Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stephen Harper's Disastrous Retreat from Quebec

Mon Dieu. It looks as if Stephen Harper's retreat from Quebec is making Napoleon's retreat from Moscow look like a happy hike.

LPC - 37

BQ - 31

Cons - 15

NDP -12

Others- 4

Great Strategic Genius Loser Leader is looking like a horse's ass, and the Count is in the saddle. Tabarnac.

I also see that Paul Well wonders whether it's game over or just a game changer.

Even though they usually go together after the other.

And that Steve Janke stares into the heap of manure. And comes up with the scent of VICTORY !!! something about how it's now OK to sleep with the enemy.

Isolated, Michael Ignatieff can plot and scheme with his inner circle, pawing over polling numbers like Gollum caressing the One Ring, to no avail. Jack Layton in particular will relish the chance to punish Michael Ignatieff. I think Stephen Harper and the Conservatives will, within reason, accommodate Jack Layton on this, giving Layton some face-saving means to support the Conservatives, and allowing him to take credit for some element of government policy.

You know the socialist hordes.

Gawd. Somebody take his temperature. You know Wanky was so much better when he was searching for dangerous doggy food from China. It was obsessive behaviour of course, but it was so much more RATIONAL.

Because somehow he forgot to mention the possible menage-a-trois with the Bloc Quebecois.

You know those sexy separatistes. Oooh la la.

Look.... all I can say is this. It's true that Michael Ignatieff has been charming Quebecers. They like intellectual leaders. He performed really well on the mega interview show Tout le Monde en Parle.

But the real reason I believe that Quebecers are shifting to Ignatieff is because more and more of them realize that only he can defeat Stephen Harper. And they want that more than ANYTHING.

Just like I do. And I'm sure a lot of Canadians do as well. So I wouldn't be surprised if any party that would be seen to be COLLABORATING with the Cons would end up bleeding supporters to Ignatieff.

Oh yeah. The universe is unfolding almost as good as I thought it would.

Great Loser Leader is fatally weakened.

The Count is on the way to his coronation.

What could go wrong eh?

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