Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is This the End of Stephen Harper ?

Now I know it's really Spring. The crocuses are pushing their way out of the earth.

While Stephen Harper is burrowing his way into the earth. And looking and smelling like manure.

Asked which party they would support if an election were held tomorrow, 36.7 opted for the Liberals while 30.2 per cent chose the Conservatives. About 15.5 per cent supported the NDP, while the Green party was the choice of 8.1 per cent and the Bloc Québécois was backed by 9.4 per cent.

EKOS pollster Frank Graves said the latest numbers, accompanied by regional breakdowns showing the Conservatives' level of support well below that of the Liberals in the key battleground provinces of Ontario and Quebec, suggest that "even the question of repeating a minority is an iffy proposition" for Harper's party.

I leave it up to others to pore over the numbers. (PDF)

But I can't help but point out this:

"Harper's approval rating is in the 90s for Conservative supporters," Graves said. "There's a vivid gap between the Conservative base, who are very happy with the general direction of the country, and everyone else."

Excellent. The Con sheep are so in love with Great Loser Leader they don't even realize he's leading them to the SLAUGHTERHOUSE.


But wait. Do you think it will hurt a lot when the sheep finally realize where they are going?

Golly I hope so. Because that would be a BONUS.

Oh boy. What more can I ask for eh?

The filthiest government in Canadian history is dying.

Canada is almost SAVED.

And Spring is finally here....


RossK said...



I'm not entirely certain that those two types of plant food alluded to by the crocci at the end of the post are actually mutually exclusive....

(in either content or stench)



Simon said...

Hi Gazetteer...well you may be right about that one. I'm a writer not a gardener. But I do know that HarperGro and manure do come from the same orifice. And if it had fit in the cartoon bubble I would have written "And even more STINKY than manure."
I also forgot to mention that Preparation HG can be extremely toxic. But now thanks to the latest developments it's also easily DISPOSABLE... :)

P.S. do you call mucho crocuses crocci? Ugh. I guess I'm a gardener not a writer...

Anonymous said...

There is a new EKOS/CBC poll out and the link to it is here:

To my mind, the end of Harper can't come fast enough!

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...yes that poll is GREAT news isn't it? The day that harper is defeated or quits will be one of happiest days of my life.
And such a great day for Canada I think we should declare it a national holiday. How about Freedom Day? :)