Monday, April 13, 2009

The Great Con Pork Offensive

Well I gotta hand it to these Con porkers. They got a NERVE. First they tried to bribe Quebec and got slapped in the face. Then they tried to bribe Ontario and got kicked in their porky nuts.

Now they're trying to bribe British Columbia by piggy backing on the provincial election...and calling it a stimulus package.

When of course all they're trying to do is shamelessly stimulate THEMSELVES... to try to save their bacon.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if the good people of B.C. took their money...and then bit off their heads.

Because a funny thing has been happening on the way to the Pork Sausage Factory. Instead of rewarding the Cons for trying to bribe them....or seduce them. *Shudder*

Canadians are giving them the cold shoulder.

As the Conservative government continues its relentless campaign to woo voters with their own money and many press releases, recent opinion polls suggest increasing numbers of ungrateful Canadians are instead giving Prime Minister Stephen Harper the cold shoulder.

And the future promises to be even colder...

Unfortunately for Harper, the situation is likely to get even worse.

Other than the PM and a few of his loyal pompom shakers, few Canadians in the know continue to pretend the economy is going to reverse its current death spiral anytime soon.

As Harper looks at what lies ahead this Easter, he may be wishing he could hippity-hop down the bunny trail and right out of Dodge.

Or waddle down the piggy trail...... oinking and squealing.... and right out of Canadian history.

You know when I hear the word "Cons" and I hear the word "pork." And I smell the moral corruption and the DESPAIR.

I can't help but think of a nice, big, fat, roast piggy...with an apple in its mouth.

The Cons are going down hard.

And the end should be DELICIOUS....

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Anonymous said...

" . . .And I smell the moral corruption and the DESPAIR. . . ."

Can you smell mutiny among the ranks like Stockwell Day had several years ago?

And Manning is making waves, probably thinking of a comeback?
Perish the thought.

Only idiots repeat the mistakes of their own history.