Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Day of Infamy

The dirty deed is done. The Governor General folded like a cheap suit. The Canadian people's Parliament has been padlocked. The tyrant lives on.

It's a dark time in our history. The Con tyrant has raped our democratic system just like he has raped our precious Canadian values. It's Canada's day of infamy.

His crazed supporters are running wild. I can can almost hear their bloodthirsty screeches. as they continue to torch our country. While the monster smirks, licks his icy lips, and stares at them fondly.... with his cold dead eyes. But he should not rejoice too much.

Because let there be no doubt whatsoever, his days ARE numbered. In just over sixty days he WILL be defeated. All he got today was a stay of execution.

Because nothing will ever be the same in Canada. A mighty coalition has been born. Millions and millions of decent Canadians have finally understood that divided we are nothing, united we are strong.

The day before the coalition arrived Stephen Harper had us at his bullying mercy. Had us on our knees before him while he kicked us in the head like a bunch of baby seals.

The day after it was born we were back on our feet again, fighting proud, and the miserable tyrant was cowering in a corner fighting like a rabid animal for his political life.

So now we KNOW what we have to do.

We have to maintain and strengthen the Coalition for Change. We must endure the barrage of foul Con propaganda. We must fight back with our own and take our message to as many Canadians as possible. We must prepare to govern.

And the day that Parliament returns, whatever the tyrant says or does we must topple these foul alien Cons, crush them and finish them off. Because after this foul attack on democracy Stephen Harper can NEVER be trusted again.

And he will never change either. As Gilles Duceppe said today when he was asked that question: "If my grandmother had wheels she'd be a tractor."


So cheer-up my Coalition brothers and sisters. I know it's a day of disappointment and anger and frustration. But don't be sad or give up. Because now we have hope when once we had none. And hope is EVERYTHING.

The Coalition for Change is a beautiful baby....and a mighty weapon.

We will defeat these stinking sleazy Cons and deposit them in the garbage can of history.

We will get our country back.

The writing is on the wall....


Anonymous said...

Four words that say it all and are well earned:

Stephen Harper, Professional Rogue.

Simon said...

Hi Tom....indeed...except now it is Stephen Harper, Professional Rogue AND Scaredy Chicken cluck cluck cluck... :)