Saturday, September 07, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Debasement of Canada

As everybody must surely know, ever since Andrew Scheer became Con leader he has gone after Justin Trudeau day after day like a rabid hyena. Or whatever.

Spewing disgusting attack ads at him in a manner more American than Canadian.

So this couldn't be more outrageous.

Can you believe it? The grubby Scheer is now portraying himself as a victim?

Even though Trudeau has never attacked him in the way Scheer has attacked the prime minister.

And his outrageous claim that he is the victim isn't just projection, it's just another example of Scheer's political pornography. 

Just another example of the way he crawls through the gutter, lies all the time, never apologizes, and has no shame whatsoever.

Even though he does have a lot to be ashamed about.

In recent weeks he has been exposed as a man who would restrict the human rights of women, compare LGBT Canadians to dogs, and do absolutely nothing to fight climate change.

While trying to smear Trudeau with fake news like this:

For which he has yet to apologize.

You know, my parents taught me to avoid people like Scheer, and I have done my best to honour their request, only to see the filthy Cons turn my beautiful country into a sewer.

Complete with fake news.

Cowardly death threats. 

And all kinds of grubby toxic Trudeau haters... 

Dirty old Cons whose violent rhetoric is also poisoning the well, undermining our values and setting the stage for an alt-right takeover, and the end of Canada as we know it.

Even though we are one of the most peaceful and successful nations on earth.

And the Trudeau government deserves a lot of credit for what it has done to try to repair the damage of so many Harper years.

It's depressing, but there is some very good news. On Monday the election campaign is expected to begin, and we will finally have a chance to clean up our Canada.

By going after all those who are fouling it.

And by sending Andrew Scheer to the place where he so rightfully belongs..

It's going to be a hard battle.

But we have no choice but to fight it and win.

For the Cons must sent to the garbage can of history, if our Canada is going to survive...


Jackie Blue said...

I don't know if the election call will be on Monday. The hurricane and the Manitoba election might push it back until September 15.

In any event your point stands. Scheer is a filthy projectionist liar, an austerity fanatic, and a bigot and his entire party needs to be trashed at the polls.

I'm getting really tired of purists who can't or won't see the bigger picture. "Muh electoral reform" is not sufficient cause to hand over your country to neo-Nazis, FFS.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, and speaking of debased -- have you seen the latest installment in how creepy he's gotten? He's literally plagiarizing JT's 2015 adverts. He wants to BE Justin! That's some fucked-up Mr. Ripley shit right there. 😖

Anonymous said...

When I saw that ridiculous video I honestly thought that Scheer was cracking up. Did he really think that Canadians would believe that Justin Trudeau is bullying him? Does he think we are all fools? What on earth are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

Only an idiot would believe that Scheer is being bullied and seeing how idiots and bullies populate his base, that is where the Scheer bullshit will be absorbed as fact. We've seen this tired, desperate movie before as it runs its endless loop in the Con projector of myth and manure, diatribe and diarrhea, fallacy and feces.

Steve said...

its like when then turned John Kerry a war heroes medals into a negative. Never underestimate the power of the word.

Jackie Blue said...

Simon, you may want to include this woman's story in a followup post. Her own neighbors yelled misogynistic bile at her just for putting a Liberal sign out in her front yard.

This is the level of hate that Cons have for Liberals, especially Liberal women. Read the whole thread. One person responded in kind that in 2015, her neighbors snarled at her and called Trudeau a homophobic slur.

Then there's this. You should screenshot this too. Con hecklers even yelled vulgar sexual things about Sophie when Justin was at a campaign event. I have heard that she's going to be out campaigning, mostly in Quebec apparently, but I'm not surprised that she hasn't been as publicly visible lately, except for a few posts on Instagram. Look at this. Absolutely vile.

This is the root of it. His "unpopularity". Nothing to do with SNC, carbon pricing, or the deficit. It's misogyny. Pure and simple. Against Liberal women in general and against (the) Trudeau(s) in particular.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

"What the hell is wrong with people?"
They're classless, sick, twisted fucks who have no place in a law abiding society, Jackie. They're emboldened by the likes of Trump, Harper, Scheer, Levant, Goldy, etc. who can't have a civil debate on issues without turning it into a salvo of personal attacks.