Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Disgraceful Sham Apology of Sun News and Ezra Levant

Well it wasn't much of an apology. 

The Sun News network has apologized to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and declared that an “offensive” rant against his parents’ morality — which included a description of Pierre Trudeau as a “slut” — should have never made it to air.

Ezra Levant wasn't man enough to deliver it himself.

So instead it was scrolled on the screen like a public health warning...

But it did tell us all we need to know about Sun News.

The apology did not come from the Sun TV performer, Ezra Levant, who made the slurs and subsequently wrote the same allegations in a column published in Sun newspapers. 

Nor did the apology include any retraction of remarks presented as facts during the segment, particularly a Levant allegation that Trudeau, the son of morality-challenged parents, had forced himself into a wedding photo against the wishes of the family involved.

It's not a serious network. It has no sense of decency. And it can't control this bestial BULLY...

And of course, it told us more than any decent Canadian probably needed to know about Ezra Levant.

Who after being too cowardly to apologize, too low to retract his filthy smear.

Would dedicate his tacky, amateurish show to the insane notion that Christians are being persecuted in Canada...

In an obvious attempt to make himself look like a martyr, instead of a cowardly bully.

Only to remind us once again, with his sweaty defence of the deranged Calgary street preacher Artur Pawlowski, who believes that gay people get their instructions from Satan...

That Levant is also a ghastly bigot and has the record to prove it. 

“One of the longest and most sustained on-air broadcasts of hate-speech against any community in Canada that we’ve witnessed since our organization was established in 1997.”

That record.

While also reminding us that Fox News North isn't a network, it's a freak show...

As well as the unofficial voice of the Con regime. 

Harper's former flak Kory Teneycke's stinky little fish...

And that the only reason Levant got off so lightly is because Stephen Harper and his depraved band of PMO fanatics need him to help them destroy Justin Trudeau.

Or smear him beyond recognition.

And they all know that only the lizard Lezra can crawl even lower than their Great Leader...

For which they are not disgusted like most normal people would be, they're GRATEFUL.

Oh boy. You know, we really do need to clean up this country by getting rid of that filthy Con regime and its depraved leader.

Who would drag us all into the gutter with him. 

Sun News should be boycotted by all decent Canadians.

And this grotesque freak show really does need a public health warning...

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  1. Sept. 28 CTV's Question Period

    slide time bar to 41:44 mark

    Trudeau vs Sun Media

    1. hi David...yes I saw it thanks, and I incorporated it into my latest post

  2. JT should maintain his boycott then. Ezra really needs someone to teach him a lesson.

    1. hi thwap...well I think he should. He won't because the media pack in Ottawa would be all over him. As I've said before they move like a school of fish. But in my opinion Sun News is such an obvious organ of the Harper Cons Trudeau owes them NOTHING...

  3. Sun & Levant are lucky that Justin Trudeau and the bride are not suing Levant for slander after the disgusting insinuations he made. He basically said Justin Trudeau wanted to get the bride into bed. These poor private citizens were dragged into the sleaze of Sun News because of Levant. He caused all this controversy around their wedding day and tried to wreck their photo experience with Justin Trudeau.

    1. hi Craig...yes they are lucky, but who can blame Trudeau for not bothering? That whole piece by Levant was so utterly disgusting who would want to go over that again in court? As you know I believe politics is a contact sport, at least in Harper's Canada. But there is a limit. While I may be hard on Great Leader I would NEVER attack his family. And what Levant did was simply unforgivable...