Saturday, April 04, 2009

Little Jimbo and the Death of Dirty George

You know I don't expect the nasty little garden gnome Jimbo Flaherty to be a towering intellect. I mean how could he be? And as our Con Finance Minister all I can hope is that he knows how to count to ten...even if he has to use his fingers.

But does he really have to sound like Jimbo in the time of Cholera?

Canadians who are hurting from the economic slump should remember that, relatively speaking, it's only a "mild" calamity, says Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

When Canadians compare their current situation to the hardships faced by forebears who braved disease and death to come to Canada "with nothing" many years ago, they will see that "this is a mild economic recession," he told a business audience here yesterday.

Or such a callous idiot ?

I know this wretched Con gnome once called for the homeless to be jailed, but doesn't he have any idea how many Canadians are suffering? For them it's not a mild calamity... it's a catastrophe.

And one Jimbo and his HarperCons are only making worse by refusing to make it easier for the unemployed to get Employment Insurance. So more people will be forced on to welfare rolls until the whole safety net collapses.

And more and more of the most vulnerable and the poorest of Canadians will fall through the cracks. Like the man they called Dirty George did

The question is not why George died. We all die. Why was George allowed to live so long in squalor?

And the short answer is our social services can't keep nobody can even measure the misery.

But I see it everywhere I go. I see and hear it at work. This week we were handing out pamphlets on how to cope with more people don't KILL themselves.

I see the growing misery in the streets.

So why doesn't Jimbo Flaherty? Why is he so callous when so many Canadians are suffering?

And the answer is most garden gnomes live in gardens. But Con gnomes thrive in JUNGLES. They don't give a damn about the pain of others. Or the lives of poor Canadians like George.

As I've said so many times before, if we don't get rid of these incompetent callous HarpoCons.

It won't be long before we wake up, in a country we don't recognize...


Anonymous said...

Flaherty still hasn't shed the blinkers from the Harris-Eves days in Ontario.

He's a flunky and a go-boy of the first water. But now he has his own flunky to carry the milk crate to stand on to reach the microphones and be seen by the cameras.

He gives garden gnomes and lawn jockeys a bad name.

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...I wasn't in Toronto during the Harris years, but from what I have heard I'm surprised that Jimbo is still in politics. I do remember Toronto before they came in, and what a different place it was after they had finished wrecking every good social program. the fact that this little dwarf is responsible for our financial wellbeing during a time of recession is enough to give me nightmares. Coming soon to a theatre near you...The scarylicious Night of the Gnomes...or the dark comedy The Lawn Jockeys from Outer Space... :)