Saturday, December 06, 2008

How Coalition Forces Whupped the Cons in Toronto

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I was late for the coalition rally at Toronto City Hall. As usual. But even from two blocks away I could hear the samba drums, the music, the cheers, and the sounds of freedom.

And when I finally arrived it was a beautiful sight. Despite the bitter cold the square was packed with thousands of Coalition supporters.

If our cowardly tyrant Stephen "Chicken" Harper had heard them he would have quaked in his jackboots.

There were so many people I wasn't able to get anywhere near the stage.

But I did manage to get this shot of Stephane Dion addressing the crowd.

And when he talked about how Great Cowardly Tyrant had "run away from Parliament" I cheered wildly, made chicken sounds, and shouted "Merci !!!"

Because Dion may not be the best political leader in the world, but he's a better and more decent Canadian than the creepy fascist Harper could ever hope to be.

And it wasn't all whooping it up. We talked about and held a minute of silence for the murdered women of the Montreal Massacre on this Day of Remembrance. And all the other victims of male insanity.

Before going back to the job of building a better world free from sexism, racism, homophobia, and violence.

And this sister said it all: Give us back our Parliament. Let the tyrant fall !!!

And then when our rally was over I hoofed it up the street to where the Con rally was taking place on the steps of Queen's Park.

And what a difference. It was like night and day.

If there were more than two hundred people there I would be very surprised.

There was no music,no spirit, it was a grim little gathering.

Our rally was so big and beautiful.

Their rally was so small and UGLY.

So redneck.

So pathetic.


And not just this Mr Con Canada...

Some freaky guy, who looked like he had just escaped from an insane asylum, came up to me and told me he was flying the Canadian flag upside down because it was an international symbol of distress. And did I know that? Huh? Huh?

And I said "Hey bud, don't worry about it. Soon you'll be flying the white flag and even dum rednecks know what THAT means. Eh?"

And then some Coalition supporters showed up and started heckling the Cons...

And it was EXCELLENT.

Although of course the police had to keep a close eye on things, because these Krazy Cons are capable of ANYTHING.

But then so are we when it comes to defending our country from these fascist goons. Except that we're not just better than them..... we're MORE than them.

And we whupped them today. Just like we're going to build up the Coalition for Change, and whup their dirty Con asses out of power.

Because there's nothing we can't do if we stay UNITED.

So I just want to thank all the coalition supporters who turned out today to send Great Chicken Tyrant a message: Your days in power are NUMBERED.

And encourage others to do the same all across Canada. Just do it. It's worth it. Because today I heard the sounds of freedom.

And they were WONDERFUL...


  1. But, but, you are Montreal Simon. I'm confused. . .

    I was there too. Blogged about it here.

    We are Awesome, aren't we?

  2. Toronto Simon just does not have the same je ne sais quoi about it!

    Thanks for the pics and representing, Simon. Yes we can!

  3. Anonymous8:09 PM

    it must have been tres exciting, simon! the steps taken now must be very careful or it will all just spill over and be carried down the sewer. canada has tremenous opportunity now to move to TRUE democracy.....and i think you know by now what that means - the iroquois the western world there are different monikers for it: sustainable governance, holistic governance, spiritual governance.

    no matter what the name it's all about faith in true reform , not just re-hashing the same old system. can the coalition really move to this , or will we just see more politics at work?

    caution, prevail.

  4. Great post.


    And well laid out...

  5. Hi Fern Hill... I know it is a bit confusing. In fact the opposite of BRILLIANT.
    But when I started this blog three years ago I was just about to move back to Montreal. Then my b/f got a job here...and here we are. :)
    I read your post and it was a good one. I also agree with what you said. It was an older crowd. I'm really disappointed that more young people didn't turn up. But I'm not really surprised. Most of my friends think politics is boring, and not for them. It's a source of endless frustation for me. I'd like to see us get engaged like we were for Obama. But I'm not giving up. And you're right we ARE awesome...

  6. Hi Omar...thanks that makes me feel better. I'm glad you'd liked the fingers got so frozen I think I'm going to lose a couple of them.But now that you said that it'll be worth it :)
    I know I get a bit carried away sometimes, and think we are going to change the world, when it's more complicated than that.But if I didn't carry that hope in my heart I don't know how I would get through life.
    SO YES WE CAN !!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Scoutie !!! yes I know I was just telling Omar I do lead with my heart instead of my head. But I just can't help but feel that if we could only keep this coalition alive we could do AMAZING things. Tackle the real problems of this country, in a really Canadian way. Help native people, poor kids, the homeless and so many others who are marginalized or forgotten.
    But what I think the lesson for me is that if we want things to change we must be fully engaged in the political process, and not leave it up to the political suits because they always seem to sell us out to the Big Business, the lobbyists and other parasitic scum who only care about themselves...

  8. Hi anonymous...I'm not a big fan of Preston Manning....although I'd take him over Harper any day. But what he says in that article is true. Whether you are on the left or the right it's so depressing to see Canadians get more excited about an American election than they do about our own.
    So anything we can do to change that is a good thing...

  9. Hi JAWL.... I'm glad you enjoyed it. I probably should have put more pictures in and yapped a little less. But that's me... :)

  10. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Interesting how in the pics from the fascist rally, it's mostly a bunch of men...

  11. LOL Simon, I thought you were still in Montreal too! Heh heh.

    Thanks for the update. Between your report and others (including dear fern hill), I feel hopeful even if guarded.

  12. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Wow, conservatard men really are an unstudly bunch. Quel surprise! I bet they don't like women, either.

  13. Hi Simon! Thanks for the rally info. I was there in spirit with you all-spent a frustating day yesterday trying to get a sense of how the numbers went.Love your blog & your art!

  14. Hi Reginamom....yes I can testify to that...the Con rally was mostly men, and a rough lot too. While our rally was full of women, includinga really old lady in a wheelchair carrying a coalition sign in the freezing cold. I guess that's another reason why our rally was more beautiful... :)

  15. Hi Beijing....did you really? I do go to Montreal quite often, but I'm practically an honorary citizen of Hogtown. I used to hate it, but I've made a lot of friends here, and once you get over the attitude or the plain rudeness, it's almost like home. But not quite.... :)

  16. Hi Emma...well thankyou. Nobody has EVER called me an artist before so I'm flattered. :)
    As for the rallies I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed.I thought more people, particularly young people, should have turned out. But we're a very apathetic bunch, hopefully this crisis and the Coalition can change that...

  17. Hi Bina...yes I can testify to that too. Not a studly one among them. Just a lot of old guys with dark glasses. SCARY !!! :)