Sunday, April 05, 2009

Are We Angry Enough to Save the Planet?

I see that days after the G20 protests in London they're still trying to figure out what happened.

Was the isolated violence the fault of a small group of anarchists? Was it a spontaneous assault on capitalism? Or was it a police riot?

Diane Francis tries to defend both capitalism AND the anger.

I'm not condoning street violence but it will be helpful if political leaders understand that economic ruination by others -- whether a foreclosure in Detroit or a laid off worker in Cincinnati, Delhi or Bristol -- is also a violent act. It damages victims, not only financially but psychologically and socially

*Gasp* Diane Francis? Can The Abyss be far off?

While Johann Hari wonders why MORE people aren't angry.

We are facing a collapsed economy and a rapidly warming world because an extreme ideology has dominated world affairs for decades. It is the belief that markets aren't just a useful tool in certain circumstances; they are an infallible mechanism for running human affairs.

The climate is currently going the same way as the banks...Unless we swerve fast, we are soon going to hit global temperatures that no human being has ever lived through.

By 2015, we will have belched so much carbon into the atmosphere that we will cross the Point of No Return: the climate will start to unravel as all its natural cooling processes breaking down one by one, guaranteeing we become hotter and hotter. Once we hit an increase of 4 degrees, much of the world will become uninhabitable, and there will be vast wars for what remains.

And so do I. All the G20 leaders did was slap a band aid on a gaping wound. Coddle the bankers and all but ignore the planet.

When it should be obvious by now that both problems killing this world are caused by the same system. And that unless we change that system sooner or later we're doomed.

Am I ready for The Revolution ? Not really.

But I do know it's coming.

And I do love The Clash...

"Nobody understands it can happen again, hurrah, tala

The sun is shining and the kids are shouting loud

But you gotta know it’s shining through a crack in the cloud..."

The way I figure it a little anger can go a long way.

Because we've got a world to SAVE.

And time is running out...

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