Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Is Stephen Harper Losing His Grip?

As you probably know I have for a very long time been extremely worried about Stephen Harper's mental stability.

One moment he's his idea of a kitty loving Mr Nice Guy.

The next moment he's a monster.

So I must say I was very glad to see that Thomas Walkom is also worried.

There is a crazy, quiet air of desperation around Stephen Harper. On the surface, the Prime Minister is – as always – the personification of iron self-discipline. On television, he speaks in measured tones, his sentences deliberately interspersed with tight little smiles to suggest friendliness.

But the increasingly bizarre actions of his government suggest that this is a fa├žade.

And that Connie is furious.

The most significant impression I have gotten from this book is that the other side of PM Harper is a true Mr. Hyde.

Nicholls says that Harper was so incensed over Reformers dissing his leadership bid that he asked Nicholls to write a memo to him saying that Nicholls believed that Manning supporters were trying to undermine him. Then he wanted Nicholls to leak that memo to the press. Nicholls refused.

Golly. Mr Kitty and Mr Hyde. Mr Harper and Mr Monster. Give me a crucifix or a garlic clove. It doesn't get better than that.

Or worse for Stephen Harper.

Oh boy. I can't believe it. The country is almost SAVED !!!!!

It could't happen to a Mr Nicer Guy. Now all I need to know is who will PAY for the damage?

And who will save the KITTENS?


Anonymous said...

The kittens will turn feral and Harper will turn stomachs.

I like that Connie--bless her soul--is angry. One must be charitable to the vulnerable and unknowing of our society.
I hope someone sends her something to comfort her.

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...yes it's horrible how Harper's site has all these pet adoption notices. It's a ridiculous attempt to humanize the guy...and frankly I'm not buying it. As for Connie...well I have to say that's the first time I've ever linked to her....since I had a huge blowup with them and I decided to avoid FD because it was just TOO crazy.
But I am intrigued by that Nicholl's story about the fake memo leak because I think it's very telling. It's like Conrad Black cheating by selling exam papers. Those who cheat once usually do it again.
Actually, now that I think of it, I'm surprised the MSM hasn't picked it up...or am I presuming too much? :)