Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Shabby Treatment of Trooper Blais

She fought with the guys. She was killed by their side. But when they brought Trooper Karine Blais home today, they treated her differently.

Canada's chief of defence staff issued an apology Thursday for the decision to make a stopover in Ottawa to drop off troops from the plane that was bringing their slain comrade back to Canada from Afghanistan.

Blah.Blah.Blah. The General can say what he wants. But that was HER flight..... HER last flight home. And they treated her like freight.

Shame on those idiot Brass heads, and good for this soldier.

A "very upset" member of the Canadian Forces sent an email to the CBC complaining about the stopover on the flight from Kandahar Airfield to CFB Trenton, in Ontario.

The person said Trooper Blais "did not get the respect she deserved" and that the 116 other Canadian soldiers who have died in Afghanistan have first landed in Trenton.

Oh boy. It really makes you wonder how badly our army is broken. Why couldn't we properly honour that brave woman. Why couldn't we protect this one?

When Kandahar is supposed to be OUR turf.

And BTW what exactly are we teaching our Afghan police trainees?

Swarms of angry men shouting epithets and hurling stones confronted hundreds of Afghan women who staged a rare public protest yesterday against a law that allows husbands to demand sex from their wives.

Some of the policemen assigned to keep the two groups apart joined the protest, shouting threats at the women.

And since we're talking about the Afghan police... how is that boy rape investigation going?

Then there’s that weekly ritual I observed at forward operating base Wilson in the summer of 2007, where young boys selected by Afghanistan police officers were brought inside the base for what disgusted Canadian soldiers told me was “man love Thursday”. This weekly ritual of child sexual abuse may continue even now, although Canadian soldiers have been told to practice zero tolerance against it and a military investigation has been launched.

Because I really want to know what kind of values we are propping up in the barbarous Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Because they sure aren't mine or Canadian eh?

But of course the extension of this mission had nothing to do with human rights.And everything to do with Stephen Harper's attempt to exploit divisions in the Liberal Party. And pose as a strong leader.

And now we're all paying for his criminal folly. Especially our soldiers who are fighting and dying in a moral SWAMP.

Oh yeah...that reminds me. As I said the other day.

No matter how crazy this mission may be..

No matter how shabbily they treated her.

Like all the other soldiers who died.

Trooper Blais is still a hero...


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