Thursday, April 02, 2009

Stephen Harper's Poopy G20 Summit

Oh no.I see Great Economist , Statesman , Poopy Leader missed the call for his group shot with the other G20 leaders...because he was too busy answering the call of nature.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had, the Toronto Globe and Mail later reported, lost track of the time "while being briefed by an aide", though sources close to the summit lavatories suggested he had been responding to an altogether more primal call.

Then as if that wasn't embarrassing enough, his PMO flunkeys flushed what's left of our reputation abroad down the proverbial toilet..... by denying that El Poopo was having a dump.

And crapping all over the BBC !!!

The PMO says it is sticking to its story, has tracked down the BBC reporter to straighten her out, and expects a correction. A subsequent BBC story made no mention of the comfort break and reported merely that Harper was called aside by an aide when he missed the first photo.

Gosh. And I thought it was Harper who called the flunkey come and wipe his bum. And BTW where was John Baird when he NEEDED him?

But seriously....can you imagine what that correction is going to sound like? You'll be able to stick your head out of the window and hear the whole world LAUGHING.

And who to believe? The BBC or Great Lying Leader?

You know the loser liar who goes around claiming he saw the recession coming, when everyone knows he didn't ? Or the absurd liar who claims credit for our regulated banking system when he had diddly squat to do with it. And is, and always will be, a fanatical Bush Con DE-REGULATOR.

Or the shameless liar who still claims that the GST cut was good for the economy....when he knows it was only good for buying votes.

“Despite economic evidence to the contrary, in my view the GST cut worked...It worked in the sense that by the end of the ’05-’06 campaign, voters identified the Conservative party as the party of lower taxes.....It worked in the sense that it helped us to win.”

Golly. I don't know about you but I can't help but believe the BBC more than I believe Great Lying Leader....and his scummy PMO.

Just like I truly believe that if Harper doesn't stop embarrassing us abroad.

We'll all soon have to dress like this when we leave the country.

On the other hand I suppose it could be even MORE embarrassing eh?

We could be Stephen Harper.

Great Loser Leader has finally found his THRONE.

Fuck the world....cue the progressive blogosphere.


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