven't the slightest doubt that powerful foreign interests will do all they can to try to elect the Scheer Cons...

Simon said...

Hi anon....If they all sound the same it's because they are a small mediocre and incestuous group who could comfortably fit into a school bus, and love sniffing each other's farts. But the question of who is paying them is far more interesting and ominous. I believe that this election will one day be known as the Big Oil election because our oil pimps are spending a fortune backing third party groups, trolls and bots. But we are making progress exposing them and when their activities are fully revealed they and the Cons will be in big big trouble...l

ottlib said...

The media in this country did Mr. Trudeau no favours in 2015 either. They dismissed him and the Liberals at first and then when it became apparent that Mr. Trudeau was overtaking Mr. Harper they became quite nasty towards the Liberals. I remember during the last week of the campaign the Liberals made a small misstep, the only one in an otherwise brilliant campaign, and the media jumped all over it and talked about nothing else for the last week. Their efforts did not change the outcome.

Now they cannot ignore Mr. Trudeau because he is the PM. Many in the media would like to change that and they are trying very hard to do so. But I must say that they seem to be trying too hard. They probably would not admit it but they have a very steep uphill battle to knock off Mr. Trudeau and so far they have not even come close.

Mr. Trudeau and his campaign team are not stupid. They knew this was going to happen, they prepared for it and so far they have been handling it pretty well.

With regard to the polls ignore them. If the 2016 US presidential election taught us anything it is polls and pollsters are useless. For the most part they are contracted to work for media outlets, which we already know have their own agendas that do not include reporting this election in a fair and objective fashion.

If you want to see how things are progressing look at the campaigns. The 18 year old pictures of Mr. Trudeau's face forced their campaign to deal with them for a couple of days but they are back on track with the gun control announcement yesterday. I would bet a significant sum of money that their internal polls indicate that the face pictures did not do significant damage. I would also bet that those same internal polls indicate that they are leading in this election.

Then look at the Conservative campaign. Mr. Scheer does not look like he is enjoying himself. Indeed, he looks miserable. I have noticed that he has even stopped giving us that creepy Howdy Dowdy smile of his when he is making an announcement. Anybody will tell you that winning, in sports, in politics, in life, gives you a certain spring in your step. Losing has the exact opposite effect.

The NDP and Green campaigns have been invisible, which can only add to Mr. Scheer's misery because it has been apparent for sometime that the Conservative strategy (Hope?) is to split the progressive vote. However, for that to happen the NDP and the Greens have to live up to their end of the bargain. (I do not use the phrase lightly). So far they have not done so either.

There is still plenty of time in the election so anything can happen but the time is ticking. Those who would like to see Mr. Trudeau and his government replaced are running out of time. I would say if you do not like how the media is covering this election now the next month is going to cause you much consternation. As the time passes they will become much more strident in their attacks on Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals.

Steve said...

I just watched the new Brad Pitt movie, its a climate change denier masterpiece. Movies used to move us , tell us the truth, now they are COCK bros legacy.

lagatta à montréal said...

Jackie, Law 21 (or whatever number it has as a law). I don't support it. But it is a law, for better or worse.

Jackie Blue said...

Hey, if anyone wants to read it and share. The fan letter I wrote to Justin. USPS said it should get to Ottawa in about 10 days.

And, the accompanying soundtrack. Cigarette lighters up.

Deb Reynolds said...