Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Vermont: Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

This is what happens when after twenty years of struggling for equality and dignity you finally win.

And you don't know whether to laugh or cry or dance with joy. Or all of the above.... like I did.

From Freedom Headquarters in Vermont this message tonight on what it means and why it matters.

Your actions matter to Sandi and Bobbi, who can finally get married right here in their own home state after 42 years of committed life together -- through life-threatening sickness, job loss, and the challenges of parenting, as well as the joys of raising a child, being grandmothers, and sharing each other's company.

Your actions matter to Nina and Stacy who have spent a dozen years advocating for children of gay and lesbian parents -- including their own. It matters to their son, Seth, who deserves to grow up in a world that recognizes, respects, and protects his family as much as any other.

Your actions matter to Scott, who as an adolescent struggling with his sexuality regularly contemplated suicide because he felt less worthy than his heterosexual siblings. And to the next generation of Scotts whose load will be lighter in a world where our laws don't reinforce outdated social stigmas.

The creepy bigots are already foaming with hatred.You wouldn't believe what they're saying.

But what chance does their ugly hatred have compared to the strength of our love?

The support of our straight friends and allies.

And of course the power of our songs of solidarity and celebration....like this one from the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles.

That I'm dedicating tonight to the good people of Vermont....

Sadly for gay people in California the struggle continues. As it does for millions of other gay Americans.

But after today I know they will get there sooner rather later. And I'll be with them all the way...and get to see the last bastion of bigotry CRUMBLE.

What more could I ask for?

Viva Vermont !!!!

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