Sunday, April 26, 2009

Between the Abyss and the Apocalypse

What a strange almost surrealistic Spring.The news is so gloomy and frightening. But in the Great White North all that bad stuff seems so far away. Like it's not really happening.

Take the recession for example. It keeps on getting worse...and claiming new victims. But I can't see the misery. Everything around me seems normal ...except for a few haunting voices.

Like this moving post.

Recessions are depressing and the depression has finally gotten to me....

Willy thought he was different, than those workers who gave up their dreams to stand in one spot for thirty years. Willy was a mover and shaker who followed his dreams and always reached for the brass wing, but now in the end he has been replaced by bits and bytes, also questioning the choices he made.

In the end Just Another Willy Loman.

Or the old bank manager on TV trying to hold on to his dignity, while being hectored by some young bimbo on how to fill out a resume.

Or the man in the hospital waiting room telling another "I'm 59-years-old and nobody wants me."

But if you weren't listening for it you'd never know it was happening.

Because Spring in the Great White North looks just like it always does.

But for how long I wonder?

How long before the pain becomes unbearable? How long before they tell us not to kiss or hold hands..... like they're telling them in Mexico?

And what would it be like if a recession and a pandemic hit at the same time? And if they do.... how many young adults could be dead by the end of the summer?

Oh boy. Maybe denial has its moment after all.

Maybe it's time to give it a rest. Because life is too short.

Not to live it as well as he did.

Maybe it's time to surrender to Spring...and go a little wild. Fall in love all over again. Make a new video. Paint the town red.

Or just jump on my bike and go REALLY crazy.

Like Danny does...

I wish. But you know what I mean eh?

We all know we are going to die.

But between The Abyss and the Apocalypse.

Will we dare to LIVE?


Oemissions said...

Cool video!
Makes me want to tune up my bike.

Simon said...

Hi Oemissions...yes he's awesome isn't he? And all shot in the streets of my beautiful Edinburgh... *sigh* :)