Monday, April 06, 2009

Are Harper's Days on the Throne Numbered?

When I saw that Great Strategist , Economist , Loser Leader had taken his family to New York and the G20 Summit . So they could go shopping while he sat on the pot, I knew something was up.

But I just thought he was giving them a farewell tour , fling , thrill at the taxpayer's expense. Who knew he was using our money to look for a new job?

Maybe he was just happy to receive softball questions from anchors that couldn't find Canada on a map, but here's a wild theory -- Stephen Harper could be sending out job applications.

But then who can blame him eh? It's all going so terribly wrong.

And so soon after his Finance Minister Jimbo Flaherty declared it would only be a "mild" recession.

That incompetent callous Con garden gnome.

What does he use to make his forecasts?

The Wheel of Fortune?

Although you know I do find this ghastly spectacle MILDLY entertaining. It's a bit like listening to a really good tune....played by the band on the Titanic.

And I especially love the way the Cons are plotting to push Great Poopy leader off First his rabid redneck base came after him for turning into a Liberal and not loving guns or Jesus enough.

Now the Mulroney mob is after him for showing da boss no respect. And being a strategic idiot.

Quite apart from rescuing the Liberals from the incompetent Dion, and sparing them a divisive leadership campaign, Harper's actions renewed suspicions in the country of a certain meanness of spirit, to say nothing of hidden agenda.

Ouch. That must hurt. That'll teach him to fuck with The Bloater.

Golly. I am SO looking forward to the Con leadership convention. Will it be a pig fuck? Or a rat bite-athon...where they try to chew off their tails?

Or will it just be an unseemly scramble for control of a dying party? Or a last ride on the Wheel of Fortune.

You know like these guys....

Hamsters? Hamsters? I asked for RATS !!!!!

Oh well never mind. Will they squeal and grunt a lot ....and look really RIDICULOUS?

Gosh I hope so.



Anonymous said...

The bad press about Harper is breaking out everywhere--just like a bad case of acne before the senior prom.

His days are clearly numbered even before the convention. What's going on puts me in mind of Stockwell Day and the desertion of PCs.

Anonymous said...

Give a guy one Majority and his bad behaviour comes to surface.Does any one remember Dalton