Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Vanishing Criminals

Well so much for Stephen Harper's plans to become Canada's Great Mussolini Leader. So much for his law and order platform.

New statistics suggest serious criminal offences were on the decline well before the federal Conservative government launched its anti-crime campaign in Parliament.

The Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper has campaigned on promises to get tough on crime and has introduced a number of bills in Parliament to address what it characterizes as a rising problem.

Oh.My.Duce. Is that a fading police siren? Or the sound of a squeaky toilet ?

And why do these diving blue lines....

Remind me of Stephen Harper's polls?

Wow. Talk about the Con Connection. The more criminals there are the better they do. They must really LOVE them eh?

And what is Great Crime Fighter Fool Leader going to do now? Now that his absurd law and order rants will be met with howls of laughter ....instead of squeals of fear.

Will he create his own crime wave? Send out the tiny but notorious hitman Jimbo Flaherty, to rob banks and grab what's left of our money? He whacked the economy, so that should be a cinch. Or will he send out John "Screamer" Baird at the head of an army of pickpocketing Con hookers steal our moral fibre?

Because if that doesn't cause mass panic .....NOTHING will.

Gawd. Life in Con Canada.

Stay tuned. Today it's the invisible criminals

Tomorrow it's the KILLER KLOWNS....

Yikes. Do ReformCons REALLY see the world like that?

Brutish, violent and frozen in time.

They DO?


Arrest them ,defeat them, finish them off....

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