Friday, April 17, 2009

Homophobe Zombies Get Pwned. Again

Last week I told you how the nasty Christianist homophobes had launched a $1.5 million dollar campaign against gay marriage.

With this ridiculous Zombie ad.

And I also told you how the Forces of Light replied with a volley of YouTube parodies...which exposed them as liars and Frauds of the Undead.

Until the Zombies bit back

NOM used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to force YouTube and other video sites to remove the clips and replace them with a message saying: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by National Organization for Marriage."


So what were the good people to do?

Except spend a little money, shoot their own video.

And mock them mercilessly. Again...

And then they came for the DOG....


Is NOTHING sacred?

But what WILL the Zombies do next? Will they bite their heads off...or just bite their bags?

And will they EVER get their brains back?

Stay tuned for the next episode...


  1. It's extraordinarily ironic that NOM is now trying to suppress their own ad. It was designed, after all, for publicity. You'd think they'd be pleased.

  2. Great video! I favourited it.
    Excellent response.

  3. Hi RevDave...yes that did go through my mind too. But it must be painful to spend so much money, and have so many people LAUGH at you... :)

  4. Hi Oemissions...I'm glad you loved that video. I do too. I've been hoping for a chance to use it, and now I finally did... :)

  5. Yes but then I woke up in the night and had to read all those atrocious reports of gay men in Iraq fearing for their lives. Yikes!!!!

  6. Simon --

    Have you heard the latest? Apparently it's our old enemies, the Mormon "church" behind that stupid ad, and the whole NOM organization in general:

  7. Hi Oemissions...yes I read that story and the BBC had a video of some poor young guy being interrogated in a police station.
    It's just so depressing...not just for gays but also for women.
    Sad to think that for them life was better under Saddam....

  8. Hi 'berto...thanks for the link. You think those Mormons would have had enough. Interestingly enough the gay rights cause is making some progress in Utah.I read the other day that the governor says he has no problem with civil unions. And so do many others in that state.
    It sorta makes sense to me. The Mormons were cruelly persecuted you think they know better than pick on another group. It's the kind of thing that makes me an optimist. Or the guy who is always looking for the pony in the manure.... :)