Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Pentagon Fires Omar Khadr's Lawyer

As if the trial of Omar Khadr wasn't already a Kafkaesque farce, now the Pentagon has dismissed his lawyer.

Claiming he didn't represent Omar well enough.

Kuebler was dismissed for the improper supervision and management of Khadr’s defence team, according to an email sent Friday night by Guantanamo’s Deputy Chief Defence lawyer Michael Berrigan. Kuebler’s re-assignment was “in the best interests of Omar Khadr, and necessary to pursue a client-centered representation.”

When in fact he was the best friend Omar ever had. And defended him too well.

And that's why he's been fired.

I have to admit he's not exactly the kind of guy I usually admire. A conservative, a Republican, a born again Christian in a military uniform.

The New York Times likened him to a 1960s radical lawyer, calling him an "apple cheeked William Kunstler in uniform" in a front page profile. "It is a powerful way to be a witness for Christ," he told the Times in describing his defence of Khadr. "By demonstrating your capacity to not judge the way everybody else is judging and to serve unconditionally."

But while so many Canadians have covered themselves with shame.

William Kuebler is my hero.

I can only imagine how our poor child soldier feels tonight about losing his brave American friend William. Who did more to help him than any Canadian ever did.

I can only hope that by being fired Kuebler will be able help Omar one last time. By showing the world what a sickening travesty of justice these Pentagon trials are.

Close down that disgusting evil kangaroo court.

Bring Omar Khadr home TOMORROW....

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