Monday, December 22, 2008

The Pope, the Gays, and the Rainforest

Golly it's a MIRACLE !!!!! It looks like the Vatican rat has turned into a rainforest monkey.

Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

"If tropical forests deserve our protection, humankind... deserves it no less," the 81-year-old pontiff said, calling for "an ecology of the human being."

So now we're not just a threat to straight marriage, we're a threat to humanity. Great.

Oh boy. I KNEW it was going to be a Gay Christmas at the Vatican.

So all I can say tonight is I just wish someone would slip that closeted old monkey a banana. Because he really NEEDS one eh?

Or introduce him to a fascist organ grinder so they can sing Hitler Youth songs together. Like that old classic "I BLEW a Bugle for the Fuhrer."

But as for me, all I can offer that deranged view of his new found interest in the rain forest.

And his creepy obsession with gay people.

Is my old Tarzan salute....

In fact I think I'll make it my Christmas present to him.

From me AND the rainforest.

Because I'm sure that twisted old queen would LOVE Tarzan. Me Benny.

And one WANKER deserves another....


Oemissions said...

Seems like there is a huge spirt of anti-gay actions happening.
The pope, warren and then the one that I just read about in San Francisco: 4 or 5 guys rape a lesbian because she is a lesbian. Took her purse too.
This story has definitely spoiled my Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...gays are responsible for global warming, or...whaaaaaaat? I know a lot of those guys are hot, but Jesus! This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen uttered about the environment yet. Even crazier than those maroons who deny that there is global warming at all...

Nicole said...

Simon, fuck the pope!

ok..not literally...( about making something shrink way up, eh!???)

But seriously...fuck that old fucker. Don't let his old rightwing racist homophobic ass bring you down at all.
I say, pity him actually. The joke will be on him when he croaks anyhoo...and let's hope his composting old body does actually do something for the environment.

So, have a nice Christmas holiday, Simon. Are you and Seb doing anything, going anywhere???

Regardless of what you celebrate, enjoy the day off and I hope you do something really fun and peaceful and stressfree baby!

I am cooking a big ole turkey supper for me, the hubs, the 2 kids, his parents, my brother, mum and 2 aunts.

Merry Ho Ho Ho...( i stocked my pantry with assorted goods so that I can take a nip or 2...or needed!) LOL

But it's all good!

I have a really cute email I'd like to send ya...well...not only is it cute, but it's pretty hot too!
Santa's younger brother, and god help me Simon...But I've been a very "naughty" girl, so i am hoping that it pays off and I am on the Naughty list! wink wink..oink oink!

Saw an article the other day about Humanists...I finally figured out what i am! I don't follow religions, nor believe in that, but there IS people out there that share my beliefs and they call themselves humanists....look into it Simon! Join the "dark side"!!!
We have choc. chip cookies!!!

anyhoo...take care and
Peace & Love for 2009!

xoxo Nic

Simon said...

Hi ml johnstone...yeah I saw that horrible story. It is depressing but all it means to me is that we have to fight even harder against these evil bigots, and try to build a better world for EVERYONE. And in the meantime don't let these bad people steal your joy. Merry Christmas !!

Simon said...

Hi know that's just what I was thinking....I know I'm so hot the snow melts around me, but THAT hot? Who knew eh? As for Radzi he's the opposite. All he has to do is stick his big toe into a bathtub and the hot water freezes instantly. I tell you that's what happens when you're celibate.... :)

Simon said...

Hi Nicole...thanks for this fantastic comment...and so right on. As you may have noticed although this wretched Pope is such a miserable old Grinch, I refuse to take him seriously anymore. And he's certainly not going to ruin my Christmas.
And I see he's not going to ruin yours either :)
Good luck with your turkey. I haven't cooked one for a number of years after the disaster of one Christmas when first I didn't realize how long it took to thaw...and then when I cooked wasn't properly done...and had to go back in the oven...while everything else got cold. And my parents were there...OMG.So the next year we ordered a cooked turkey from a catering place, and ended up as sick as dogs!!!
Oh well Seb and I aren't going anywhere. We were planning to go to Montreal but then he had to work. So Christmas will begin a little I am cooking a leg of lamb instead. You can't go wrong with that...and a meat thermometer....I hope.
As for humanists...I remember when my history teacher in High School who was a religious fanatic looked at one of my essays and said "Oh you must be a HUMANIST" and made it sound like I was a communist. But I think I'm with you. Unless we can start celebrating humans and this beautiful planet, instead of some place in the sky, we'll just make ourselves miserable and the poor planet will be doomed.
And besides it's more FUN !!!
Merry Christmas Nicole to you and your loved ones and may 2009 be your best and happiest year EVER!!!