Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Ad That John McCain Refused to Run

Refused to run....even though Sarah Palin and his campaign advisers wanted him to. Even when he knew he was going to lose.

Now imagine what kind of ads Stephen Harper is going to launch against his opponents in the next few weeks?

When the last barrage of radio ads he authorized gave the Parti Quebecois a big boost.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's comments about Quebec separatists gave the Parti Quebecois a major boost and helped the sovereigntist party close in on the Liberals in the provincial election, a leading pollster said Tuesday.

Jean-Marc Leger, president of Leger Marketing, said a poll suggested 14 per cent of Quebecers changed their vote on the last day, with half making that flip-flop while at the ballot box.

The sovereignists of Pauline Marois who would have played Quebec against English Canada, like Stephen Harper is playing English Canada against Quebec.

At a time of economic crisis like this one.

It says something doesn't it , when Stephen Harper can make a Republican look classy?

And an old warmonger like John McCain can make Stephen Harper look dangerous.

McCain is a hero, Harper is a maniac. And a disgrace to our country.

The sooner this rabid, irresponsible, ideologue is toppled.

The SAFER we will be....


Anonymous said...

harper....a clever, clever man.....he's choosing divide and conquer now, that old tactic ....but does the coalition quite get it? doesn't seem so, save for liberal contenders like bob rae dropping out. the glibs think ignaetiff is going to be the hero. oh?

and you're right, harper's ads will be something else. i love the way you put it that he makes republicans look like gentlemen.

Simon said...

Hi Scout...sometimes I think that Canadians don't really understand how bad Stephen Harper really is. Because this is Canada eh? And really bad things don't happen here. But when you think how he has poisoned political dialogue in this country, I wonder how bad it has to get before Canadians get up off their knees and give the bum the boot. And think of this if Harper had been McCain would he have run that ad? Of course he would. So I don't care which Coalition sherriff runs him out of town, as long as somebody does... :)

Partisan Hobo said...

I love that the Republican pundits think they could've won if they had only run another/different ad. Like their record in the last eight years and everything that Palin represented had nothing at all to do with their loss ... or the fact that people actually seem to like Obama had nothing at all to do with his win. Too funny.