Saturday, April 11, 2009

Me and the F-Word Blog Awards

I woke up this morning to discover that I have been nominated for a Canadian F-Word Blog Award in the Support Bro category.

And I just want to say I'm very honoured. I don't deserve an award. But I am really proud to be a strong supporter of women's rights.

Although to be honest I didn't really have a choice. I grew up in a household with three generations of feminists, my granny, my mum, and my sister. And the matriarchy RULED.

The boys picked up after themselves, did the dishes, their laundry.... cooked dinner on Sundays. And when granny spoke about the long struggle of women for equality they listened....or else.

So I naturally grew up believing that women were the superior gender, and nothing I've seen so far has changed that opinion. Or the conviction that if women ran the world it would be a better, kinder, gentler, and safer place.

And then of course as a gay guy I share the same enemies as the women's movement. The brutish forces of the patriarchy that would force us all back to the Middle Ages.

So joining my sisters at the barricades isn't just a duty.... it's a pleasure eh?

Anyway, that's all I want to say except thank whoever nominated me. Congratulate the good people at A Creative Revolution for hosting the awards. And urge everyone to go vote for your favourite feminist.

And by so doing support ALL of them.

Support bro? Woo hoo !!!!

I LOVE that word....


Anonymous said...

I suspect you have vicarious soul sisters who want you to get the recognition you deserve.

Now, most guys would feel, "eewwwww, I was nominated by women", but you're flattered.

Now, I want to cast a ballot for you.

skdadl said...

Well deserved, bro. *clap clap*

deBeauxOs said...

Why Simon, are you being a shameless hussy, laying out your fem creds for all to peruse in order to draw out the vote in your behalf?


Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...any guy who would think being nominated by a woman is "ewwwwwwww" isn't my kind of guy. And although as you probably realize I'm easily flattered. This is a real honour.
Now as for casting a ballot for me...EXCELLENT.
That way when I get TWO votes people won't know that I voted for myself... :)

Simon said...

Hi Skdadl...thank you (takes a bow)
I like to think that the F-word doesn't just stand for also means FUN... :)

Simon said...

Hi deBeauxOs...OMG was I that OBVIOUS? ;)
And I thought that doing the laundry AND cooking dinner on Sunday would clinch it. OK Ok I admit it, my mum and sister took pity on us boys so we didn't have to do the ironing.
At the time we thought that was great but now we're REALLY sorry... :)

Beijing York said...

I don't think you needed to do much pandering. Your top post on the side bar is still Abortion and the Flowerpot Women!

That's mega credentials in just one post, bro :-) Congrats on the well deserved nomination.

fern hill said...

Looks good on you, bro.

Simon said...

Hi no no I could NEVER pander for votes. Buy them? Maybe... :)
But thanks a lot I liked the flower pot post too. Although I got the idea from this great feminist blogger in Australia.
I also liked the post I did on how in Afghanistan women who are raped can end up in jail. Just because so little has been written on that crime against humanity.
My project for the next year? Write even more about it...

Simon said...

Hi Fern....thank you. As I said before it's a real honour... :)

Jennifer Smith said...

You got my vote, babe. Not for any feminist reasons - just 'cause you rawk.

Simon said...

Hi Jennifer...thanks a lot it means a lot coming from you.
Rawk and Roiling in the Great White North?
Hmmm...I think I might have a new blog slogan. Finally... :)